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Proponents of the black pill talk about race and attractiveness, sex and politics, and other topics that most shudder at the thought of. At first, I was shocked. It took me from being a helpless little boy, and led me towards the path of becoming an alpha male. Now just what is that? Here are some commonly discussed pill topics, that many will find uncomfortable:. Can you see why many have a base impulse to reject the black pill?

They will continue to live their lives shallowly, have shallow interactions, and never know the depths of what they can feel and have with another person.

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That makes me sad to say the least. Where is the control, even? I can think of at least two way better methods of setting up that study. Of course, they would require actual work, and not just dicking around with women, and multiple profiles with controls in place.

Ah, gotcha, sorry about that and no offense! Yeah, men who say that are just being sexist.

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And wrong. And stupid. If makeup were easy, I would wear it all the fucking time, instead of focusing on skin care and hoping for implanted programmable chromatophores some day.

Using Tinder to study relationships in the general population seems rather like assessing the art market by checking out DeviantArt. Alan Robertshaw wrote on May 4, at pm :. Literally anybody can register there and post whatever they want, so the overwhelming majority of users are hobbyists of varying but generally low skill levels who do art for fun.

Is that necessarily a bad thing? I mean, art tastes change over time and sometimes you have to provide before the market changes its taste. It would be different, but change can be a good thing. Genjones Or, in xkcd form:. Tinder behavior definitely cannot be extrapolated to the rest of the world.

What Is The Red Pill And Why So Many MGTOW Got It Wrong

There is a self-selection problem just in Tinder as a whole; people who get onto Tinder may have things in common that are not common amongst non-Tinder users, for instance. But you could definitely study Tinder behavior if you were interested in Tinder behavior as its own beast, and not as a representation of non-Tinder users.

I would propose a four-pronged study. The profiles would be otherwise the same. The second prong would be male profiles with the same middling attractive photo, but the profiles are otherwise different, positioning one as a very progressive person, one as a more centrist person, and the last as a very conservative person.

The third and fourth prongs would be the same as the first and second, but with female profiles instead. My hypothesis would be that the supermodel-photo profiles would be heavily favored on both the male and female sides, and that the progressive man would get the most likes, while the conservative, or maybe centrist, woman would get the most likes. Art advisors check out all sorts of sources of data as to trends.

Manosphere Red Pill vs. Blue Pill vs. Purple Pill

So DeviantArt might well be one source of data. But it would just be a small part of the overall picture geddit! The art market covers everything from hedge fund investments to mass produced high volume copies. So you need to be able to see the entire landscape.

Alan Robertshaw Hmmmseems like furry art is quite popular. Watch out, Mona Lisa, soon you will be outsold by an anthropomorphic fox! The modern furry fandom is this really odd accident of history, when you get right down to it. It started back in the days of bulletin boards and the early Internet, just when groups like that became a lot easier to get together.

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As online games started up, even text-based ones, people started building their own characters based on that. Things kind of exploded from there, as the number of people interested in drawing art and the number of people commissioning it have both gone up; furry fandom has from its inception been a much more collaborative creative fandom than many others.

For professional artists, one of the earliest furry comics during the mids black and white boom was done by someone who had been a technical illustrator for the U. Air Force. Thing is, while that produces a lot of art, most of it is also commercial, done on commission, and mostly of value primarily to the people directly involved.

Hey, you seen that new paper suggesting the fine constant is growing larger in one direction of the universe and smaller in the opposite?

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Neo meets Morpheus who makes an offer, "Take the blue pill and everything goes back the way it was, take the red pill and experience the truth in all its ugliness." Neo takes the red pill, and discovers that everything he knew about the world was a lie, what he learns isn't pretty, and it isn't easy to stomach, but it is true. Let's say red pill/blue pill theory is true so what? If the red pill is the ultimate uncomfortable truth about the dating landscape and all who take the blue pill are living in blissful ignorance, what exactly are the consequences to the blue pill guys? May 01,   Superior Confidence: Seduction, Dating & Relationship Advice 12 views I asked my one night stand out on a date, and she let me down gently - Duration:

Learn how your comment data is processed. We depend on support from people like you. Please consider a donation or a monthly pledge by clicking below! Send comments, questions, and tips for stories to me at dfutrelle gmail. Email Address. A Glossary. A commenter called Evergreen35, meanwhile, reported that his biggest Red-Pill was realizing how turned off my last girlfriend was when I told her that I loved her.

