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As the most unconventional member among the zodiac signs, Aquarius is known for literally outstanding personality traits and characteristics, such as being unique, unapologetically quirky, incredibly charming, highly intelligent, and a bit of a revolutionary. A deep thinker who is constantly re-inventing herself, the Aquarius woman broadens the lives of those around her with an endless stream of new ideas to explore and experiences to try. But as alluring and fascinating as she is, the Aquarius woman is the most paradoxical female in all of astrology. Learning to navigate her eccentric ways is not for the faint of heart. But for a warm-hearted, confident man who loves a challenge, the Aquarius woman is the ultimate dream girl.

2. She gets stuck in her head (a lot)

What a great boyfriend he is! She definitely wants romance, but the practical side of her needs it be grounded and real. Likewise, count on gestures and gifts from her to reflect her appreciation of who you uniquely are. Aquarians have an acute sense of fairness and a deep respect for others right to self-express. In her practical and fair mind, both are unnecessary and un-civilized.

Annoyed about something? Mean, gossipy, and petty natures are abhorrent to Aquarians. As are selfish minds concerned only about themselves. Uranus as one of the two ruling planets of this Zodiac the other being Saturn creates a fiercely independent nature in your Aquarius woman.

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She needs to be true to herself like the rest of us need oxygen to breathe. In both relationships and in careers, the second she feels unappreciated, stifled or controlled, she wants out. And she knows that she needs an uncommon amount of personal space.

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But nothing scares her more than having her freedom and autonomy taken away. So if you want her to lean in more, back off! Expanding her mind, improving the world, and growing as a person are all part of an ongoing, never-ending process for her.

That said, all of this changing makes her inconsistent. She pours all of her energy and enthusiasm into one relationship or business idea only to stumble upon a new idea that sends her down a whole new path.

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Trying to keep up with her is often frustrating. And if you need her to remain the same woman you met 10 years ago - forget about it. Not a chance. Kind, witty, clever, rebellious often just for the sake of being so - life spent loving an Aquarius woman is never boring.

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She craves a strong, self-assured man who can keep up with her beautiful mind and stand up for his ideals, while also having the heart and passion to help her open up emotionally and sexually. Cris Gladly is a writer, speaker, and connection strategist with a passion for positive human relationships.

She writes about travel and community, as well as love, relationships, social change, and parenting. Sign in.

Dating A Lesbian Aquarius think online is your best go, and even though you have not had much luck it could be the way you are presenting yourself. Be honest but not blunt. "I'm just Dating A . According to astrology, all zodiac signs have their own personality traits and characteristics that set them apart, and here's what you need to know about dating, loving and being in Author: Cris Gladly. May 17,   The needy lesbian. Cancer is the gayest of them all because Cancer is the most emotional of them all. When you think of a stereotypical lesbian in love, aggressively planning .

Join YourTango Experts. Photo: weheartit. The closeted lesbian.

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Come on out, babe. Pisces, 5 on The Kinsey Scale. The art-y queer who lives in Bushwick, writes long-winded essays on the harmfulness of gentrification but opens up an overpriced coffee shop by buying out a community center.

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Loves going on Tinder dates and talking about polyamory and the downfall of capitalism. They are, indeed, very queer. The attention-whore femme.

Dating a lesbian aquarius

Leo is extremely gay because she is all things extra. There is no room for fluidity for the Leo lez because she goes big or goes home. And she is all D-Y-K-E, baby.

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The headset lesbian. The Aries lez loves to be in control.

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She will fix your computer then give you the best head of your life. Aries are inherently tech lesbians and rate a perfect score on the Kinsey Scale. The complicated lesbian.

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You are the sexiest sign, so you are obviously extremely gay. You are also the best sex any of us have ever had.

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The power lesbian. A very, very gay sign! Usually a top. Always looks amazing in menswear.

Daily LesbianScopes for all signs. provides over 30 combinations of free daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes in a variety of interests including love for singles and . May 15,   Lesbian Show Downs - How To Date An Aquarius No no no i dont mean jelly wrestling or ring side fighting i mean every lesbian couples arguments and all their friends and friends of friends who sleep with everyone's friends, sisters, mothers lesbian . A bit of a sublte brag, but I banged a few women who were out of my league, thanks to this app. I'm not stupid, but I don't enjoy complicated or scammy sex sites, this one is different. Also, they actually have 24/7 Dating A Lesbian Aquarius /

The needy lesbian. Cancer is the gayest of them all because Cancer is the most emotional of them all. When you think of a stereotypical lesbian in love, aggressively planning the future and being clingy AF, wanting to take baths and endlessly talk about their feelings, you are thinking of a CANCER, darling.

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Sagittarius, 0 on The Kinsey Scale Sagittariuses are very straight.

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