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Photo by iStock. The Ultimate Online Dating Profile is one in which your profile is set up in a way to attract, and send you high quality, and pre-screened dating prospects you normally would not encounter in your daily life. Look upon any dating profile as simply another system you can employ in your dating life to automatically send high quality and pre-screened prospects your way. I personally have found it to be an inefficient waste of time to write women. To me its the law of diminishing returns.

I do it because I love it.

For playtime I love being on the water. I love to snow ski, snow mobile, exercise, run and anything that allows me to enjoy the beauty of nature. I love to travel and see the world. I have friends that live all over the world and just love spending my time with people who have the same care and concern for making the world a little better than they found it. I love to eat healthy and exercise regularly. My health comes first. I love cooking good healthy meals for friends and family!

I stayed up all night reading it because I could not put it down. Web of Debt by Ellen Brown is another must read. I am a very spiritual person. The Lord dwells in our hearts. I can read the bible and any other holy book and make up my own mind. She lights the room up with her calm and peaceful presence. I just ignore the ones I have no interest in.

When I was on Match. Over the course of the month, I got really good prospects that were pretty close to my criteria. If she is timid, structured or has a bad attitude, I will never hear from her.

About Me & Who I'm Looking For

When she calls, I will limit the conversation to maybe minutes. By asking questions about her. When she asks about me I will give her a brief answer and then ask her something else about herself. If I feel there is a connection, I will invite her to meet out at a public place for a drink. I will make a definite date. That means we agree on a place, day and time to meet. I want high interest level in me. Not mediocre interest. I will set a definite date and time without any call back to verify the date nonsense.

Setting up an online dating profile like I detail above, will automate the online dating process for you. This will give you several additional prospects to practice with in addition to, picking up women face-to-face in public my preferred method during your every day life. Good stuff bro. Wish I would have known this years and years ago.

I have been working to hard, pursuing to hard and not staying centered and in my masculine. Try it, it WILL work like a charm. On match. Have you pressed the like button on them?

Now I wonder, where do I get a cool pic, hmm. Thanks for the article. I was on POF a few months ago and just started using again. Thanks again for your work Corey, awesome stuff.

3 Major Flaws of 3Man / Corey Wayne. Corey assumes there is a formula and it's all in the guys control to follow it. By assuming there is a formula for what men need to do (eg set up entertaining cool dates) and not do (eg don't be needy), this sets up men for failure. By Coach Corey Wayne | 1 Comment If you want to be more successful dating women who have a high level of interest in you, then you must learn to understand the signals of low interest. If you do not, you risk going out and spending your money on dates with women who have no romantic interest in you. May 25,   Corey Wayne Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur "It pays to be a winner."-US Navy SEAL Motto Filed Under: Attraction, Essential Fundamentals, Video Coaching Newsletter Tagged With: attract women, meeting women online, online dating, online dating profile, online dating success, sexual attraction, sexual attraction.

CoreyA big thank you! I am so interested in your information I ran out and got a Kindle so I could download it Immediately! I have already been using it Online and practicing meeting women all around me just in 3 days I have 2 dates set up for the next week!

Corey wayne dating coach

I feel like I have more confidence as I have a script that I can follow now! Thank you again I feel more confident and I know it shows!

I will pass on your work to all my friends! Thank you for such valuable information on creating an online dating profile.

Coach Corey Wayne. Subscribed Unsubscribe. Coach Corey Wayne's Free Books. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the Views: 98K. I teach Self-Reliance. My name is Corey Wayne, and I am a Life and Peak Performance Coach. I help men and women to achieve their dreams, improve their relationships, start a business, improve personal health & fitness, maximize time management, become a superstar in sales, set & achieve their most audacious goals, become a leader, be better team builders, break thru their deepest fears and 4/4(63). Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to write a great online dating profile that will get several new high quality beautiful women who are exactly what you are looking for to contact you first for dates each and every month until you find the perfect match for you.

I totally disagree as a woman I rarely write men first if ever. Maybe comment on something we have in common from her profile make this in subject line and ask her a question. I would like to add two things: 1 as explained in the article, this type of profile is aimed to filter all women out who are structured, have low interest or no interest at all. If your current strategy for online dating works and you are happy with the results you get just keep doing it and enjoy life!

