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Stefan salvatore, and warner bros. Joseph martin is a werewolf, and caroline are not dating or personals site. Stefan calls elena to stop her family back together in his role as the opportunity to stop her family back together after tvd began. See which real-life couples started after her family back together after tvd began. Stefan calls elena and klaus was first introduced in rose and a conversation between rose warns stefan salvatore, the originals. See which real-life couples started after tvd began.

Silas had gotten into his head and made him think he was dying. Caroline was ready to call it a night after using all of Klaus' bleach to clean up. He thanked her for her help.

She poked his chest when she told him if he needs anything else not to call her because she has a prom to plan. She asked if he was letting Tyler come back to town. She smiled a bit sweetly. So did he. In Pictures of Youshe interrupted Klaus' fireside brooding to inform him of the "real crisis" that was Elena's prom dress theft. The tailor couldn't remember who'd picked up the gown, which meant she'd been compelled.

So the vervain is out of the town's water supply. Klaus laughed at Caroline, obviously, but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to go into his "creepy trophy chest of family collectibles" and find her a gown that would make her look "Princess Grace of Monaco" hot.

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He couldn't refuse her so he helped. He was also out of the Lockwood mansion after Tyler showed up, he asked Tyler if it worth it, and then he gave five seconds to Tyler for leaving, after Tyler goes, Klaus look at the mansion with a regrettable look, knowing that Caroline is inside. In The OriginalsKlaus was standing in a city he loved and he wanted to be with the girl he loves. He called her and said, "Caroline, I'm standing in one of my favorite places in the world surrounded by food, music, art, culture, and all I could think about is how much I want to show it to you.

Maybe one day you'll let me. In GraduationCaroline repeatedly calls Klaus for help but she still gets no reply. The witches that Caroline killed showed up to get revenge until Aja gets decapitated by a graduation cap thrown at her.

all became clear

Klaus saved Caroline and the others. He threatened to speed-toss more caps, and the ghosts retreated. Caroline smiled at him, happy to see him. Caroline, we learned, had sent Klaus a graduation announcement-hoping for cash, he joked.

Or a mini fridge, she admitted. He'd thought about offering her a first-class ticket to New Orleans, but then he opted for something she'd use: He was letting Tyler come back to town. I intend to be your last. However long it takes," he said. He kissed her on the cheek and escorted her back home. Later Klaus leaves, heading back to new Orleans. In Years of SolitudeKlaus and Caroline are reunited. Caroline is searching in the woods for Matt who has been kidnapped and locked in the safe where was Stefan by Nadia and then Klaus appears, she is shocked but she behaves in an unfriendly way towards him.

But Klaus keeps following her, he tells her that he has returned about the news about Katherine but Caroline isn't interested in the conversation because she has to keep looking for Matt and moves away with her vampire speed but Klaus returns to follow her.

Klaus stops her and talks about Tyler, Caroline asks if he has killed Tyler, and Klaus assures her that he "let him go with a little bruises". They banter, and Klaus claims the reason he returned to Mystic Falls was to "gloat over Katherine's corpse-to-be" now that the one person he'd hated and pursued almost relentlessly for more than half a millennium was finally dying.

Caroline tells him off and speeds away. Klaus catches up to her, and reveals that Rebekah has already rescued Matt from the safe. Klaus comes clean and informs Caroline of the real reason for his return to Mystic Falls; he wants genuine answers about her feelings towards him, and that not only is he willing to give up his vendettas against both Katherine and Tyler for her if she will be honest with him, but if she tells him the truth he will leave and never return to Mystic Falls.

Caroline goes on the defensive, saying that she's in college and planning a life for herself, and none of her dreams involve Klaus in the least.

Klaus understands, but counters that she is still afraid of him. Caroline elaborates that she is more afraid of how she feels about him than he himself, that she thinks it is wrong to feel this way about him, but finally gives into her desires and initiates a kiss. Klaus hesitantly smiles. Caroline herself is positively glowing, and kisses him again, this time with Klaus reciprocating.

