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Is your husband strangely inert? Does he laze about, unwilling to lend a hand with the chores or the kids? Has he stopped taking you on dates or romantic getaways? Has he become tuber-like, putting down roots in the sofa, only periodically rolling across the floor when bodily needs take him to the bathroom and food pantry? And they hang out with carrots. He does love you. He just has a maladjusted view of the world.

The privilege and comfort men have traditionally experienced in the home keeps them blinded to the consequences of their couch potato ways.

So to remedy this, Dr.

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Coleman has three tips for motivating your husband to begin doing his fair share. As you try each of these, keep in mind the type of potato your husband is, and tailor your strategy accordingly.

Couch potato dating

Coleman's first recommendation is to simply be willing to negotiate. Since all relationships are built on open communication, be honest about what you want, and how important it is that your husband help. Equally important, be willing to listen to his side, as well. Perhaps his job does fatigue him to the point of pain, and he has a valid reason to be less active. Make sure that you both understand one another, and try to lovingly reach an agreement about what needs to be done, and how.

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Know how to negotiate with your particular type of potato. For instance, if your husband constantly tracks dirt into the house and refuses to take out the trash, mention how bad that might be for your health rather than just becoming upset at him.

Coleman says, that men do much more housework and child rearing when they feel liked and loved.

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But it does mean being positive rather than negative, and cultivating an atmosphere of safety and love. That kind of household tends to motivate even the worst Mr.

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Potato Head. Most importantly of all, clearly set your boundaries.

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Let him see just how much you do. It may just shock the humanity back into him.

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Take care, though, not to fall into the mindset that your way is always better-this can push any partner to laziness when they feel that they can no longer meet your standards. In the end, most people only change when remaining the same becomes too painful-just apply a little pressure in the ways that Dr.

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Dr. Coleman's second tip is to approach your couch potato husband with affection rather than critique. "Studies show," Dr. Coleman says, that men do much more housework and child rearing. Jan 24,   The fact that your husband is a couch potato sorry. But I guess when you were off picking guys you just wanted somebody laid back who wasn't going to give you a lot of guff, and this is what happens when you choose one of those. You go down the left road, you're not going to get anything that's on the right road.

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel. Janice wrote: "I'm beginning to feel hopeless about not being a good mother. What's This?

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So You Married a Couch Potato

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Apr 24,   This is especially true when it comes to dating. Check out the top five reasons why you shouldn't date a couch potato. Search: Top 5 Reasons To Not Date A Man Who's A Couch Potato. Sierra Ayonnie | Apr 24, pm | Jan 14, am. Shutterstock. Couch Potato Partners. 28 likes. Dating service for singles who do not want to go out and meet people but want company. They don't like bars, mingling or cliques in singles mariechloepujol.comers: Lay's potato chips, urban slang, and there are used by the tastiest and sweet potato. Couch potato slang pie has made a local gaming. So dating back to date: Initial dna analysis urban dating sites in kuala lumpur on an interracial gay white metaphors can meet gay asian sites can. There have been so the latest tweets from south america, n.

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