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Please leave empty:. Video games. No power, just stealth. Is candy a power? Sadness, but I smile through it. I'm isolated in my own world. Mockery and bullying.

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People not bullying me. Happiness, for myself and others.

Creepypasta Boyfriend (1)

For me to be open with everyone. Friends and loved ones surrounding me. Me not being the only one smiling. I'd make sure they know they're not alone. I'd teach them to smile through hatred. I'd give them a better life than I've had.

Take this quiz to see witch creepypasta would date you. The results are: Ben drowned, Jeff the killer, Clockwork, Lulu, Jane, eyeless jack, Liu and Toby. Add to library 1 Discussion Browse more Creepypasta. creepypasta Part Last one hope you enjoy. Add to library 87 Discussion Browse more Creepypasta Scary. How much will Slender accept you? Which CreepyPasta would date you? 2 Comments. Wonder which CreepyPasta would date you? Wanna find out?! Now is your chance! Compare your results to a friends and see if you got the CreepyPasta you wanted! This is my first quiz. It is not very good and I apologize for that. Aug 26,   Qfeast is the easiest way to create online quizzes, stories, questions, polls, interest pages, all in one place. Join now it only takes a moment! Report Quiz. Which Creepypasta would date u? All in the title!Seriously all in the title guys!:3 Kawaii! Ok just just just please take the quiz! BloodyWolfChick published on August 26, /5(37).

I'd teach them that things will get better. I'd help them with any worries. Having people around me. Knowing I'm not the only one smiling. Getting over the haters.

Knowing that the sadness is gone.

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Finally breaking down my walls. Laughing Jack. Ben Drowned.

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Jeff the Killer. Slender Man. Smile Dog.

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Comments Change color. Foxgirl I'm happy with my results and I'm glad someone is watching over me and protecting me SlendyLover I love slenderman he is mine mine mine mine!

opinion, interesting

People say im crazy but you gotta do some crazy things for love Even though his face is blank i still love him Wolfy I love slender man and I would die for him even though he has No mouth he is still cute.

Elodie Honestly, Im a person who likes music and im a fan of creeepypastas.

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Raven Me: no way! Me too! In the sun!

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Me: O. O I know who you are going to get A Sound Of Thunder Quizzes. The Perfect Pet Quizzes. Creepypasta Questions and Answers. Do you constantly Smile? It's more of a smirk. No, I frown. Creepypasta question from. Take Quiz. No, but I am flexible. Who needs to stretch when you have large claws? Yes, now go to sleep. I drive people to suicide. Now Spread the word. Yes, I eat the ones I kill. Not really, though I have driven people to suicide.

Testing Shane Dawson’s Creepy MyDol App Theory *DO NOT DOWNLOAD*

Only to Pokemon. When I want to be. ALL colours. I can't decide Me: Wow.

Sep 14,   Creepypasta Boyfriend (1) Who is your boyfriend? Ticci Toby, Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Masky, Hoodie, Laughing Jack, or The Bloody Painter? In this quiz, you will also get a story of how you met each other/5(38).

Too busy playing games. Me: Seriously!? Me: Tea is food?

Creepypasta dating quizzes

Peanut and jelly sandwiches Creative questions Me: Its not as easy as it looks! Anything healthy and won't make me fat. Gingerbread men Sorry Zalgo xD. Funhouse- P! Secrets- The peirces. Come little children- Hocus Pocus.

Oct 23,   A comprehensive database of more than 15 creepypasta quizzes online, test your knowledge with creepypasta quiz questions. Our online creepypasta trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top creepypasta quizzes. What is GotoQuiz? A better kind of quiz site: no pop-ups, no registration requirements, just high-quality quizzes that you can create and share on your social network. Have a look around and see what we're about. Quiz topic: Who Is my CreepyPasta Boyfriend? Who will you get? Good Luck:) Take this quiz! Hi I'm Brooke! Let's find out who you would date. JEFFY! GET IN HERE! Jeff: What? What the hell could you possibly want? Me: Ask a question. Jeff: Fine, Favorite weapon? Me: Ok cool BEN GET OVER HERE OR IMMA TAKE AWAY YO VIDEO GAMES. BEN: I honestly don't care I have too many. Me: JUST COME OR ELSE.

Discord- The Living Tombstone. I don't feel like dancin'- Siccor Sisters. Pain- Three Days Grace.

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Balloons- Mando Pony. Fancy- Iggy Azalea. The artist- The hush sound.

Jul 21,   (QUITE LONG RESULTS) Hello! Thank you kindly for all the lovely reactions from my last quiz I decided to give you guys some more candy. One who has a sad life but smiles through it all, even in very tough times. The invisible one who's hard to get, but easy to find. The one people bully, but once you get closer, she/he is beautiful. Which of these seems like a luxury to you? People not bullying me. For me to be open with everyone. Happiness, for myself and others/5(82). so you like creepypasta, huh? well its time to find out just who your guy is!!! a mad killer? a paranormal tall guy? how about someone who feeds off your fears!! lets find out!!! Take this quiz! wich of these creepypasta people do you find most interesting? wich animal is your faverite? what band do you like most? what horror movie do you like best? what do you look for in a guy? .

Fighter- Christina Aguilera. Awoken- WoodenToaster.

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Which Creepypasta are you? Most Popular. Do You Know Your Creepypasta?

Part 1. Judge Angle's. Jane The Killer's. Creepypasta images are often used in books, video games, animated films to represent a character and used to scare readers or viewers.

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