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Moods can be contagious, so dealing with someone who is constantly on edge can take a toll on your own health. This is because humans mirror the facial expressions and gestures of other humans, according to a article in Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology discussing a study on similarities between human and vole behavior, led by Tel-Aviv University zoologist David Eilam. Be conscious of the high-strung person's mood and energy when you are around him. Recognize his body language and his tone of voice. Note how he reacts to certain situations and the people around him.

Does your heart rate increase? Be aware of any tension or heaviness in your chest. Keep your tone and body language in check when communicating with him. Remain calm and rational. Just as nervousness and stress can be contagious, so can calmness and collectedness.

Open up your body by uncrossing your arms and standing tall.

Dating a high energy person

Speaking in a soft, relaxed voice may also get the person to mirror your calmness and ease his anxieties. Listen to her complaints and worries. Respond with a calm voice and compassionate words. Despite being small, chia seeds pack an incredibly powerful punch.

Dealing with Low-Energy People

They contain everything you need for a solid boost of energy-including fiber, protein, and healthy fat-that will last all throughout the morning. Plus, they also contain fiber that will keep you feeling full and satisfied, helping you avoid reaching for an unhealthy snack that could bring your energy levels right back down.

Aside from the moving your body and eating healthy, what you wear can play a big role in your energy levels, too. While throwing on something you're not too fond of can make you feel crappy, dressing for success has the opposite effect.

Alright, not just any chocolate, but raw cacao. The powder is full of body-boosting properties, one of them being phenylethylamine, which can help take your energy levels from 0 to Getting in some exercise is a sure-fire way to become a more energetic person.

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If you never feel up for hitting the gym after work, try to beforehand: You might have to get up earlier, but that time working up a sweat will set you up for an energy-packed day. Bonus points for exercising outside and connecting with nature. If you think about it, a lot of your energy is sucked up by worries, stress, and anxiety. If you can get everything running through your mind out in the open by jotting it down in a journal, you'll have more energy for the things that actually matter.

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Taking this time will help you see what is 'running through your brain,' and help you organize your top priorities for the day. Dry brushing isn't anything new-it's actually been around for centuries. As great as it is for your skin, using the wooden brush all over your body is also a simple way to make you feel more energized.

While starting your day with animal products and processed foods can make your blood sugar spike, totally wreaking havoc on your energy levels, eating a high-fiber, plant-based breakfast can give you everything you need to stay fueled.

You won't taste the greens. Hiking is growing in popularity for a good reason: It's not just a fun way to get in some exercise. Being out in nature is also super energizing. And no, that doesn't mean you need to turn into Paul Bunyan!

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Even a short walk will do the trick. The last place I go for activity is indoors, especially in a 'dungym. Wait, a whaaat? Jade rollers have been around long enough to have been found in ancient tombs, and now they're making a major comeback.

The tool-made from real jade stone-have plenty of skincare benefits like reducing inflammation and getting rid of puffiness, but they're also incredibly energizing. When you're in need of an instant pick-me-up, stick your roller in the freezer for a few minutes until it gets cold, then run it over your neck.

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Smell is much more powerful than you think. Just like your eyes widen when you take a whiff of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, scents like citrus and mint also perk up your body.

But instead of making you want to devour an entire sheet of dessert, they boost your energy levels. When there's something you really don't want to do, it's easy to spend your entire day avoiding it. The only problem? Doing so takes up all of your energy.

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Just sucking it up and getting those things done, though, will instantly make you feel more lively; there's nothing more energizing than feeling accomplished.

Practicing positive self-talk every day is going to feel a little silly at first. Once you get the hang of it, though, it will be a fool-proof way to start your day off as energized as possible. Another increasingly trendy thing that has been used for centuries are adaptogens-AKA herbs that have serious body-boosting potential. There are a handful of choices you can add to your diet-whether that's tossing the powder into your smoothie or mixing it into your tea-that will help you up your energy levels.

One of the easiest ways to shoot back a whole lot of energy-boosting vitamins and nutrients at once is to make or buy some green juice.

