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Extraordinarily beautiful and academically gifted, she meets Troy at a lodge during their winter vacation and are forced to sing in the new year's eve party at the Ski Mountain Resort. They instantly feel a connection with one another and as fate would have they end up attending the same school, where their relationship blossoms from mutual puppy crushes to a passionate romance set to last for years to come. Although the two may have rough patches here and there, they love each other very much. By the end of the school year Gabriella and Troy are still dating Troy eventually decides to look for a summer job to gain money for college. The Evans twins plan to spend the summer at their family's country club, Lava Springs, but Sharpay's summer plans also include pursuing Troy, whom she has arranged to be hired at the club. However, Troy convinces the club's manager, Mr. Fulton, into hiring Gabriella and their close group of friends as well; including Taylor and Chad.

Whether you're looking for a casual relationship, friendship, or something more, here are five must-see tips to have Gabriella Montez And Troy Bolton Dating a successful casual relationship/ Gabriella Montez is the female protagonist of the High School Musical trilogy and the girlfriend to Troy Bolton. She is played by Vanessa Hudgens. Troy Bolton,Gabriella Montez,Sharpay Evans,Ryan Evans,Chad Danforth,and Taylor are the 6 main characters. Didn't want to delete the question above so here you go- Troy Bolton is.

Following the performance, the two become a very successful couple, though not without their occasional conflicts. Eventually, Sharpay Evans is jealous of Gabriella because of how popular Gabriella is becoming in the school, which Sharpay sees as a threat to her own popularity-she's also jealous of Troy and Gabriella's relationship, the former of whom Sharpay has a crush on.

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In the second filmGabriella has maintained her romance with Troy, and the couple, along with their friends, get jobs at the Lava Springs Country Club for the summer. Seeking revenge, Sharpay lures Troy away from Gabriella and his friends, showering him with various luxuries, including promising college opportunities.

After Troy repeatedly breaks his promises and backs out of his commitments, Gabriella breaks up with him, only for the couple to reunite. A Stanford-bound Gabriella is uneasy about the fast pace her life has taken. Before graduation, Gabriella briefly considers taking classes at the local university for a year and going to Stanford when she is ready, much to the dismay of Taylor and Mrs.

Troy urges Gabriella to accept an early orientation.

Is troy bolton and gabriella montez dating

Gabriella goes to Stanford but must drop out of the school musical allowing Sharpay to fill the lead role and miss prom. Troy agrees to sing with his friends in the show, not knowing that Sharpay is vying for his attention.

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Taylor and invite Ryan to the baseball game, where he persuades the Wildcats to take part in the talent show. Troy and Gabriella's relationship is strained when Troy sees Ryan with Gabriella sparking jealousy. When Sharpay discovers that Ryan and the Wildcats are putting together their own performance in the show, she orders Mr.

Marina Montez is the twin of Gabriella Montez, she lives the same way as her sister, both of them are nerd queens in every school they go and one day they go to a school in which everything changes and in which both of them meet Troy Bolton and fall in love. But Troy only loves one! Who would it be. 30 April Gabriella Montez news, gossip, photos of Gabriella Montez, biography, Gabriella Montez partner list Relationship history. Gabriella Montez relationship list. Gabriella Montez dating history, , , list of Gabriella Montez relationships. Any website recommendation, no matter how well written or Gabriella Montez And Troy Bolton Dating Games providing bullet points "why", is to be taken with utmost scrutiny and suspicion. A lot of these "free" websites are either not so, so heavily limited in what you can do without Gabriella Montez And Troy Bolton Dating Games a fee, or are straight up scams/

Fulton to ban all junior staff members from performing. Troy overhears the exchange, and tries to persuade Gabriella to change her mind. Gabriella expresses her loss of trust with Troy and leaves Lava Springs.

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At Sharpay's supposed instruction, Ryan gives Troy a new song to learn moments before the show. As Troy goes onstage, he asks Sharpay why she switched the song, and Sharpay is shocked to find that her brother tricked her. Troy sings the song "Everyday" of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, alone, until Gabriella, after some encouragement from Taylor, surprisingly joins him onstage. In the end, Sharpay proudly presents her brother, Ryan, with the award for the talent show.

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After the talent show, all the Wildcats go to the golf course to enjoy the fireworks, where Troy and Gabriella share a sweet, passionate kiss. Troy, with some encouragement from, the Wildcats win the championship game which is the last one for the seniors.

Dec 31,   Today Is Troy and Gabriella's Year Anniversary! If Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez are still together today, they end up dating .

Later, at a celebration party at Troy's house, he and Gabriella are thinking about their future and wishing that their last few months at East High would not end. Right-here-right-now-high-school-musical Troy and Gabriella together, "I wish it would all just stop The next day, when Ms. Darbus notices that there are so few sign-ups for the spring musical, Sharpay suggests she could do a one-woman show.

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This alarms Kelsi, who is writing the show, so she immediately signs up everyone in their homeroom for it instead. This results in Ms. Darbus announcing they will create a play about their final days at East High, called Senior Year. This mythical "Senior Year" only appears once every four years on a full moon.

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Asked in Music When is hsm 4 going to come out? Yes, they are a true, caring couple in real life Asked in Movies Chad danforth do you love Taylor mckessie? These are the 6 main characters. Vanessa Hudgens is an actress.

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If you are asking if Troy ever kisses Gabriella then that answer is a yes. He kisses her in the 2nd movie. If you are asking if Zac has ever kissed Vanessa, that question is a yes, also.

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Troy and Gabriella are married. Both are each others sweethearts in the movie.

Highschool Musical 3: Senior Year

The leading characters of high school musical 3: senior year are Tory Bolton and Gabriell Montez. Trending Questions.

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