Just spitballing here. Which is, in my opinion, far too generous.

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Blue pill red pill dating

Alan Robertshaw I thought it was meant to be Spironolactone? Dumbass wrote: Personally, I would argue that the greatest metaphors are almost necessarily nonspecific, because they must articulate some universal ct of the human condition.

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill vs. Purple Pill thinking is a very prominent discussion in the worldwide manosphere Arguably, there are more Caucasian men who are very familiar with the term, 'Red Pill. Jun 23,   Let's rewind for a moment. Remember The Matrix when Morpheus offers Keanu either the blue pill or the red pill? If he takes the blue pill, he goes back to his boring, yet comfortable life. But, if he takes the red pill, he gets to wake up bald with no eyebrows covered in . Red Pill & Blue Pill Attitudes Towards Relationships In my observation, Blue Pillers take a rational approach to relationships, while Red Pillers take an emotional approach to relationships. Accordingly, Blue Pillers prefer communication, since information helps rational actors.

MansVoice How do you know the creators intended it this way? What are you talking about? They say nothing of the kind in that article. Also, the plumbing scene Oh gods, the plumbing scene. Buttercup Q. Skullpants Kat - I grew up in Massachusetts, but spent some time in western PA as a kid my dad had a job out there. Lumipuna It could also be because men on Tinder routinely send likes to all the women they find, possibly because there are relatively few women on Tinder.

Policy of Madness Women have to be more selective on online dating apps than men, simply because men can be dangerous and so women must be careful to mitigate their risk by selecting men who seem like they are likely to be not-dangerous.

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Alan Robertshaw wrote on May 4, at pm : Using Tinder to study relationships in the general population seems rather like assessing the art market by checking out DeviantArt.

Alan Robertshaw Using Tinder to study relationships in the general population seems rather like assessing the art market by checking out DeviantArt. Alan Robertshaw I was joking earlier, but yes I understand the point. First engage the mark potential customer. That sounds like the sort of news that should be celebrated by purchasing some art.

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One of the reasons why I wrote my books, The Possibility of Sex and The Beta Male Revolution was to highlight the fact that most single heterosexual men today have very little interest in long-term monogamous sexual relationships with women any longer. Men should hold off discussion their sexual desires, interests, and intentions until maybe the third, fourth, or fifth date with a woman.

In the manosphere, if nowhere else, Red Pill thinking is here to stay. Many hardcore radical feminist types hate this fact, and even many men who love to pander to women repeatedly i. Dating rituals between men and women in are nothing like the dating rituals between men and women in Dating today is a totally different ball game, and single heterosexual men need to be properly prepared for it.

More about Alan Roger Currie can be found on Wikipedia.

May 01,   I mean, certainly you can read it that way, but red pill/blue pill would be a much poorer metaphor (and The Matrix a much less interesting movie) if that were only viable interpretation. So, in other words, it's a poorer metaphor if you use it literally the way the creators intended. Still doesn't change how you sound when you talk about it. Apr 23,   Red Pill Pill Dating Please note: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency. Dating a Red Piller, or as they're also called, Terper, is a good way to become a victim of domestic abuse. Anyone who believes in sex positivity, feminism, or even wants to have a healthy relationship will tell you to avoid Red Pill men. The problem is that it's not always easy to tell who's been reading the forum and who hasn't been.

Currie also has an active YouTube channel where he offers his own unique brand of knowledge, wisdom, insight, and general advice related to dating and relationships. If you read my article from two weeks ago, you will remember that I divided all methods of getting a woman to engage in sexual activities with a man into five general categories: - Attraction.

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Blue Pill vs. Purple Pill. Red Pill vs. Purple Pill thinking is a very prominent discussion in the worldwide manosphere.

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