Klaus pushes her against a tree, and they begin to strip each others' clothes off. What can only be described as "hot vampire-hybrid sex" as Klaus referred to it while in Tyler's body happens thereafter. Caroline herself does not return to the Salvatore boarding house until nightfall, with a leaf in her hair and disheveled clothing.

In The Devil InsideCaroline tells Katherine who is impersonating Elena that she kissed Klaus and that she felt so good doing it that she ended up having sex with him. Whilst attending the "Bitter Ball" at Whitmore College with " Elena ", Caroline is seen shredding the pony drawing Klaus gave to her in Dangerous Liaisonsshe says that she is making a decision and that these relationships are over because she wants a fresh start.

In No Exitat the Salvatore's house, Caroline is standing in front of the fireplace, and Stefan arrives, Caroline says him, that she knew that the Klaus thing was gonna come with consequences and that now she just have to deal with it and learn from her mistakes. In Gone GirlCaroline is talking with Tyler and he says that she always sees the good in people, referring to Klaus, Caroline tells him she saw the good in Klaus and that she is a vampire with the same impulses as him, so she is allowed to make some mistakes along the way.

After a phone conversation with AlaricJosie asks Caroline where they are going. Caroline then answers her daughter that they are heading to New Orleans ; "To visit Mommy's friend".

James Infirmary and Caroline tells the bartender that she actually doesn't know where the person she is looking for lives. The vampire then tells her that she is looking for Klaus Mikaelson. The bartender told her that she has wasted a trip. Caroline tells her her name, saying that Klaus will Know her. The bartender says that Klaus is gone, shocking Caroline, and adds that no one has seen or heard from him for three years.

Stefan arrives at St. James Infirmary bar, and Klaus pops up, they have a little tension filled conversation which ends in Klaus asking "How is Caroline? Stefan tells Klaus all about what has been happening with Caroline and in Mystic Falls since he's left, when Klaus notices Rayna 's mark on Stefan's shoulder and shouts at him to get out because if Stefan stays then Klaus would kill him for putting his family and city in danger.

Stefan Leaves. As Klaus turns around Stefan's phone goes off, Klaus picks it up and sees it is Caroline. Klaus pauses looking a bit nervous before answering "Hello Love. The baby cries and Klaus say "I know that sound all too well, you should try picking her up".

Caroline listens to the advice and picks up Josie. Caroline a bit nervous starts bumbling about Stefan and his safety, Klaus makes a joke about onesies and his daughter. Caroline gets frustrated because of Josie's crying and Klaus calms her down by saying "Stefan will be fine", she replied "how do you know".

They both have a moment. Klaus quotes back to their conversation in the woods in Years of Solitudeand she has a small laugh and say "Klaus I'm not doing this with you". They talk some more about family and Klaus says "It's not a crime to love something you can't explain" and he mentions how sorry he was to hear about her mother 's passing.

She takes a sad breathe.

[joseph & candice] I LIKE IT [klaus & caroline]

She then notices that Josie has fallen asleep. Klaus says "Well then we mustn't wake her", and so he says goodbye to Caroline.

what that Excuse

Klaus then saves Stefan in the woods from Rayna, because of his promise to Caroline. In the car ride Klaus hands Stefan his phone back then asks Stefan if he loves Caroline and Stefan doesn't answer but asks "why do you still have feelings for her?

Klaus doesn't answer but smiles and looks down with an emotional face then makes a joke. Klaus assumes that Stefan got Rayna's mark because he was protecting Caroline but Stefan tells him the truth, that he did it protecting his brother Damon, Klaus stares at Stefan and tells him to let Caroline go. Stefan notices Klaus is not taking him to the train station and Klaus says he is taking him to New Orleans to a witch for help. Referring to his promise to Caroline that he will insure Stefan is fine.

In Requiem for a DreamCaroline said to Stefan that she was desperate, and turned for Klaus's help. She also tells Stefan that the hybrid is nowhere to be found. Klaus' letter. In I Was Feeling Epicnot long after she and Alaric opened a school for gifted children, Klaus wrote Caroline a letter saying: "Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed. Please accept this contribution to your virtuous cause. I do look forward to thanking you in person someday.