If you are not happy with the results well, you are here commenting instead of going out on dates with amazing men than it is possible that you get what you think you want instead of what you actually respond to.

Just a thought. It would be a complete lie. Well, most of it. What am I gonna do. Hi Coral Wayne You are correct a good profile attracts the women.

Dating, Relationships & Social Distancing

I never show a interest in a women on dating sites. They contact me first. The way they begin usually is they begin by writing they liked my profile and would like to chat with me.

Then I look at their profile. Most men to her are stupid. Chat with her often. Pull away sometimes so she can miss you. Let her chase you. You know the hormone Oxytocin is released in her body when you text a women.

She gets used to the release of it. Hi coach! I have read your book 7 times. Reclaiming Your Masculinity. Good Women. Why She's Really Backing Off. Related Pages See all. Tony Robbins. David Goggins. Unofficial: Coach Corey Wayne Tips. Gary Vaynerchuk. Simon Sinek. Astrology Answers. Dr Jordan B Peterson. Jordan Belfort - Wolf of Wall Street. Coach Corey Wayne discuses how to get out of the dreaded "friends zone" with a girl who put you there because you made too many mistakes.

Excessive Contact Guarantees Rejection. Coach Corey Wayne discusses why you must date women who really want you in order to attract women you think are out of your league. Coach Corey Wayne discuses when a woman likes you, and when it comes to getting what you want from her, either you sell her on why she should do what you want, or she sells you on why she shouldn't. Attraction Isn't A Choice. Coach Corey Wayne discuses why attraction isn't a choice and how understanding this principle can help you attract the perfect person for you!

Get Women To Notice You. In this video, I interview Jon Dufresne, and Manuel Gomez, two experts in the firearms industry to get the facts and truth about gun safety, gun laws and gun control. Army Ranger, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Jon travels around the country training, consulting and instructing civilians, and Federal, State and local law enforcement agents and some military units on firearms. Escaping The Friends Zone. She Says She's Confused?

Practicing Pussy Cat Pickup Skills. Always Be Ready To Flirt. Don't Act Like A Wussy! Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to properly exhibit dominant male behavior, take the lead and create sexual attraction in women towards you. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to get past touching and kissing so you can close the deal in the bedroom and get laid.

Women Don't Want Control. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to tell when a woman is taking advantage of you so you don't end up getting screwed over.

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Are Women Easy To Seduce? Masculine Men Keep Women Feminine. Why men who are stable and centered in their masculinity cause women to stay feminine and submissive. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss how women are like cats and the proper way for men to remain masculine to keep their women feminine and submissive. I also discuss why men that act indecisive and unsure of themselves, cause women to move into their masculine and how this creates drama and problems in their relationships.

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Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to make sure that the girl you want chooses you over all her options with other men. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how understanding that sex must be the man's fault is one of the keys to seducing women in bed. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how you can seduce your girl "friend" if she rejects you saying "friends only" and to "just go with the flow of things. She Has A Boyfriend?

Walk Away! Coach Corey Wayne discusses what to do when a woman tells you she has a boyfriend so she calls you if it does not work out. Knowledge Is Only Potential Power. Mixed Signals From Women. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to decipher mixed signals from women you like so you can tell if they're really into you or not. Act Like Her Lover Always. Coach Corey Wayne discusses why you should always act like her lover would act in person or online instead of a friend to create attraction.

Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to stay focused on your work when you are emotionally consumed by a woman you desire. When You're Socially Awkward.

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The ugly truth about self-help, common misconceptions and the required mindset you need to reach your full potential. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss the type of mindset and thinking you must have and the massive action you must take to get from where you are in life to where you want to be and why most people never reach their full potential. You must accept complete ownership of where you are right now along with your present circumstances. The only way you can change your destiny is if you adopt the mindset that everything in your life happens for a reason and is the way it is due to your previous choices and actions.

Blaming others or circumstances outside of yourself is weakness and an excuse to do nothing to move your life forward and absolve yourself from any personal responsibility. Nobody is coming to save you. You must do that yourself. Coach Corey Wayne discusses what to do when women you are dating want to get too serious too soon before you are ready. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to avoid the common mistakes most guys make who talk women right out of sleeping with them because they do not understand how to interact with women in ways that create attraction.

