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Eloise tells me that everything she's learned about American culture has come from Twitch chat, like that time when, on June 4th, the U. We're backstage at the Hearthstone Spring Championship in a blacked-out amphitheater a few miles from the sweltering centre of Shanghai. The city's forests are sickly warm in the summertime, and Eloise is dressed accordingly in a mesh tutu, foil Twitch jersey, and a pair of clean Converse high-tops. Do you ever try to play that up on stream? For the record, Eloise deserves to be taken seriously. The woman born Tang Haiyun has been great at video games her entire life. As a teenager in Beijing she joined the elite World of Warcraft raiding guild Stars-who are probably most famous for their controversial Yogg-Saron world first during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

As a teenager in Beijing she joined the elite World of Warcraft raiding guild Stars-who are probably most famous for their controversial Yogg-Saron world first during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Eloise convinced her parents to let her sacrifice the long hours necessary for ultra-hardcore raid prep after showing off her top-ranked Shadow Priest DPS.

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After her Warcraft career ended, Eloise quickly found success in Hearthstone when she migrated to the game during the beta-placing in the top eight at the Gold Seriesand second in the inaugural US vs. CN Championship. Her talent caught the eye of Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk, another early Hearthstone pioneer who was was breaking ground on his own esports brand called Tempo Storm. Tempo Storm project manager and Hearthstone Global Games caster Dan "Frodan" Chou tells me the company offered her a contract because they knew they were getting one of the most dedicated players in the scene.

She pushes herself more than most pro players in general. No one on Tempo Storm practices more Hearthstone than she does-sometimes hours a day-and it shows with her results over the years," he says.

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No female has had her kind of results and success in Hearthstone. In fact, she's one of the most accomplished females in esports history despite playing only a few years.

It's a testament to her work ethic and drive. Twitch, of course, can be less charitable. The Hearthstone community, much like that of every other popular video game on the platform, does not always play nice.

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Eloise has scarcely missed a day streaming since she signed for Tempo Storm inand those early broadcasts veered between teasing and something rougher. I just started telling some stories about myself, but my English wasn't good.

The highlights scattered around YouTube are inglorious. What is 'we did it ?

Storm on the horizon

Another message crosses her feed a few moments later. Or more bluntly, her supposed willingness to believe that Americans defeated the aliens on Independence Day. Along the way, Eloise established a friendship with Rumay "Hafu" Wang, another Hearthstone personality who specialises in the arena mode, and also a former Warcraft arena pro.

Not just in Hearthstonejust in general.

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She likes to shock people, she likes memes, she likes trolling back. However, when Hafu joins Eloise on camera, she has a hard time stomaching the comments in chat.

Tempo Storm Eloise "Reynad looks like EleGiggle"

Many haters perhaps fail to realize that she is genuinely curious and tries to balance her curiosity with her ability to entertain. She's unafraid of talking about politically sensitive topics.

authoritative message

She loves learning about new cultures. She asks wild questions to get people to talk. Occasionally she singswhich musters a higher Biblethump-to-text ratio than any other stream on Twitch.

Regardless of whether or not you agree with her methods, Eloise is a trailblazer. So while there are undoubtedly people drawn to her stream for creepy reasons, her most valuable asset is her outsider status-a stranger in a strange land of overconfident children making bank playing wizard poker.

Reynad and eloise dating

And then there are the moments where Eloise morphs back into Tang Haiyun, and you catch the devastating, neutering wit hiding behind her self-imposed credulity. Over the course of our conversation, I learned that Eloise is equal parts funny and fascinating when talking about her experiences with Western gaming culture.

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Esports is very cyclical and every game has a lifespan. Hearthstone is beginning Stage Three, where the viewership begins to wane Every esports team is going for that sports team model, we just see the esports division as a marketing division to push the projects we're working on. From the IRL streaming, to this game, to the merchandise.

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This makes a lot of sense when you read between the lines. The vast majority of esports organizations and leagues operate at a net-loss.

Dating Matchmaking Site, senderistas yahoo dating, how to enhance online dating profile, parys haralson dating quotes. Any website recommendation, no matter how well written or Reynad And Eloise Dating Website providing bullet points "why", is to be taken with utmost scrutiny and suspicion. A lot of these "free" websites are either not so, so heavily limited in what you can do without a fee, or are straight up scams/ Apr 28, I last spoke to Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk in early for an interview about how the industrious 26 year-old was doubling down on his role as CEO .

If a bubble is going to burst, the survivors will be the companies with the most diverse portfolios. Of course, Tempo Storm remains firmly entrenched in Hearthstone.

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The company still sponsors icons like Jeffrey "Trump" Shih, Dan "Frodan" Chouand Haiyun "Eloise" Tangand its competitive roster recently upgraded to include Muzahidul "Muzzy" Islam and William "Amnesiac" Barton -both of whom recently won substantial tournaments, and are considered among the very best players in NA. Reynad tells me he's proud of the talent he's assembled, but he doesn't necessarily predict a sunny future for Blizzard's CCG.

Hearthstone is beginning Stage Three, where the viewership begins to wane, and it gets down to that core player-base," he forecasts. I want to do something cool. I think I have the skills for it.

And so, this is where we find Reynad in More mecurial than ever, running a multi-dimensional gaming brand in between the YouTube stunts and blue-moon tournament appearances.

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Reynad continues to be one of the most fascinating figures in games. Someone who recognized early the value of the influence he's accrued, someone who will keep pushing until he finds the wall, someone with both the breathtaking audacity to diagnose Hearthstone as a game in decline, and the brazenness to swoop in with his own home-cooked design.

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Beneath the prickly exterior, the restless ennui, and the low-rolled Spiteful Summoners, Reynad remains an optimist. He either doesn't fear failure or believes he can't lose.

Reynad on turning away from Hearthstone to make his own dream card game

Why not? It's worked so far. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

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Image credit: Adam Parkzer I last spoke to Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk in early for an interview about how the industrious 26 year-old was doubling down on his role as CEO of Tempo Storm, the esports org he founded, and slowly extricating himself from the Hearthstone scene. As it turns out, I'm half-right.

A lot of people look at what I have, but they don't see what I put in time and effort-wise. See comments.

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