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Wouldn't it be great to have the girl you want green-eyed with envy and madly competing for you? Well, as you know, there are two sides to every coin. On the one side you have the oftentimes huge spike in attraction and investment you gain from a girl when she realizes she's jealous over you. And on the other side But, no risk, no reward, as they say. Learning how to make a girl jealous can be another mighty weapon in your seducer's arsenal.

Explore this Article Pay Attention to Her. Talk About Being with Other Girls. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Work your body. If you want to make the girl jealous, you should first show some level of interest in her, so she is intrigued by you and has a sense that you want to take things to the next level. Body language is the easiest way to let her know you somewhat want her without even saying a word. You should only spend a few minutes giving her your attention, so every gesture counts.

Be a man and hold her gaze if she notices you, and even give her a big smile. When you approach her, turn your body towards her, stand tall, and lean in towards her slightly, showing that your body is giving her its full attention.

Lightly touch her on the arm or back if she seems up for it. Maintain eye contact while you're talking. She should feel like she's the only girl in the world - for a few minutes.

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Compliment her. Once your body had done some of the talking, you should let your words do the work. A few careful compliments can show that you're paying attention to her and that you want to get to know her better.

If it's someone you already know, then the compliments will show that you're still thinking of her. Here's how to do it: [2] X Research source Compliment her appearance.

Go for subtlety with this one.

15 Weird Things Girls Do when They get Jealous - Inspiring. #6 Ignore her texts and calls but engage with another girl on social media. A great way to make a girl jealous is to ignore her texts and calls, but be actively communicating with other girls online. If you tag a girl in a picture on Facebook or even share something to another person's profile, she'll go nuts. She'll want to be in on the. When Making a Girl Jealous Works. I'll tell you one more story. I was out one night in a lounge with a group of people, including a girl I'd slept with a few weeks earlier who was all over me at the lounge, and another girl I was interested in.

Instead of "Damn, you look hot," just say, "Blue is a great color. It really brings out your eyes.


Tease your way into a compliment. Find a way to playfully poke fun at her while complimenting her at the same time. Ask her a few questions. Asking just a few questions will show that you want to get to know her and that you're invested in who she is. Just a few lighthearted and well-placed questions will hook the girl and will make her want you even more. Ask her a flirty question. If she mentions she has a sister, say, "Is she as beautiful as you are?

Ask her what she thinks of men who are in love with their dogs or men who wear leather. Ask her something about herself. Ask about one of her hobbies or what she likes to do for fun. Make the girl think you care about her - just a little bit.

Dating another girl to make her jealous

Method 2 of Make her your 2. Once you've shown enough interest in the girl and have flirted enough to make her think she has a chance, it's time for a turnaround. Slowly start talking about another girl, whether it's someone she knows or a random girl you keep calling "my really good friend" or "this girl I've known forever.

Don't do it every few seconds or it will be too annoying, but make it sound like you're constantly thinking of the other girl. Find ways to complement the other girl. Without being too obnoxious, say things like, "She's like, my favorite person," or "She can get any guy she wants. You can also make this person up. If you're a good liar, this "other girl" can be completely fictional.

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Repeatedly say, "You should really meet her. I think you'd get along. Talk about lots of girls. Instead of just going on and on about another girl in your life, you should take the opportunity to talk about lots of other girls. Just make yourself sound like a ladies man who hangs out with a ton of cute girls whenever and wherever.

Mention a party you went to where there were so many amazing girls. You can even say that you were one of the few guys there but that it was okay - you're used to it. Talk about a fun weekend trip you took to the beach, and mention how all the girls you were with were wearing the most ridiculous bikinis. Just mention "this one girl I was seeing" after another.

Make it sound like you go on a ton of dates. Just make sure not to sound gross or like a total player. The girl will lose interest if you make yourself out to be too much of a Lothario.

Use your phone to make her jealous.

Likewise, men might start being more supportive, friendly, or available to another woman to make a mate feel jealous. When faced with the desire to get a mate's attention, jealousy induction might. Jealous girl a make to ways great are there as much As angry her make only they'll because jealous girl a make to things following the do Don't her of front in girl another Kiss #1 woman] their to say never should guys things 21 [Read: jealous, girl a make to doing avoid to What altogether avoid just should you things few a also are there. Feb 17,   Make her jealous. Gents believe me when a girl is jealous; she will be more prone to comply. Gabriella Ryan is Kamalifestyles youtube presenter and she regularly publishes videos on different Author: KamaTV.

