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Time and again people settle down with someone who turns out to be an emotional mess. Years later, emerging from the wreckage, they look back and wonder how they could have been so foolish. Why did they not see the signs? Unfortunately, blinded by lust, excitement, and hope, people are very good at deceiving themselves. Spotting emotional instability at the earliest possible stage is therefore vital and may save you years of pain and heartache.

Top 15 Signs You're Dating Someone Emotionally Unstable. Before coming to the conclusion that your partner is emotionally unstable, check out for the following 15 signs. They'll help form your decision. A normal girl will tend to have the same activities in her life, and stick to them for a long time, with little change in what she does and few new things. A crazier girl might consider the normal girl's life "too boring", by comparison. The red flags denoting a crazy girl stemming from the people and things in her life therefore are. Jun 23,   7 Character Traits That Prove You Are Dating A "Damaged" Woman. By PUA Training on June 23, Comments: 1. then I promise you that your life will be terrible if you decide to make her your girlfriend or continue seeing a girl you've been dating for a short while. Unstable emotionally.

Emotional instability is not the same as emotional immaturity. The latter refers to a formative phase in one's life where one is still discovering oneself.

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It is usually transitory. But as for the formal, it has nothing to do with being immature. It often arises as a result of a fault in upbringing or a personality disorder.

Before you get into someone or they get into you, it is usually good to first ascertain their emotional stability. Emotional incompatibility is one of the leading causes of marital and relationship break up. If you are confused as to whether your intended partner is emotionally stable or not, check out for these 15 signs to help you determine that. If the person you are going out with manifests any or all of the 15 signs listed below, they may be emotionally unstable.

You would have to determine whether to keep staying with them or not. Go check out the speech of an emotionally unstable person, it is usually full of lies, needless ones for that matter. Of course, most people tell lies and that does not necessarily make them emotionally unstable. But where the lie has become frequent, uncontrollable, and even unreasonable, it's a big pointer to a personality disorder. A person that is stable emotionally does not tell lies with joy.

If they have to give in to telling lies, it's usually with a sense of guilt and remorse. They believe they are good and great and do not need anybody's approval to feel so, hence, no need for telling lies.

However, with Mr. They are constantly seeking to please someone else and if they find out that their initial position on an issue will not win them the respect or approval of the other person, they don't mind changing it in as many times as possible. Now, let's get this clear, everyone at one point or the other takes impulsive decisions and that again does not automatically mean everyone is emotionally unstable.

But where a person often takes decisions that eventually harm them because they didn't take time to think it through, you can be sure such ones are unstable emotionally.

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The alarming thing about the impulsiveness of these people's decisions is that it is usually to their detriment. Take, for instance, a partner who is into gambling or who spends without thorough planning and thinking. An emotionally unstable partner may agree to a contract without taking time to thoroughly study and understand its terms and conditions. They only get to regret later when the contract is now taking its effect on them.

They may speak at a gathering where they ought to have kept mute and then their utterances are used against them somewhere else. Therefore, if you notice this pattern consistently playing out in the life of the person you are dating, be aware you are into an emotionally unstable person.

It is going to be up to you to decide whether to continue with them or leave. When an emotionally unstable person gets angry, it's usually a violent one. They often lose control of themselves and can injure people or damage valuable property in the process. One can describe such anger as a foolish one.

Of course, everyone gets angry. It's normal because it's a type of emotional response to an unpalatable deed done to us. Where the difference is between someone who is emotionally stable and another who is not is in the manner in which they express or curtail it. For an emotionally healthy being, there is usually a limit to the expression of their anger.

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They know that even when provoked, there are certain things they should not do. But for the unstable ones, no restriction. They can destroy a whole city if that's within their powers during their moments of anger. This is a serious issue to consider when making a marital choice.

Dating an emotionally unstable girl

You surely do not want to be with a person who while being angry, does not mind taking your life or destroying your lifetime investment. It surely takes a thorough counseling and therapy session for victims of this personality disorder to come over it.

An unstable emotion can also lead to an unstable appetite. Losing appetite too frequently may be a symptom of that personality disorder. As it goes, when something triggers the feeling of discomfort or threat in them, their digestive system is often stopped and all attention is directed to addressing that threat or discomfort. As such, during those moments, they usually feel they don't need food. With time, this may lead to them becoming too skinny.

Riding like the one eyed jack of diamonds with the devil close behind. We're gonna ride.

Another symptom of emotional instability may be malaise. This is the feeling of discomfort or not being at ease without a cause. You just discover your partner is restless and finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long time.

So, check the person you are dating out for this symptom. Do they appear sad or moody most of the time? Please never ignore this symptom.

