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Apink is the first group and the breadwinner of their home representative, Plan A Entertainment and they have had a career in the entertainment industry since So, stay tuned! The leader Chorong stated that her ideal type is someone who is slim but not skinny, has no double eyelids, has the traits of being a moderate person as he must speak and act carefully, and has the charisma of a manly man. Bomi who occupies the position of main dancer and mood maker of the group described her ideal type as someone who gives a nice impression, has no double eyelids, and must treat her well without having to buy expensive goods to prove that he is a good boyfriend. When she is being asked about the public figure who resembles her ideal type, Bomi immediately named singer Tak Jaehoon. The main vocal Eunji is looking for someone who has no double eyelids, a defined nose, a soft smile, killer charisma, and will still love her even if she does not put any makeup on. However, after describing her ideal type, Eunji reckoned that those traits of a man do not really matter as long as she and her boyfriend like each other.

In that occasion, Chorong who was the last person to get off the stage was waited for by Suho. The pairing has also had several interactions that have made their fans overjoyed.

Though not interacting, fans already feel satisfied to see both of them share a close space.

Apink Ideal Types of Man and Dating Issues

Apink and EXO had an event in Vietnam and in the press conference it can be seen that Chorong tenderly looked at Suho who was talking. Now, it is not a surprise that many people wish they were an item! Aww, how sweet!

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Chorong and Suho were seen to have an interaction as Suho gave the trophy to Chorong. During the Seoul Music Awards, Luhan was seen observing Chorong who was sitting with her group from afar. Fans speculated that Luhan thought this act would not be noticed by the fans because his view was blocked by Xiumin.

But conversely, the fans recorded this occasion successfully. Even though the distance between him and Chorong was far, Luhan still looked at her longingly. Chorong who was seen talking to Yesung was approached by Woohyun.

Though for mere viewers the occasion was considered a normal encounter, many fans started to ship them as a couple.

Apr 20,   APINK Bomi Allegedly Dating A BTS Member + Gets Bashed Online. The APINK member Bomi recently did live streaming with her Pink Pandas but someone gave rude comments during the ongoing stream. Apr 19,  .MBC Real men- all of Apink, with Bomi casted as a member for female soldier Dating alone (Eunji).MBC Section tv (Eunji).MBC Idol star athletic Every 1 Weekly idol (Hayoung)- as temporary guest mariechloepujol.comng across generations (Namjoo, with Eunji, Naeun, Chorong and Hayoung making cameos). Apr 21,   The malicious commenter called out Bomi on her VLive stream and said that she should leave APINK is she was dating BTS members. The criticism caught the singer by surprise because she was earlier rumored to be dating EXO's Chen and not a BTS Angie Chui.

Chorong came to the event with the fellow Apink member, Namjoo. Hoya, who was eating, is seen wearing colorful hairclips on his hair which the fans assumed belonged to Chorong.

How cute! Their friendship is often being called the friendship that is on the border of the friend-zone. Here are some of the pictures that prove their closeness!

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Chorong asked Changsub to lend her 3, KRW Rp 30, for a family issue that arose, yet she does not want to tell Apink members about it.

Instead of mulling over the huge amount, Changsub straight away asked Chorong to give the details of her bank number. As if that is not enough, Chorong added that she does not consider Changsub a man because he has a lot of girls.

This statement instantly made the rest of BTOB members laugh in an uproar. Their relationship in the drama is not mere friends as Chorong and Sungjae even kissed in one of the scenes. Sungjae stated that the scene was really hard as he was nervous and became tense because he is a close friend of Chorong.

As a result, Sungjae could not do the kiss scene properly. At last, Changsub jokingly scolded Sungjae by saying that kissing Chorong is like kissing an older sister. Well, kissing is one thing but we cannot deny that Chorong and Sungjae are indeed close by seeing these pictures!

Lastly, Chorong is paired up with the leader of B1A4, Jinyoung. Rumor has it that Bomi and Chen are dating. The question was not answered by Chen because he was confused. In addition, none of the EXO members gave a statement regarding this matter.

MBC Idol crown prince special Eunji. KBS Love request Yookyung. SBS Go show Eunji - episode SBS Strong heart Eunji.

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QTV 4minute travel maker all except Eunji - episodes 7 and 8. MBC Every 1 weekly idol. KBS 1 vs Eunji. KBS Mama mia Bomi. SBS Barefoot friends Eunji - episode MBC Story show Eunji.

MBC Real men. KBS2 Happy together Eunji - episode KBS2 Yoo Hee- yeol's sketchbook. MBC We got married season 4 Naeun, with the other members appearing as guests. Eunji was special guest with Key.