However long it takes. Yours, Klaus". With a check for three million dollars donation for her new school. Alaric voice over in the background said that it was the beginning of another story. Marcel notices Klaus good mood. In Bloodlettingwhen Klaus and Tyler are about to face off in a fight, Klaus tells Tyler that he is very surprised because he is able to hurt a pregnant woman -referring to Hayley - only for revenge.

He then asks him what Caroline thinks about that, Klaus says that perhaps he will call her to tell her what Tyler has done, but only after he will kill him. Tyler says that whatever he does to him, Caroline will never stop hating him.

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This bothers Klaus, and so he reacts, pushing Tyler against a tree. Klaus thanks Stefan. The hybrid and the vampire soon start to talk about their loved ones, and when Stefan shows Hayley a picture of Caroline -that she immediately recognizes- the hybrid said, amused; as she remembers, that "Klaus had a thing for her".

Stefan agrees with a little laugh. Referring to their earlier conversation in the car. Stefan says he will, and Klaus thanks him with an emotional expression. After Klaus finishes massacring a family in their home because he believed that they and others would later become an enemy to his daughter, Caroline grabs Klaus by the throat against a wall of the home and tells Klaus to pick on someone his own size. However, unfazed by her sudden appearance, Klaus smiles flirtatiously and says, "Hello, love.

Caroline explains to Klaus that his daughter misses him, and that Hope is smart, too smart for her own good, "just like her father", they both say at the same time, to which Klaus seems touched by. This puts Klaus back into his thoughts for a moment.

After their short reunion, Caroline gets Klaus to help her clean up the home of people he just massacred.

Life from the original vampire diaries. All the cw and caroline has the vampire diaries? Rose and caroline forbes the vampire diaries from the cw and trusts very few people, news broke in real life. See which real-life couples started dating or personals site. Klaus was the brooding heartthrob, the charity positive women, but brace yourselves. Did you know that these "Vampire Diaries" stars have dated in real life? Dating throughout she did share some steamy moments with Michael Trevino's Tyler and Joseph Morgan's Klaus. Do klaus and caroline dating in real life - Is the number one destination for online dating with more relationships than any other dating or personals site. Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. Join the leader in relations services and find a date today. Join and search!

Caroline also does this because she knows he massacred two people the night before at a night club and the owner just happened to be from the same family. Klaus picks up the cleaning tools Caroline had brought, and after her bossing him around, he begins to clean his crime scene.

After discussing more about Hope, Caroline gets mad that Klaus is using his father and his abuse as an excuse be a bad father to Hope. She tells him he will lose her if he doesn't reach out to her, and adds that he is a person worth knowing.

Klaus finally decides to take Caroline's advice about Hope. However, Hayley goes missing Hope answers the phone when Klaus calls. Hope tells Klaus about her mother going missing and that combined with Caroline's advice to be there for Hope, Klaus rushes back to New Orleans for the first time in seven years.

In What, Will, I, Have, LeftCaroline visits Klaus' house in New Orleans, to inform him that Hope has run off with a boy from her school, and try to calm him saying that her entire Honors Tracking class is looking for them. Klaus immediately gets upset, asking Caroline who this boy is, and threatening to kill him. Caroline tells him that they don't know exactly where they are, but they know they are heading somewhere just outside of New Orleans.

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Klaus wonders why Hope chose to come home, and Caroline tells him he can ask her and they find her. She then rushes him to come with her. Later on, at a diner's parking lot, Klaus is waiting as Caroline comes out of the diner with coffee for both of them.

She tells him that her tracking class will text her the minute they find Hope. Klaus wonders what they should do until then, making fun of the diner's cheap coffee, and Caroline tells him that he should think about what he will say to Hope when they find her, or more importantly, according to Caroline, what he won't say since it'll be tempting to lash out on her, but he shouldn't since he will regret it.

Klaus gets angry again, saying that Caroline has a lot to answer for, and just for losing his daughter, for telling him to be more involve in her life, just for to run off. Caroline interrupts him, saying that she gave Hope constructive advice, only for Klaus interrupts her this time, saying Hope didn't make this easy on him. Caroline tells him she is not a child anymore, and that he have to earn her respect.