Melancholic individuals are more than other personalities prone to this condition. It is for this reason that they enter depression too often.

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It may not be advisable having two of such individuals in a relationship or marriage. It can mean that your relationship or marriage may become extremely formal and boring.

Howbeit, if you are okay with such setting, you may move on with the relationship.

Dealing With Emotional Women

With time, an emotionally unstable person soon realizes he or she isn't normal. While others are laughing, they cannot laugh. Even in a relaxed environment, they feel awkward and withdrawn to themselves. In order to make up for these lapses, the majority of them resort to either drinking or improper usage of drugs. They want to erase the feeling of being sober or out of place and to them, the easiest way to achieve this is to turn to alcohol or drugs.

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Those who often become an addict are already aware their condition is a disorder. They are not usually proud of it and most times would do anything to put up an appearance. A careful study of your partner's drinking habit can easily reveal this to you. The addiction can go beyond food, drugs, and alcohol. It can include activities such as shopping, gambling or sex.

They just keep doing one thing uncontrollably with the mind of covering up for a defect they themselves have noticed in them. It may be easy to think of emotional instability as the expression of an extreme negative behavior but there is a subtle symptom of this personality disorder and that is the inability to show emotion as and when necessary.

For instance, a normal person would scream at the sight of a horrible scene but an emotionally unstable individual may remain indifferent to such. If you are walking with such a person, you may constantly see yourself as a fool because the things you would expect them to react to normally, they won't. The reason most of them are like this is that they have lost the ability to effectively convey their feelings. Since most of their days have been spent doing things by themselves and minding their own feelings, hardly would it be easy for them to relate to the normal things of life.

When you are dating someone that is unstable emotionally, you'll constantly find yourself weighing, watching and analyzing the words you speak to them.

You know they might just get furious at any statement that doesn't seem to go down well with them. You are likely going to say more of "I'm sorry" than "I love you" in your relationship because there will always be something you did not do or say right.

That, of course, would make your relationshipboring and full of tension. Just as you read this point, take time to examine your relationship well. Have you had to settle more quarell than enjoying the company of each other? No one is saying anyone should be reckless with their utterances but if you are literaly afraid of talking freely with your partner, chances are that your partner is emotionally unstable.

Aug 27,   The emotionally unstable change not just from day to day but from moment to moment. For example, imagine a man is dating a new woman. She seems really sparkly and fun, and he looks forward to seeing her. Nov 09,   Most men don't want to date an emotionally unstable woman. What they think is that they will never be happy with such a woman and all they have to do when they meet someone like that is to run away as fast as they can. For them, this kind of a woman is nothing more than a crazy bitch who doesn't know what she wants from her Selma June. Mar 02,   Although mood changes are a natural part of everyone's personality from time to time, when it comes to emotionally unstable people these changes are more intense and happen across short periods of time. If you are dealing with an emotionally unstable man, his mood will change frequently without any apparent Selma June.

One undeniable symptom of emotional instability is incessant and extreme fatigue. This is because the emotional disorder is psychological.

How They Make You Feel

It has to do more with what goes on within a person than what goes on on the outside. The truth remains that one gets easily exhausted or stressed out for psychological reasons than physical ones.

When the mind is cluttered with a lot of heavy and negative thoughts, the brain gets occupied trying to free the mind from such thought.

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This might lead to getting weak or stressed out frequently. If you are that person you deserve everything she throws at you. Also known as a princess syndrome. Something happened during childhood usually with her dad that made her think that she was entitled to everything. If she asked mummy or daddy for something, they would usually say yes.

If a girl shows that she is self entitled, get rid. Damaged girls enjoy drama. They will seek it in the workplace, amongst her social circle, at home with their family and yes with you in a relationship. They will also bitch about anything and everything, just to make themselves feel better.

Making a situation out of something small is something that makes damaged girls feel alive. Women as you know are emotional. However most of them can at times control those emotions kind of. However emotionally unstable women cannot control those emotions and they act out when in a heightened state of emotion.

This is both toxic and incredibly dangerous for you.

8 Red Flags She's a Crazy Girl You Should Stay Away From

That bitch is crazy and you should not give her a second more of your time. Let some other guy take care of her. When emotionally unstable women lash out, they know that by acting as a victim they will usually get what they want. These behaviours have taken her years to master and they are NOT going away soon. Which means you stay and put up with her, or you leave.

So what they do is post a contrived photo of themselves in an effort to get some form of validation.

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These types of women are ruining their ability to have self confidence and will constantly rely on you to give them what they need. Girls that are constantly late and always seem to have the most wonderful excuses are useless. This will show if you begin a relationship with them.

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