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The former flames have a lot of history together, so many people are wondering why they even called it quits in the first place. The couple met on the first season of Jersey Shore , and were immediately attracted to each other in episode one. If you recall, Sammi first hit it off with The Situation , but then she ended up locking lips with Ronnie soon after. Sorry, Mike! Sammi went on a first date with Ronnie riding go-karts, and they were head-over-heels in love. But from the start, their relationship was plagued by jealousy and trust issues, so the couple always got in fights. The two continued to date on and off throughout the seasons.

"Once we left the shore house, me and Sam decided we were going to take the next step," he said. "And we were getting towards that stage where it was like, I either have to s- or get off. Aug 31,   Just A Reminder That Ron And Sam's Relationship Is Still The Most Toxic 'Jersey Shore' Has Ever Seen. Reality TV. After dating each Author: Mary Grace Garis. Sep 14,   Unsubscribe from KX-NO? Sign in to report inappropriate content. The interactive transcript could not be loaded. Rating is available when the .

The first to the day she and Ron first met in preschool where she needed to come to his aid to rescue him from school bullies. The to their preteen years where Ron backed Kim up on her first mission to help an eccentric billionaire in trouble.

Finally into the future where it was revealed a time traveling future version of Shego had engineered Ron's move to Norway in order to break them up as "a very solid team".

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They prevailed, erasing the future, resetting the timeline, and unlearning what they had learned about themselves. Ron signs Kim up for the talent show to go against Bonnie, Kim does worry about having no talent, but Ron does reassure that she is Kim Possible and anything is possible for her.

Through some encouragement, Kim decides to sing for the talent show, They then decide to also spy on Bonnie to see what Kim is up against, Kim then practices, but finds that her childhood problem of hitting hit notes is still present.

Kim is captured by Drakken and must escape, so Ron ends up participating in the talent show to stall for time. Kim escapes and manages to use a teleporter to get to the Talent show and sing her song perfectly, oddly enough Ron ends up winning the contest, Kim is pleased by this as Bonnie didn't win.

Ron is actually idolized by other mascots at the camp. However, both Kim and Ron get stuck with undesirable roommates and have to deal with them best they can. Ron continued to have suspicious about Gil, even though Kim and everyone else don't think there is a problem.

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After Gill attacks the camp Ron once again becomes to be the hero of the day, saving everyone again with the help of Kim. Once again Ron showcases his loyalty to Kim when he kept her from disappearing from existence and saved her date with Josh in a discreet manner.

Ron goes on an exchange trip to Japan where he trains at ninja skills and his Mystical Monkey Powers, while there he befriends and crushes on a girl called Yori. In Ron's place a Japanese exchange student called Hirotaka who both Monique and Kim along with most of the female student body crush over. Ron actually defeats Monkey Fist and is sworn into secrecy about the school, whereas Kim the whole time was trying to impress Hirotaka who turns out liked Bonnie.

Ron figured out that "girls dig guys who play sports" and immediately tried out for every sport at Middleton High School. Though Kim thought it was a bad idea, she supported him through it all, patching Ron up whenever he got hurt, which he did frequently.

Ron's plan ended up backfiring: he accidentally invented an extreme sport called umbrella surfing, but when he couldn't repeat his spectacular first performance, lost all of his new fans, the female variety included. Kim finally encouraged Ron to be comfortable with who he was, because girls would be attracted to that. When people messed with the controls, along with accidental back-pocket "butt-dialing", Kim experienced a roller-coaster of artificially-induced emotions, including a spat of "love sickness" in which she fixated upon Ron as a love interest.

Seeing Ron in trouble was enough for Kim to resist enough to override and burnout her chip to save him.

Ronnie VS Sammi Instense fight

Ron was desperate to avoid being forced to sit at the kids table at his cousin Reuben 's wedding reception. Kim suggested he bring a date. Ron said he had tried before, considered asking Kim to be his date for roughly an instant, then quickly changed his mind.

Kim nervously stated that it would have been "awk-weird" because they were friends. Oddly enough, Kim did end up accompanying Ron. She admitted it was not as bad as she had feared, but did not care for Ron referring to her as his "date".

Kim : Whoa.

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You still sit with the kids. What if you brought a date? Ron : A date? A date? Thanks for being my date [Kim glares at him] ahh, friend. Kim : Admittedly, not as awk-weird as feared. His acting suspicious and squirrelly, then disappearing with the exotic beauty, triggered an extreme reaction in Kim causing both Monique and Wade to term as "jell'n', or jealousy.

Which Kim denied a bit too strongly, but set out to track them down as Wade's research hinted -to Kim at least- that Yori might have been working with Monkey Fist. Kim calmed down a bit once she found out the truth of their mission; not even blinking an eye when Yori kissed Ron as they wrapped things up as Kim realized Ron had no clue that Yori "like-liked" him.

With the Prom looming and thanks to comments from Bonnie, Kim becomes concerned about who to take.

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When the idea of Ron is initially raised, she balks at taking her best friend. Enter Erica tall, dark, and handsome guy just joining Middleton High.

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Kim is instantly attracted and starts a relationship with him. Ron takes an instant dislike to the relationship, and his jealousy is what ultimately makes him realize that he has romantic feelings for Kim. But, out of fear of ruining their friendship, decides not to tell her. As things grew to a head, and despite him looking like a raving lunatic, Kim trusts Ron enough to believe what he is saying, choosing to go with him rather than listen to Eric asking her to ignore him and stay at the dance.

After it turns out that "Eric" is actually one of Drakken's synthodrones designed to keep Kim off-balance and distracted, and Kim emotionally defeated, Ron gives her a pep talk and reveals that he has feelings for her. After hearing this, Kim realizes that she feels the same way about Ron, and after dealing with the mission, the two head back to their high school prom-they walk into the gym holding hands, signifying their status as a couple.