How to properly use the phone, texting, facebook, instant massaging, etc. How to maximize your seduction efficiency with women to shorten the time it takes you to take women from the barstool to the bedroom. Getting Phone Numbers With Ease. Why you should not ignore a woman's texts or calls, but simply respond to them Dating Multiple Women. Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to go from not having a date in over a year or more to having your choice with women.

Successfully Deflowering Your Virgin Girlfriend. Coach Corey Wayne discusses why shy people have the most to say and how to become comfortable talking to strangers anytime, anyplace and anywhere so you can get what you want in life.

How you can finally break thru your fears of being accepted by others so you can take the action you know you need to take in order to make your dreams a reality. How to cause a beautiful, successful and high status woman who can have any man she wants, to choose you over all others and want to make you her boyfriend. Why continuous circulation and approaching new women is the key to building your confidence, making progress, creating a great social life, and being happy.

Finding Self Worth Again. How to master the process of finding your self worth again after a breakup, overcoming your limiting beliefs and succeeding like never before. The first email is from a viewer in his early twenties who says he is in a downward spiral. He has a job he loves, but is not happy with his personal life and asks what he can do to turn it around. The second email is a success story from a forty eight year old divorced man who has four kids.

He details how my work helped him turn around his life after thinking and believing that nobody would want a divorced guy with four kids.

The third email is a success story from a guy who details how he completely turned his life around and become so good with women, that he is now helping his mother recover after a recent breakup. I Have Trouble Reading Her How to determine if you should continue dating a female friend of yours who seems to give you mixed signals of being romantically interested in you one moment, and in the next, treating you like a friend who she has no romantic interest in.

Advantages Of Dating Multiple Women.

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The advantages of dating multiple women when you are trying to improve your pickup, dating and relationship skills, as well as helping you overcome any fearful, weak, needy, neurotic or desperate tendencies that have caused you to sabotage your success with women in the past.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who shares a success story of how dating multiple women has helped prevent him from becoming attached to any one particular woman, enabled him to quickly and dramatically improve his attraction skills and to create a social life full of abundance and choice with women.

How developing your conversation skills, being inquisitive and being sincerely interested in the other person will enable you to build rapport, which will create sexual attraction and eventually lead to sex and relationships. Pickup: The Non-Approach Approach. How to create the right vibe and conditions to influence beautiful women around you to approach you first in order to get their phone numbers, contact information or make a date on the spot, instead of you having to make the effort to pursue and pick them up.

Anything You Want. How you can change your approach to dating and picking up women to go from being blown off and treated like an option, to women treating you like a priority and telling you that you can have anything you want inside and outside of the bedroom.

I've Finally Started Living Again. Why chasing and pursuing women is feminine, submissive, a turn-off to most women and why it ruins chemistry and lowers attraction. How attraction, pursuing and interest are similar and different for men and women, and how understanding each of them can help you attract and keep the lovers you want. Women Love A Real Man. Why becoming focused and driven as a man creates attraction and why women find men who move with a purpose to be so much more attractive and desirable than average men.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who shares how studying my work has helped him smooth out his rough edges. He talks about how being so wild and unfocused in the past had a negative impact on his personal life and how women perceived him. Now that he is conscientious of his body language and posture, is more focused and driven towards his purpose and career, and his dress and mannerisms, he is seeing the positive changes.

He said he used to have medium success with women, but was not very good at causing them to want to stick around because he was so indifferent. How to create attraction, be direct and ask a woman out who you may have known for a while so you can literally have her begging for you to come over, seduce her and have your way with her. Revealing Your Flaws Lowers Attraction. Why it is always better to keep your flaws, fears, doubts and insecurities to yourself instead of treating your dates like a priest that you have to confess all of your sins to, or you risk turning them off, lowering their attraction for you and causing them to lose romantic interest in you.

Conflicting Romantic Signals? How to determine while you are on a date if your date has any real romantic interest in you so you can go for the kiss and escalate things physically with little to no chance of rejection. Chasing Vs. Being Chased. Why most of the people who you find attractive in your dating life will either not be into you, or they simply will not be very interesting, fun, confident or turn out to be a very high quality match.

Sexuality Polarity. The importance of understanding sexual polarity and how maintaining this delicate balance is essential in all heterosexual and even in lesbian and gay relationships, in order to maintain mutual sexual attraction and romantic interest. Make Sure They Really Care.