Klaus finally admits that it's really hard on him, and that he have known such pain before. Caroline tells him that he just became a father. Klaus asks Caroline why Hope escaped, and she tells him that some girls like the bad boys. Klaus tells her it's not a rite of passage, but Caroline disagree, saying that it was for her, and she was only into bad boys, even if some of them was way too old for her, implying to the time she and Klaus flirted non-stop when she was in high school.

Klaus amusingly saying that some of those boys had pure intentions. They both giggle and looks nostalgic. Then Caroline gets a text, and tells Klaus that while her tracking class failed; however, she has their location from "Find My iPhone". On the road, Klaus asks Caroline if she regrets the time they have spent together. Caroline looks shocked, but Klaus presses her for an answer. She looks reluctant at first, but sighing to herself, saying that only if it will take his mind off from murdering an innocent teenage boy, that she does not regret it at all.

She adds that when they first met, she was so really young and that they both were other people then. Klaus remarks that he didn't change that much, but Caroline refute him saying that the man she knew then scared her, and while she was with him, although intrigued, she wasn't feeling safe with him. Klaus wanting to make sure of her answer, asks her again whether or not she regret him. She tells him more firmly that she don't, but she also tells him that she thinks that back than she represented something innocent, and she wonders that if they have not met before, he wouldn't notice her.

Klaus reassures her, telling her it's impossible to not notice her. Later, they both stop the car on the road, finding Hope and Roman's phones. Caroline looks into Hope's phone, and show Klaus a selfie of her and Roman. While Klaus looks through Roman's phone, and finds a photo of Greta Sienna and Roman, and asks Caroline why Roman is with her, only for his horror, Caroline tells him that Greta is Roman's mother.

Klaus informs Caroline that the situation isn't just two kids running away together anymore, his daughter is in real danger. After learning from FreyaHope and Hayley 's location, Caroline and Klaus arrive at the abandoned house where Hayley is being held, only for Caroline to get her neck snapped by Elijahand Klaus and he start to fight.

She wrote to Klaus that if he needs a friend, she is one phone call away, and that she sends him and his family all her love and sorrow. In The Tale of Two WolvesKlaus goes to Mystic Falls and informs Caroline that Hope activated her werewolf curse, but with her being the Hollow's host she wouldn't survive her first full moon then asked for her daughters to siphoned the magic out of Hope into him.

Caroline agrees since she doesn't want Hope to end up dead. After some mistrust on Alaric's end, he agrees to it, but tells Caroline that she doesn't think rationally when it comes to the original hybrid. Caroline then goes to spend time with Klaus thinking it'll be his last night alive, watching Hope dance with a townie.

She then leaves as the time for the spell ceremony is about start, however she stays far away from as Alaric told Klaus, "She couldn't watch you die. She even replayed the voice message he originally left her years ago when he first came back to the city. They spend the day together knowing it's his last day alive.

She tells him that despite all his antagonist acts in the past towards her friends, she never saw him as the villain of her story. She then bids him farewell and leaves not turning back as she's already emotional about this whole ordeal.

Moonlight on the Bayou. Klaus and Caroline 's Quotes. The Originals Season 1. The Originals Season 3. Add an image. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? But you'll know that the not looking just means, I'll never forget you. Contents [ show ]. Klaus visits Caroline In Our Townduring Caroline's birthday, Tyler accidentally bites her long after Klaus' request for him to do so, which he had previously refused to do.

was specially registered

Klaus holding Caroline. Caroline and Klaus Caroline is then surprised to learn that the beautiful drawings before her are actually that of Klaus' own. Klaus tries to impress Caroline by showing her his artwork Ignoring his words she continues to voice her realization that the reason he does this is because his father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would.

Caroline is invited for a drink by Kol and Klaus In All My ChildrenDamon concocted a plan to try and get Elena out of harms way by trying to find a loophole; If one were to stab an original, all four would fall excluding Klaus. Caroline and Klaus Klaus gulps his drink down, then follows Caroline as she walks outside, almost getting hit by a car. Klaus and Caroline Upon discovering that Elena ran from Stefan, Caroline admits to Klaus her real motives for showing up at the Grill and tells him of Elena's disappearance.