As long as it's mainly vegetables, you'll reap the benefits without the crash later on. Plus, according to Samantha Kelleya holistic lifestyle coach and founder of SunKissed Healthall the nutrient-dense, dark leafy greens you'll be swallowing down have antioxidant properties that can also help "protect against cancer and other diseases.

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No time to meditate? No problem. Instead, just sit at your desk and take a few deep breaths in and out. As your lungs fill up and empty out, you'll get a rush of energy throughout your body, helping you keep pushing through your day like a boss. Don't worry, though-it's just for a while. As fun as it might be scrolling through all your friends' ates on Instagram or binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix, it's actually incredibly draining.

Having high-energy does not mean you are hyper, it means that you are in a state of mind that allows you to reach your fullest potential happiness. Not only is it something that we give off to others, but something that we can give to ourselves. So it's simple, the higher the energy, the better we feel. Happiness is . Dating with low energy? I've never been a naturally enthusiastic or high energy person. That doesn't mean I'm an emotionless robot- I do get excited and happy about things, I just don't show it in a really obvious way (unless it's something really big). Aug 23,   When it comes to relationships, dating, friendship, and even business, most people prefer to interact with high energy people. They want to be with someone who brings out the best in them, shows them adventure, and makes them feel energized (e.g. high energy).

To get your energy back on track, ditch technology to do something that doesn't involve staring at a screen. Who knows-you might even pick up a new hobby while you're at it.

The gentle power of highly sensitive people - Elena Herdieckerhoff - TEDxIHEParis

When your home is in shambles, doesn't it instantly make you feel tired? Even though it will take up a chunk of time, cleaning and organizing your place will do wonders for your mental health, instantly making you feel more energized and fulfilled. Plus, when it is time to wind down, you can relax in a nice atmosphere without piles of paper and clothes wearing you down. While sugary snacks can send you into crash-mode, completely draining you of energy, having some healthy options nearby can give you just the burst you need-particularly in that mid-morning time or between lunch and dinner.

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According to Becky Kerkenbusha registered dietitian at Wisconsin's Watertown Regional Medical Centereating consistently throughout the day can "fuel a healthy metabolism, maintain muscle mass, and prevent hunger between meals. It also maintains blood sugar and regulates the release of cortisol a hormone associated with increased appetite and storage of fat.

You know water is important for staying energized, but timing is important, too. Instead of waiting until halfway through the day to chug down some H2O, start your day with a glass to help with digestion, boost your metabolism, and make sure you're not dehydrated from all the hours you were fast asleep.

Mind over matter, right? If you're not feeling the most energized, just fool yourself into thinking you are. People can be low energy and high energy and everything in between.

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Here are a few traits of both:. High energy - motivational, inspirational, assertive, fun, exciting, charismatic, limitless enthusiasm. Low energy - draining, brings others down, passive, boring, bland, looks and acts tired. Do they bring positive motivation and inspiration? Or, do they bring negativity and sap the energy from others?

Someone can still be extroverted and low energy.

When it comes to relationships, dating, friendship, and even business, most people prefer to interact with high energy people. They want to be with someone who brings out the best in them, shows them adventure, and makes them feel energized e. You might not even know it! Do I wait for others to take the lead?

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Do others seem bored around me? Do I rely on negative tactics to get my way shame, whining, discipline rather than inspirational ones? Am I usually the second or third choice of my friends when socializing?

Limit how much he can depend on you. If the other person's high-strung energy is stressing you out, don't be afraid to set boundaries. Reassure him that you know he's not doing it on purpose and that you want to help him, but you can't do that properly if his mood is affecting yours. Dealing with Low-Energy People - Stop Eating Your Heart Out, People Who Drain, Low-Energy Monitoring, Low-Energy Vampire, Dealing with Low-Energy Source you would be very aware that your energy dropped after spending time with a low-energy person. That person ends up feeling better

Am I unpopular in general? If you have few friends, struggle to get dates and your life consists of sitting or lying around all the time, this might explain it. This advice should help you avoid your low energy behavior. Keep in mind that no one is always excited and energetic.

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