There is nothing happens Apink Members Dating in something which is beautiful because creating a pleasure is an art and it just requires a style with the manner and a behavior/ Mar 14,   In this post, - mariechloepujol.comorea will take a look at Apink and their love life, starting from what Apink members are looking for in men, Apink members' dating scandal s, Apink members' suspected and alleged boyfriends, and lastly, Apink members' famous coupling with other Korean celebrities who are consisted popular boy group members such as EXO, INFINITE, BTOB, VIXX, B1A4, and . Jul 05,   The Apink members also shared their dating mottos. Jung Eun Ji's was, "While playing hard to get, it'll end" and Chorong's was, "Act like a mom when dating." "I'm the type of person who gives a lot," Jung Eun Ji said.

MBC Infinity challenge. MBC Four sons and one daughter Eunji - episode 5 cameo in episode KBS 1 vs Naeun. KBS2 Escape crisis number 1 Naeun. Mnet Beatles code 3D All, except Bomi.

Eunji participated remotely on phone. Arirang After school club ep. KBS Vitamin Hayoung. MBC Music travel yesterday Eunji.

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KBS Golden bell challenge. KBS Safety first Naeun. KBS The human condition. KBS Love request. Arirang Pops in soul. SBS Running man-episode SBS Running man Eunji - episode Oven radio. MBC every 1 weekly idol Eunji participated remotely on phone - episode MBC every 1Weekly idol. MBC every 1 Weekly idol Hayoung -as temporary guest host. KBS Entertainment awards Eunji. MBC Section tv Eunji. MBC Idol star athletic championship.

SBS Midnight tv entertainment Eunji. The brave teenagers Bomi and Chorong participated remotely on phone. SBS Running man Bomi. Apink diary season 1. The Qmentary. Apink V app. Vitamin Bomi and Hayoung. My little television Namjoo. KBS 1 night 2 days. MBC duet song festival Namjoo. The greates inheritance Bomi. Sugar man Bomi and Namjoo. Two days, 1 night Bomi. KBS entertainment weekly Eunji.

Cool kiz on the block Chorong.

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KBS entertainment awards Eunji. MBC Mask king Namjoo. KBS Hello counselor Hayoung. SBS Healing camp Eunji. MBC Duet song festival Eunji. SBS Same bed, different dreams Eunji. Y-star Shikshin road Eunji-cameo. Apink extreme adventures.

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MBC We got married Bomi as a regular. Apink members cameos. SBS Running man Eunji participated remotely on phone.

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KBS entertainment weekly. MBC Star show MBC My little television Eunji. MBC Video star Eunji participated remotely on phone. KBS Girl group master all except Eunji. Mnet Golden tambourine Namjoo. Beauty academy Hayoung. Mnet Yang Nam Show Chorong participated remotely on phone. MBC Masked singer Hayoung. MBC All my love Chorong-supporting. SBS Salamander gurus and the shadows Naeun-cameo. KBS Trot lovers Eunji-lead. Saving santa Eunji- voice dub. Tom little and the magic mirror Namjoo- voice dub.

Webdrama Detective Alice Namjoo-lead. Let us just love-Protect the boss OST. It's you Eunji - 3 days OST. Glad it's back up, I thought I would have to continue dealing with the 12 year olds at the AKP forums indefinitely. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

[We got Married¦] Bomi&Taejun Inviting Apink Members 20170204

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Posted May 3, edited. Motto GO GO. Love shoot.

I'm in love. Love forever. Happy ending. Motto GO! Orion instrumental. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Apink members dating

Mnet 1st place- Hopefully sky April 28 Eunji. Inkigayo 1st place-Hopefully sky May 1 Eunji. Vapp awards- Global artist top The show 1st place- The spring April 18 Eunji. Calobye Naeun. KBS Cool kiz on the block Bomi. OnStyle Get it beauty Chorong.

OnStyle Get it beauty Naeun. MBC Every 1 weekly idol Bomi as temporary guest host. OnStyle get it beauty Bomi. Y-star shikshin road Hayoung as temporary guest host. MBC duet song festival Eunji. Mnet's karaoke Eunji. Arirang Showbiz korea Eunji. Apink diary season 3. SBS Law of the jungle Hayoung. MBC New life for children. They have also released their teaser photos of which the girls look so darling with their sweet concept with their track "Dumhdurum!

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In one of the group's press interview, Bomi said, "I want it to be a year in which we make more good memories with fans.

Following the announcement of BLACKPINK's return that will be going to take place this upcoming June, fans and netizens can't help but think about the anonymous account that sends death threats to the group's member, Lisa. In addition to this, BTS fans, are also worried about the new death threats that Jimin received recently during his Vlive broadcast with Namjoon. Hot Issues They have also released their teaser photos of which the girls look so darling with their sweet concept with their track " Dumhdurum!

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