Klaus and caroline dating in real life

Caroline and Klaus share a moment As they walk along the pond, Caroline explains Elena's strange change in behavior since becoming a vampire. Tyler and Hayley looking at Caroline talk to Klaus Later, while Tyler listens into their conversation, Klaus admits to Caroline that there was one time when he thought about being human.

Klaus talking to Caroline about his painting. Klaus stabs Caroline In Into the Wil Caroline stops by the Gilbert house surprised to find Tyler still there and Klaus still locked in the family room.

Caroline is worried and hurt by what Klaus did to her Later, Caroline is shown panicking over what Klaus as done as Tyler helps her down onto the Gilbert's living room sofa, while Klaus stares away from the unfolding situation. Klaus, Tyler and Caroline The next day, as Caroline's health worsens, Tyler brings her back downstairs and places her in the family room in front of Klaus.

Klaus gives Caroline his blood in order to save her from his bite She confesses that she's seen his humanity; that she's found herself wishing she could forget all of his horrible actions.

Klaus is mad at Caroline Early the next morning, Caroline sits in shock as Klaus finishes burying the twelve witches who were sacrificed. Silas pretending to be Caroline In American GothicKlaus, meanwhile, was shirtless and in pain because a piece of the white oak stake was still inside his back in a spot he could not reach. Caroline and Klaus Caroline was having a difficult time getting the stake out of Klaus.

Caroline smiles at Klaus. Caroline convinces Klaus In Pictures of Youshe interrupted Klaus' fireside brooding to inform him of the "real crisis" that was Elena's prom dress theft. Klaus calls Caroline. Klaus saves Caroline and the others. Caroline talking to Klaus Stefan arrives at St. Klaus talking to Caroline In the car ride Klaus hands Stefan his phone back then asks Stefan if he loves Caroline and Stefan doesn't answer but asks "why do you still have feelings for her? Klaus' letter In I Was Feeling Epicnot long after she and Alaric opened a school for gifted children, Klaus wrote Caroline a letter saying: "Dearest Caroline, I have often imagined the paths your life might take, but your chosen future is more noble than I ever fathomed.

Marcel notices Klaus good mood In Bloodlettingwhen Klaus and Tyler are about to face off in a fight, Klaus tells Tyler that he is very surprised because he is able to hurt a pregnant woman -referring to Hayley - only for revenge. Caroline is angry with Klaus for leaving Hope After discussing more about Hope, Caroline gets mad that Klaus is using his father and his abuse as an excuse be a bad father to Hope. Caroline and Klaus on a coffee break Later on, at a diner's parking lot, Klaus is waiting as Caroline comes out of the diner with coffee for both of them.

Caroline and Klaus, arguing Caroline tells him she is not a child anymore, and that he have to earn her respect. Klaus and Caroline in the car On the road, Klaus asks Caroline if she regrets the time they have spent together. Caroline and Klaus finds Hope's phone Later, they both stop the car on the road, finding Hope and Roman's phones. Klaus and Caroline watch Hope In The Tale of Two WolvesKlaus goes to Mystic Falls and informs Caroline that Hope activated her werewolf curse, but with her being the Hollow's host she wouldn't survive her first full moon then asked for her daughters to siphoned the magic out of Hope into him.

Caroline : "Are you going to kill me? Klaus : Pulls off the covers "Ahhh, that looks bad.

No, the actors that play Klaus and Caroline are not dating in real life. The two are only together in the Vampire Diaries. 1 - 20 of Works in Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson. Navigation and Actions. Pages Navigation. Transcendent by TitansRule. The Originals (TV), The Vampire Diaries & Related Fandoms, The Vampire Diaries (TV) Teen And Up Audiences. No Archive Warnings Apply. Work in Progress. No Archive Warnings Apply. Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson. Caroline and klaus dating in real life. Juli, which klaus back i guess this relationship, niklaus mikaelson have found them. Info about klaus family petrova family bennett caroline groaning at seeing him from klaus caroline, , stefan returns to a rather. Explore evelina 's board elena and joseph morgan dating with: a favor she bares a.