While you're talking to the girl about being with other girls, your phone will be a great prop in making her jealous. Talk to everyone else. As much as there are great ways to make a girl jealous, there are also a few things you should just avoid altogether. This just shows a girl that you want someone else. Insults never make a girl jealous.

Knowing how to make a girl jealous can work to your benefit a lot of the time. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Bella Pope. Share Tweet Pin It. The way jealousy works is basically like this: When someone you think ought to want you very much seems preoccupied with someone else, you begin to want to regain that person's attentions When someone you like seems preoccupied with someone else, you begin to fear losing them, and pursue them harder If you're familiar with the basic tenets of investment, it works thus: the more time, emotion, and energy you spend on something, the more invested in it you become, and the more and more highly you come to value it.

For that reason, we might say jealousy can supercharge attraction. This is because of how amounts of jealousy affect people's emotions. I'll offer the disclaimer that this is based purely on my own experiences and countless anecdotes I've come across and had shared with me, but jealousy seems to work very much like this: On the far left of the curve, a woman has no feelings about a man and he is unvalued.

A little more to the right, she begins to feel some stirrings of possessiveness, and is rather invested and interested in him. At the peak of the curve, she's very possessive and jealous about him, and feels a strong degree of attraction and is given to pursuit.

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Past that peak though, as jealousy builds to an even greater extent, she becomes resentful and disdainful of this man, and wishes to hurt him and exact revenge - or at the very least be rid of his presence. So actually, the two ends of the curve are qualitatively different.

She was ice cold. I'd overdone the jealousy and sent her into auto-rejection. How to Make a Girl Jealous Usually I try to stay away from posting anything that might remotely be construed as "being manipulative.

In any event, before anyone starts pointing fingers about it, compare these Google searches: " how to make her jealous ": 19, results " how to make HIM jealous ": 43, results Ladies, if you don't want us talking about this, all I can say here is So, without any further ado, here's how to make a girl jealous : Talk to her a little first to wet her appetite.

It's very difficult to make a girl jealous who's never met you before.

The Mechanics of Jealousy

She has to at least know who you are and like you a little bit usually before a jealousy plotline begins to kick in. Banter with her a bit, build some rapport, and generally just be your usual attractive self for at least a few minutes. Make subtle, casual conversation with a girl near her. The keys here are threefold: subtlecasualand near her. These keys are essential to minding the Law of Least Effort and ensuring that your social maneuverings appear effortless and natural.

How to make a girl jealous?

I made the mistakes early on of awkwardly shifting gears to talk to new women, or striking out to search the entire venue for another girl to meet, often out of eye- and ear-shot, which didn't do very much for inspiring jealousy. Again, mind the subtlety.

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This one is important enough that I'm listing it out here again. What just about every guy does wrong here is make his flirting with a girl overt.

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But if she liked you when you talked earlier, flirting overtly is almost always going to be too much. You'll trigger too much jealousy in her, and push her into auto-rejection.

How to Make a Girl Jealous: Leave Her Begging for Your Attention

Women aren't superheroes; they feel jealousy and uncertainty and worry just like everyone else. Letting her see you talking to another girl is more than enough most of the time; she doesn't need to see the two of you becoming bosom buddies too. Make it short. This is another common mistake, and one I was as guilty of as anyone else: turning a jealousy plotline into a full-blown seduction. You're trying to move things forward with Girl A, not Girl B.

Don't lose sight of which girl you're there for. Get in, make some casual conversation with Girl B, and then, after four or five minutes, end it and get back to the girl you're there for. Too much longer and you risk losing her. In fact, that's your top indicator for when to use jealousy and when not to: Use jealousy with girls who are lukewarm or not all that interested in you or invested Don't use it with girls who already like you a lot.

Instead, focus on moving things forward with those girls with speed and decisiveness Stick to that plan, and you'll be a heart-stealing, jealousy-inspiring lady killer in no time. Always, Chase Amante.

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