After a slow song starts, Kim and Ron are a little nervous, but a literal push from Rufus gets them to start dancing, and the two eventually share their first kiss as an official couple. It was the start of Kim and Ron's senior year of high school, and they were still officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend after an entire summer.

Apr 25,   Well, if you look at Sammi and Ronnie's relationship timeline on the Jersey Shore, you'll know their fling was filled with endless breakups, makeups, and lots of Author: Amber Belus. Oct 21,   Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his girlfriend, Jen Harley, split after exchanging insults on social media - check out everything we know about the scandal. Apr 27,   Summer Sammi and Ronnie first start dating during the first season of Jersey Shore, after she had a brief flirtation with Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino. January Though they end.

Bonnie expressed her disapproval of their relationship, claiming it was practically a rule for cheerleaders to date jocks -especially since they were now all seniors-and says that if Ron cannot "step up," then Kim should "trade up. However after he convinces himself that he and Kim live in "a trade-up free zone," he overhears Kim talking to Monique that she herself actually agrees with Bonnie about "trading up," except he did not hear the part about how they were actually talking about Monique's cell phoneso Ron thought Kim was going to dump him for a jock.

Ron then tried out for the football team, although like his attempt around the time of the X-Games, he failed this attempt too.

Not one to give up, after a confrontation with Professor Dementorhe "secretly borrowed" Kim's relatively new, virtually indestructible battle suit and makes the football team as the new quarterback, filling the hole left by Brickwho had graduated the previous June, and earning Brick's number.

However, after Dementor tried to steal the suit while the couple was at Bueno NachoKim found out the truth of how Ron really made the team.

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Ron told her why he did it: because he overheard her talking to Monique about "trading up" and that he did not want to risk losing her. Kim explained that the conversation Ron heard was actually about Monique's cell phone. Kim finally assures Ron that she doesn't care that he's not a jock, but that she cares about him for who he is. After Ron confesses to Mr.

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Barkin about cheating his way onto the football team which Kim's proud of him for doingMr. Barkin comes up to Ron and tells him that he can still be on the football team, but as the new star running back instead of the quarterback this is due to Ron, and all of his "mad running away skills," breaking the all-time rushing record in a previous football game where he didn't have Kim's battlesuit.

Ron's excited about being able to stay on the football, but he's still not completely off the hook: Mr. Barkin punishes him for cheating his way onto the team in the first place by making him crab-walk laps around the football field. During the chase scene, Wade hands out through the car two rings. Rufus sees them and starts humming the Wedding March.

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Kim and Ron turn to each other with shocked expressions on their faces, at first assuming that they're wedding rings for them. But Wade explains that they're "magno-rings" for Kim so she can stay on the speeding rocket. During the mission to track down Camille Leon, it was suggested Kim could fill-in as a model while searching for her, but was too embarrassed to dress up until Ron said "Well, why not?

Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley's Dramatic Relationship: A Timeline

Kim's tired of Ron always using coupons whenever they go out on dates, especially after encouraging her to lie about her age so they could order from the Kid's Menu to Eat for Free, something which Kim did not like and she showed her shame by hiding her face from the waiter with a menu. After unleashing about the date the next day, Monique encouraged Kim to set an example for Ron by hooking her up with a part-time job at Club Banana. Kim blew Ron a kiss when he was coming out onto the football field about to play a game, which Ron caught.

Kim and Ron almost kissed after she cheered him up about the tweebs being the new mascots but was interrupted by Wade.

Ron and sam dating timeline

In season three of the show, the couple became even more volatile. She did return to the show two episodes later, though.

Inthe fourth season of the show took the cast to Italy. The couple continued to break up and make up throughout the season.

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The next year, was the last for Jersey Shore. At the live reunion, the pair said that they were still together and were moving in together. It was for the best. I ended up cheating, she found out. August The couple announces their split, with Sammi telling E!

News, "I wish him nothing but the best. Right now, I'm focused on myself. She's a great girl, but we were growing distant. It was for the best. She was like, I want to get married in six months-and I'm still trying to figure my life out," he explained. I wanted to do the right thing, but there was a part of me that was like, 'I'm not going to do the right thing. I ended up cheating, she found out.

I blew it. March A source tells E! They have a lot of history. December Ronnie begins dating Malika Haqq after meeting while filming E! The attraction quickly became a mutual romance," Malika and Ronnie told E! News exclusively. We had an opportunity to really get to know each other living in such close quarter.

June It's reported that Sammi is dating fellow New Jersey native, Christian Biscardiwith the reality star first posting a photo of the couple on Instagram in April. August Some of the cast, including Sammi, reunited for E! October All of the cast, minus Ronnie, reunite at Deena Cortese 's wedding.

Nov 06,   We're taking you through every stage of Tori and Beck's relationship! What was your favorite moment? Watch more of your favorite shows on Nick! Subscribe. Apr 06,   Ronnie Ortiz-Magro revealed on the season premiere of "Jersey Shore Family Vacation" why he and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola broke up . Apr 05,   Get the rundown on the Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola dating timeline, from the "Jersey Shore" fights, to the break ups to now. RON AND SAM ARE FIGHTING! - Jersey Shore Author: Lauren Weigle.

During the Family Vacation premiere, we learned Ronnie never reached out to Deena after her father passed away inleading to a falling out. December Ronnie and girlfriend Jen Harley announce they are expecting their first child after they began dating earlier in the year. April 3, Ronnie's girlfriend Jen gives birth to their daughter, Ariana Sky. So excited to be a Father.

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