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What comes to your mind when you think of Spartans? War, perhaps? Terrible movies? Epic leaders? Short sentences? Few would deny that Spartans exude toughness and badassery, but one must keep in mind that these people had to This means that Spartan ladies and gents had to engage in at least some rudimentary form of guy-girl relations.

So far as the Spartans were concerned, this was a small sacrifice to make. This system had several theoretical benefits.

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Some suggest the marriage ritual was designed to ward off the evil eyebut the subsequent sneaking around had much more to it than simple superstition. The secrecy required that they sharpen their skills as cunning warriors.

Spartan soldiers were also encouraged to steal on military training exercises. If they were caught, they would be whipped. Not for stealing, mind you, but for being caught! Stealth was considered very important. What's more, it was thought that the less one had sex, the the more likely one would be to bear strong childrenand that was the entire point of marrying in the first place!

It should also be noted that Spartan soldiers did not drink very much, as there was a general concern that being tipsy would contribute to impotency and generally make one sluggish, which is a big no-no in Spartan life. One might also argue that these sorts of limits would guarantee that the couple was very passionate and not lazy and overindulgent in the way they went about their courtship.

So hey- Spartan love was true love! Spartan love was ardent love!

Spartans were serious about this stuff! We've established that it was considered respectable to be married in one's 20s, but one should also keep in mind that, by age 30, Spartan men were required to marry.

The benefit of getting started early was that a man would receive his kleros with kids already growing up! It makes for a nice head start. That said, Spartan men weren't exactly boring homebodies. Because Spartan soldiers were expected to spend so much time with their syssitia every weekend, plus dinner every daySpartan women were really the heads of family households.

Spartan women had rights not only to control their own property, but those of male relatives who were away on military service. It was at one point estimated that Spartan women owned over a third of the land in Sparta! We've established that Spartan couples were splendidly secretive, extremely disciplined, and surprisingly feminist-friendly what with women having so much influence in running the household and proactively choosing their hubbiesbut did you know that Spartans were also surprisingly creative when it came to fidelity?

In ancient Sparta, a big emphasis was put on bearing strong children. If a woman was considered to be particularly fertile or good at bearing strong children, she might take on additional sexual partners.

In fact, bearing children of other men was encouraged. What was important was that strong spartan soldiers, or women who would bear lots of strong soldiers, were produced.

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So in Sparta one might also find a rare instance of perfectly respectable and happily married women being encouraged to sleep around! That's not to say that Spartan women had it easy. Spartan women were intense.

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Mothers were only allowed to keep their children if they were healthy. Babies not deemed fit e. And of course boys left home at the age of seven to go through extremely intense military training. What do you think of it all? Do you see value in secret courtship and sneaky weddings?

Do you like the idea of being married but working and for the most part, living separately? Do you like the idea of boys being shipped off at age seven and enduring rigorous military training? Do our modern dating and marriage norms make us soft and pathetic? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

I'd have to say that becoming a baby producing machine wouldn't work for me. In any event, this article is fabulous!

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It really keeps the reader's attention from beginning to end. Learning about ancient cultures is fascinating when the article is well written, and you have certainly done that here. I voted that I would like to keep my hair.

The Spartan Soldier's Love Life: Dating & The Spartan Way of Life

Guess I would not have been a good wife for a Spartan soldier. Good thing that I do not have to concern myself with that. A lot of matrilineal societies in the world are built around men who are fishermen or soldiers, and thus rarely home. Just think how challenging it would be to not get caught with everyone having a phone.

I thought I saw you outside the movies last night? I was at home reading a book, like I told you when I hung up the phone! This is really cool and interesting. I have a history degree, but had no idea about these customs. Very interesting Simone! I learned so much about dating and the Spartan Soldier's life I will have to re-read just to let it all sink in.

Fab job! Voted up and shared! Take care, Kelley. I think Spartan ideals of marriage life was much more fun, then many of our modern traditional marriages for happy couples. The Sparta ways seemed to appeal not only to the man on the move, but also the woman who couldn't or didn't want to wait for his return all the time back at home to get her pleasure, and or to have children while he was gone for who knows how long.

Nice research. Great hub here the whole time I'm wondering "Is Simone from a differing time period, like has she warped back in time to the ancient Greek times when spartan men went around kicking on another's butt to prove themselves, LOL".

This was a cool hub and somewhat funny as well, i like your video, and you have so much style and class in presenting is all, awesome job! Voted out of here in every way I can. You go Girl!!!!!

I'm jealous of the class you're taking, CarltheCritic! That Romani tradition is fascinating!!! I remember seeing a reference to it in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, so it's interesting to know that some semblance of the tradition continues on to modern times. First off, about your question.

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I actually am taking a class on cultural anthropology, and was literally just taking about sex, sexuality, gender, and marriage. The Spartan way of courtship might sound strange to people of the outside, but there are even stranger rituals of courtship that happen even to this day.

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The strangest I know of yet is what is known as "kidnapping the bride". The Romani, also known as Gypsies, for centuries have had this tradition, that if you manage to forcefully kidnap a girl and keep her by your side for days, and then she officially becomes your wife.

The thing is when looking at this from an Etic perspective outside looking inanyone's cultural rituals can be seen as weird, however if we were observing this from an Emic persective within the culture it's more acceptable. Let's see here, this is by far the best video you have ever produce for Hubpages. Keep up the great work, hope to see more of your awesome videos.

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Voted Up, and Everything Else :. You really should give the video thing a go, Wesman Todd Shaw.

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And we'll work on that social sharing button! We're still refining all this redesign stuff. Thanks Nils Visser! History should be anything but boring. I'm all for bringing it back. Ahh, the intricacies of mating habits amongst warrior societies does have its perks after all.

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Just imagine all the money I could have saved on a limo, flowers, a DJ - just on the wedding alone. Plus, I'd have no choice but to hang out with my buds on the weekend. When writing about history finding an interesting approach or point of view is essential to avoid the " You've succeeded admirably, this was fantastic reading.

Basic Background on a Spartan Soldier's Life

I hope we can expect more historical dating articles? I'm told that Spartan Women ran around all nekky You've got my email address!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all seriousness I wish I had the book I had about Sparta I swear, I owned the single most dry and pathetically boring - hideously arrogant, and obscenely pedantic book about ancient Sparta in the lexicon of the English language.

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Simone Haruko Smith more. Basic Background on a Spartan Soldier's Life Before we can explore the delicious details of Spartan dating protocol, one must have a basic understanding of a Spartan soldier's life.

Spartan Courtship While Spartan soliders were required to live in military barracks throughout their twenties, they weren't discouraged from marrying or even having children! Ensuring such conditions was easy given Spartan courtship guidelines: Spartan something husbands could not live at home with their wives Spartan couples in their 20s were only allowed to meet in secret Don't believe me?

But here's what Plutarch himself says in his Life of Lycurgus : "The Spartan husband took care to visit his wife in secret, ashamed and anxious, in case he was seen by someone in his house.

What do you think? Spartan marriage ceremony: GO.

Sparta dating and mating

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