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Understand this beyonce dating her bodyguard you tell

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And while the videos of Julius protecting the First Family have taken a life of their own see here , his personal life remains private. The bodyguard even stands by during her concerts and for everyday errands. Follow Us. Skip to content. Show Transcript Coinage: Life, well spent.

The "Queen of Pop" is not only widely successful as an entertainer but also a business woman Her company, Parkwood Entertainment, is a media and entertainment powerhouse. The company manages music artists, has produced motion pictures, television specials, and more.

(New) Beyonce leaving her Midtown Office and walking over to JayZ Office 06-30-15

Beyonce also has a stake and title. The feminist is also an investor in watermelon water. A start up that makes cold pressed watermelon water with a drop of lemon.

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The company led by Female innovators is backed by providing women living in poverty with micro loans. The star studded couple definitely keep busy outside of their lucrative music careers, which is why they are not only musical royalty, but business bosses.

Got a Small Kitchen? Get a Small Dish Rack!

Life, well spent. See More.

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Celebrity What Is Your Legacy? Black Celebs Share Their Inspirational Us Weekly has a different i.

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Fascinating stuff. In other news, Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino are secretly dating now that she's newly single - "He's loved her for years," says a source. There is pretty much nothing else contained in this magazine.

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Just like us!!! According to a "source," friends of the couple think that "a divorce announcement seems imminent.

Here's Everything We Know About Beyonce's Bodyguard Julius de Boer

Here are the reasons: he maybe cheated on her in ; they don't have anything in common anymore; they rarely see each other because they're both so busy. Sure, sure.

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In other news, Selena Gomez is heartbroken about Justin Bieber, and the magazine has roped her grandparents into it somehow? But Grandpa Gomez exclusively tells OK! He also says he thinks the former teen stars' managers are pressuring them to stay together.

Elsewhere in the mag, Miley Cyrus' friends are worried that she might commit suicidewhich is just a gross extrapolation from the fact that Miley is really sad that her dog has died.

Trivializing mental health issues is always in horrible taste, especially when doing so involves the following sentence: "While riding on an inflatable hotdog on stage in front of thousands of fans every night looks like a blast, it's actually incredibly lonely for Miley. Just nope. Moving on: Kanye is furious because Kim doesn't want to have another baby immediately.

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This would be a sweet story - he's had a crush on her since he saw her in Speed! She is in like a billion movies and beloved of the world and has a great kid.

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Whoever dates her isn't automatically a knight in shining armor, saving her from singledom. The copy here claims that Kate Middleton is "dealing with the scary side effects of early pregnancy - including losing a shocking amount of weight.

Beyonce dating her bodyguard

Of course, William is "very concerned. Additional proof of pregnancy: "All insiders know is that the normally bubbly duchess has not been herself. Moving on: French Montana was seen partying with "an attractive brunette" at a club in Miami and so the mag offers advice: "Be careful, Khloe!

The next story wants us to believe Kim and Kanye spent the days leading up to the wedding "fighting over how to handle their daughter's money if they split" and not gazing into mirrors and perfecting their squinches.

Adjust your schedule accordingly.

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This issue is a celebration of women! See, we live in a society that requires women to feel as though they must present a flawless, blemish-free exterior at all times, no matter how much time, effort and products are involve and then, when, for a moment between the gym and the car, a female celebrity is snapped by a lurking, stalky photographer, that microsecond is documented digitally, blown up and distributed for other women to inspect and judge. Sample captions: "A little lipstick would go a long way"; "give the woman a sandwich and a spa day"; "one haggard-looking mom.

Jun 02,   Beyonce refused to get rid of the man that has become one of her closest confidantes and Jay was forced to back down. Sources close to the singer say that her relationship with Julius has been raising eyebrows for years. No one knows exactly what goes on between them behind closed doors. The only thing people know is that those two spend an. Apr 25,   - Julius was in the elevator when Solange famously hit Jay Z after the Met Gala. He's been with Beyonce for both pregnancies. The bodyguard even stands by during her concerts and for everyday. Months after reports emerged that Beyonce's relationship with her bodyguard was bothering husband Jay Z, the singer's security company has reportedly launched a search for a new hire.

Also inside: Kim Kardashian has "no plans to get pregnant again" and Kanye is pissed because he wants to "make a honeymoon baby. Apparently he has a crush on year-old Elle Fanning, his mom's Maleficent costar. She gave him her number because she thinks he's adorable, and he's been texting and calling her all the time," says a source.

Welcome back! Every Wednesday, we do Midweek Madness, in which Callie Beusman heads to the newsstand and picks up the latest issues of OK!, In . May 28,   Beyonce's bodyguard, Julius De Boer, became instantly famous when - on surveillance video captured in a hotel elevator after the Met Gala - he saved her husband, Jay Z, from a brutal attack at the hands of her sister, Solange the video, Julius comes across as professional, loyal and level headed. But while all that may be true, Star has learned .

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