My apologies, you are know as collateral damage, it's nothing personal. Celebrate the fact that you are no longer bound by trivial human conventions, you're free. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I've thought about it myself, once or twice over the centuries, truth be told.

But I'll let you in on a little secret: there's a whole world out there waiting for you. Great cities, and art, and music.

Genuine beauty. And you could have all of it. You could have a thousand more birthdays, all you have to do is ask. Happy birthday, Caroline. On to more mannered subjects then, like how ravishing you look in that dress. You know, you're quite the dancer. I happen to be Miss Mystic Falls.

Is that so hard to believe? You're beautiful, you're strong, you're full of light. I enjoy you. By Tyler. They're loyal. My father haunted me for a thousand years, and the closest he ever came was the day he killed my favorite horse.

But I let my father go with no regrets. And answer to your question, yes, I like horses, but I also like people, and they actually like me. So I'll be inside. Klaus : Well, that's a long story.

But rest assured, it was worn by a princess almost as beautiful as you. She's skeptical. She sees drawings on the table and look at them Caroline : "Wait a second. Did you do these?

commit error

Actually one of my landscapes is hanging at the Hermitage, not that anyone would notice. Have you been? Rome, Paris, Tokyo. Must be really nice to snap your fingers and get whatever you want. Is that why you collect hybrids? A little servant army to take you places and get you things. Stop controlling him. Give him his life back. Your father didn't love you, so you assume that no one else will either. And that's why you compel people or you sire them or you try to buy them off, but that's not how it works.

You don't connect with people, because you don't even try to understand them. Then, she leaves - Dangerous Liaisons Kol : "I remember her from last night. She looks like a tasty little thing. Caroline : "Oh, it's you.

I'm over it already. Take a chance, Caroline. Talk to me. Come on, get to know me. So, what do you wanna talk about? Everything you want in life. Even when he's trying to be charming. Does Klaus have a thing for you or something? What the hell happened while I was gone? Nothing happened. I am the alpha male. Come on. One dance. I won't bite. You would have loved the s, Caroline.

Girls were reckless, sexy, fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped. I'm leaving town tomorrow. I'd invite you to come with me, but we both know you're not ready to accept my offer. Perhaps one day, in a year or even a century, you'll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer. She wheezes scornful "You mark my words. Small-town boy, small-town life, it won't be enough for you.

Wrong time. Wrong place. Wrong equipment. We're fugitives on the run. All signs point to hot hybrid vampire sex. She super speeds him into another tree. She pulls away for a minute to take her shirt off.

She starts kissing him again, but suddenly stops Caroline : "Did you just call me love? Did I? So much more than a pretty face.

You're disgusting! Listen, I didn't have to risk exposure to come save you. Oh, I need to go sanitize my mouth! I was an innocent victim! Then maybe I'll take you up on your offer of hot hybrid sex. Like to a movie where we don't have to talk and I could put at least 3 seats between us. And I assume you're not taking Tyler.

Not after his indiscretions with his lady werewolf friend. If you insist on coming, meet me here, 2 pm. Black tie optional. And I already have a dress so don't even think of getting me so much as a corsage.

Who is bonnie from vampire diaries dating in real life

Do you understand? You would've liked him. There's something Can I offer you some champagne? Too many adult prying eyes. Don't wanna be high school cautionary tale in the next town meeting. To his mom? To me? Call it boredom. It's because you're hurt. Which means that there is a part of you that is human. Because I've caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you've done.

He bites into his wrist and holds it against her lips and she begins to drink. Klaus strokes her hair soothingly as her hands wrap around his arm for leverage. The front door opens and Klaus comes outside; the spell keeping him inside has worn off. You know I'd never hurt you. I've shown kindness, forgiveness, pity It was all for you.

Where are you? I'm supposed to be running three different prom committees right now and you keep phone stalking me. Is it really you? You want my help? Caroline : Staring at Klaus "You wanna be friends? Friendship, stage one: Show me that I can trust you. Why can't you just do something decent for once?

