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Know the percentages of different cts of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner. Understand the real motives that drive you to seek a particular friend. What was it that attracted you towards each other? What will help you keep your relationship strong? Are you and your partner the best SunSign match?

So, two of them together will love to spend their nights inside, watching a movie. They will shine the most when everything in their life works perfectly: career, children and hobbies. A Taurus man with a Taurus woman will be great as husband and wife. They both want a family too much.

If something goes wrong at home, the Taurus man will become angry and he can hurt his lady a lot. She will not say a thing and will endure it all for a long time.

The Taurus woman is known to sacrifice a lot of her wishes and personality for her family. If they want to avoid all this, they both need to keep their temper in line.

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Astrology says that if two Taurians in a relationship both have careers, they will be happier people. Two Taurus together are pretty much the same. The Taurus woman loves to be courted and to see her date struggling a little to get to her heart. Because they are both in Taurus, these two partners will express their intentions from the start.

They will promise each other long-lasting love and devotion. The Taurus can be tempered, so when these people are deceived or cheated on, they become very angry and nasty. The Taurus man - Taurus woman relationship will be pretty much like routine, which will be to their liking, since they hate change. Not to mention that Taurus people are not at all adaptable.

Never adventurous, they will be satisfied with what they have planned and will be angry when something and someone interferes with their schedule. If things get difficult, they keep going and never give up. As a matter of fact, many Taurus man - Taurus woman couples were born from deep friendships. These two will get along very well as they have the same tastes and they share the same philosophies in life. The lady may be emotional, but he will remain the same rational and materialistic guy.

Their egos are big. They could never deal with the fact that their partner is flirting with someone else. Another thing that makes them feel safe is having a routine.

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They like things just the way they are, and they prefer to do things as they have done them for all their lives. Taurus people tend to plan ahead, and they find comfort in knowing that everything is always going to be the same. This is one of the reasons why they are such reliable partners- Taurus will never cheat because that is too uncertain and can shift all the order in his or her life.

When the Taurus woman is dating a Scorpio man, she is more open and honest while he remains deep and mysterious. This worries his Taurus lover, as she needs constant reassurance to feel secure in the relationship. But once she realizes he, too, wants the same affirmation from her, she will offer it freely. Which Works Better For Donna Roberts. Scorpio Man And Taurus Woman: Nature Of Bonding The relationship compatibility between Scorpio man and Taurus woman is an amalgamtion of the Earth element and the Water element, where communication plays a major role in the relationship.

People born under this zodiac sign enjoy food. You will have a lot of fun going to different restaurants or even enjoying home-cooked meals.

They also appreciate the ability to cook in their partners. They also enjoy shopping- either for food or other stuff. Taurus definitely has a sophisticated taste in combination with practicality.

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They sometimes do like to splurge and buy extravagant gifts for themselves or their partners, but only if their financial situation allows them to. You will never see Taurus buying something out of the budget or if there are more important needs at the time.

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Still, they will always keep up their stylish appearance. According to the Taurus love predictionsyou can be sure to have an honest and reliable partner. He is a truly nice guy and enjoys taking care of his partner.

You will most likely have to make the first move, as he is not bold like other men.

Taurus and Scorpio, being the opposite signs of the zodiac, are instantly pulled to each other like magnets. On the onset, the emotional and sensual Taurus man seems like a perfect match to the passionate and sexy Scorpio woman. A Taurus man and a Scorpio woman share some personality traits which make them quiet compatible. Dating a Taurus man: According to the Taurus love predictions, you can be sure to have an honest and reliable partner. He is a truly nice guy and enjoys taking care of his partner. You will most likely have to make the first move, as he is not bold like other Betty Crawford. Jan 06,   Taurus man, Scorpio woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. Dating a Scorpio woman can be an adventure. She does not trust easily and can go out of her way to make it hard for a man to date her. A Taurus man will probably find her attractive, but he might be too intimidated to make the first move. On the other hand, a Scorpio woman Author: Cynthia Thinnes.

His confidence lies in his intelligence. Talking about politics, history or social issues will allow him to bring out his charm. He definitely appreciates grace, beauty, and good manners. These men are not afraid to show their feelings. It can be a positive and negative quality because he will express his affection and love towards you, as well as his anger.

Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman Long-Term Compatibility

These men are very deep and thoughtful. It might take a while for you to get to know him because he will not give out much until he knows you are trustworthy.

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Once he is sure about your relationship, he will share his deepest thoughts with you. Men born under this sun sign are loyal and steady.

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They take their time on choosing a partner to start dating with, and even more, time to truly open up. He loves to be in charge. The Scorpio man is very determinded, headstrong and purposeful in his characteristics.

Taurus woman dating scorpio man

He also has a pleasing personality which works well for him. He likes being in a competetive environment which helps him give his best as he imbibes aspiring qualities in himself. The Taurus woman is emotionally a very strong person.

She is passionate, loyal, trust-worthy and a reliable person to be with. She is also pretty staunch and stubborn, like a bull, in her nature.


The Scorpio man Taurus woman love compatibility will be a mixture of the devotion of the Taurus woman and the confidence of the Scorpio man, in the relationship they share. Scorpio Man And Taurus Woman: The Love Affair The Taurus female is very conscious in the beginning to be in a romantic alliance with the Scorpio male, who is ruled by the planet of Pluto, and is said to be heartless and cruel. But the Scorpio man exhibits a lot of good qualities which narrows down the bad ones, that exists inside of him.

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Even the Scorpio male is cautious of getting into a fling or a serious relation with anyone, as he finds people not enough trust-worthy.

He is very good at studying human nature which makes him feel very sceptical to tie-in with anyone, especially if the process is going very fast and quick. But there is an unusual spark in the compatibility of Scorpio man and Taurus woman as they are totally opposite in nature.

The love relationship can turn out to be very powerful, wherein either they may gel really well or not at all. He is someone who will keep a lot of faith and trust in himself rather than finding someone whom he can trust.

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Thus, his confidence makes him pursue and acquire what he wants. He is a helping hand for those who need it and a hand full of power that can threaten anyone, if the deeds are ethically and morally wrong.

Both the Taurus and Scorpio are attracted to the other's strong personality and willingness to commit. This is a sexually intense and magnetic partnership which has brighter chances of lasting when Taurus woman and Scorpio man are involved. Both the Taurus and Scorpio sense the ability to "go the distance", and mutual respect is likely the result. Jan 19,   Scorpio man, Taurus woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship. A Scorpio man and Taurus woman will be irresistibly attractive to one another. Even though a Taurus woman often sits off to the side when it comes to social occasions, a Scorpio man will notice her. A Scorpio man rarely misses anything, and he certainly would not miss the Author: Cynthia Thinnes. Scorpio Man and Taurus Woman Chemistry If you do develop a bond, the physical side of your relationship can be explosive and all-consuming as earthy Taurus has both the desire and the stamina to match scorching Scorpio's deepest needs on the memorable adventure of mad love and crazy passion.

On the other hand, the female Taurus is a fearless individual who can withstand and deal with a lot of pressure. But she may be really intrigued by the male Scorpio, in a relation. This will make sure that they share a great bond in their intimate relationship. The Scorpio man is erotic, seductive, appealing, emotional and sensitive which sums upto a perfect sex life. The Taurus woman may find herself indulged in the intimate relationship, as she likes being satisfied in bed.

She wants to feel the affection physcially, which proves the level of bonding, for her. For her, a physical relationship involves the presence of the deepest emotions, wild desires and an adventurous experience.

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This love compatibility will be emotionally attached once they get to know each other. A strong connection is formed between Scorpio and Taurus as they proceed deeper into the relationship.

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