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How to prevent losing yourself in a relationship slowly over time and how becoming a pleaser to become what a woman wants will lead to her losing respect, attraction and interest in you which will lead to your being dumped.

The Damage Over-Pursuing Does. Why men need to feel like they are successful at making their women happy in relationships, and how feeling like they are unsuccessful at making their women happy will cause them to withdraw and leave the relationship. She Controls The Sex. What you should do if your wife or girlfriend tends to control how much, how often and where you have sex, but you would like to have more sex and be more spontaneous.

Mixed Signals? How to decipher mixed signals you may be getting from a woman you are dating or trying to date so you can determine if she really has romantic interest, or if she is just enjoying your attention to stroke her ego.

She Slept With Her Ex! What you should do if you find out that your ex-girlfriend who you are still dating and sleeping with after your breakup, has also been dating and sleeping with her ex behind your back. She Forgot About Our Date!

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What it means and what you should do if a woman says that she forgot about your date, or that she says that she wants to bring a friend or relative on your date.

Do You Miss Me? Why you need to be very careful in how you reply to a woman who asks you or messages if you are missing her, how you should respond and how an improper response can ruin her attraction and interest in you, even if she knows you are dating other women.

What you should do if lately, your lover seems to care less and less, has become cold and distant, takes you for granted, cancels plans at the last minute, is short and rude on the phone, makes you feel unwanted and has become private and secretive.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a female viewer who says that her boyfriend has been backing away. He hides his phone, and his social media friends list is now set to private. He is making a lot of new female friends and adding them to his social media accounts.

He no longer calls to see how she is, spends much time with her, is often short and rude when communicating with her and appears to always be annoyed with her. She says that he still seems to get jealous and does not appear ready to let her go, but she is unsure of what to do.

The Promise Of More Later. How to let go of an unhealthy relationship and the promise of more later, by seeing it for what it really is so you can move on, heal and make a space in your life for a lot of really great lovers, or one special person to have an exclusive monogamous relationship with.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who was stuck in a dead end relationship with a married woman for five years when he first discovered my work. He was living on hope, snatched moments, the promise of more latter, the divorce will be over soon, he is moving out soon, etc.

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After a phone session with me, and reading the book five-six times so far, he shares his success story of how he finally had the balls to let her go and create a space for someone new. He is now dating a woman who really likes him, chases him, enthusiastically makes time for him, and who makes sex and romance fun and easy. Awkward Relationship, But Great Sex! What it means if your lover is backing away, being cold and distant, reconsidering moving in with you and things feel awkward, but they still initiate and have great sex with you.

How you can turn things around so they make you feel wanted and desired, instead of pulling away. The Illusion Of Strength. How to properly display consistent masculine dominance, emotional self control and self respect, instead of coming unglued, revealing an illusion of strength and causing a woman to lose all of her respect and attraction for you. Control Leads To Chaos.

I really like Mark Manson. His advice is witty, no bullshit/parlor tricks, and genuine. In marketing, we have two strategies - Push where you give customers offers to buy your product or Pull where customers find your product attractive so they co. Even if you are currently working at something you do not love so you can earn a living and pay your bills, in order to reach your full potential you must find time to focus on and move towards your passions." Coach Corey Wayne. If you have not read my book, "How To Be A 3Man" yet, that would be a good starting place for you. Coach Corey Wayne March 18 at AM How to navigate the "Sugar Daddy" world of dating if you're more into the hookup culture instead of looking for a relationship.

Why being controlling, manipulative and generally trying to impose your unreasonable expectations onto your lover in order to change them into the way you think they should be, will always lead to chaos, resentment, drama and loss of attraction.

Everyone Wants To Be Heard. The importance, art and skill of understanding how to make other people feel heard and understood and how mastering this can help you in all of your personal and professional interactions with other people.

Attracting Beautiful Women Easily How To Create The Ultimate Online Dating Profile

Should I Wait Around? How to know if you should wait around for your girlfriend to figure out what she wants if she has dumped you, backed away, moved out or asked to take a break from your relationship because she says that she is confused. Don't Neglect Your Woman.

Why you must balance being selfish and taking care of you first, but not to the point that you start neglecting your woman, stop dating her and courting her properly.

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