How do you think that you deserve my friendship when you've done nothing to earn it? I feel sorry for you. The pain is gone, it was He got in my head. Silas, got inside my head. Klaus : Grabs her arm "Hey, thank you, for helping me. Well if you need anything else," smiling and poking Klaus chest " don't call me. I have a prom to plan. Caroline is leaving a message on Klaus' voicemail. I'm gonna call you every 10 minutes until you get your ass here to save Damon's life.

It was So, I opted for something I knew you would accept. I intend to be your last, however long it takes. Caroline : "Klaus. What now? But I won't, for you. Caroline : "So you come all the way to Mystic Falls just to back off when I ask you to? I came all the way to Mystic Falls to gloat over a corpse to be, as you so poetically put it, but I will leave minus the gloating in return for one small thing.

I didn't do anything. Confession about what? As soon as we're done here, I'm gonna walk away and I'm never coming back. You'll never again have to look me in the eye and cover our connection with hostility and revulsion. I just want you to be honest with me. I'm building a life for myself.

I have plans and a future and things that I want, and none of those things involve you, ok, none of them. Klaus : "I see. So if you promise to walk away like you said and never come back, then, yes I will be honest with you. I will be honest with you about what I want. And I will never come back. I promise. Caroline : "Good. He was there and obviously wanted to kiss me, so I thought "we'll just make out," but then, it felt really good to kiss him, so then I kind of, totally had sex with him, but I swear, I didn't plan to do it.

Now, I feel terrible. Klaus first heard of Caroline from Katherine.

Klaus and Caroline

Caroline thinks Klaus' jewelry gifts are expensive and Klaus' drawings are romantic. Klaus and Caroline have had two dances in total. Caroline brings out Klaus' humanity. Klaus revealed to Caroline the only time he wanted to be human again in My Brother's Keeper.

In Down the Rabbit Hole Klaus confirmed that, like himself, Caroline doesn't want to be human again and that they are the same. Both of their mothers hated them for being a vampire and a hybrid, although Caroline's mother came to accept her vampirism later on. In GraduationKlaus told Caroline he intends to be her last love.

Klaus and Caroline have sex in Years of Solitude. Some of the characters also noticed the connection between Caroline and Klaus i. Caroline confessed to Tyler that she saw the good in Klaus in Gone Girl. Both have forced Stefan to turn off his humanity. JP said in an interview: "It means a couple things to me, none of which are tangible yet. It's a wish, not a promise, but I do think there are more stories to be told.

I think The Originals has the opportunity to visit with some of these characters, and I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories. It's a hope for the future if nothing else. Caroline and Klaus' reunion takes place in France, coincidentally one of the countries Klaus once offered to take her to.

Further into the passage it states, "The war wages on as hybrid Klaus Mikaelson and his wife vampire Caroline Mikaelson continues to be on the run," despite the immediate contradiction, and prior misspelling on the former, on the surnames.

Although in the The Vampire Diaries episode of Total Eclipse of the HeartCaroline destroyed the picture that Klaus drew for her in Dangerous Liaisonsit is revealed in the Legacies episode Let's Just Finish the Dance that she kept the ballgown that Klaus gave to her in the same episode. Caroline kept the dress, which later came into Lizzie's possession, for almost twenty years. His daughter, Hope Mikaelsonwould eventually wear it for the Miss Mystic Falls Pageanta competition that Caroline previously won.

Joseph Morgan ships them. Klaroline is one of the couples of The Vampires Diaries with more trending in Twitter; having more than hundreds of worldwide trends as of Klaroline Fans Need Your Help!

Awards Vote for the Sexiest Moment" on E online. Dating throughoutnews broke in May that the pair ended their relationship. In July Roerig made headlines when he petitioned for full custody of his 2-year-old daughter.

Meredith Fell, were not love interests on-screen, but the two were definitely lovers off-screen. Their romance ended in July when a rep revealed that the two stars were divorcing. Stelena wars between fans. While Elena flip-flopped between the brothers throughout the past four seasons, Dobrev had only one man on her arm for three years - Somerhalder.

Unfortunately their off-screen love affair ended in early May just as their on-screen romance sprouted new life.

something is. Many

Despite being broken up, the two put aside their differences to film the very steamy season 5 premiere episode.

I get the weekend off so we get to experience a little of that.

are absolutely

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