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A newly-married Asian man shared on social media how his father eventually learned to accept his African wife. He has incredible work ethic, sacrificed a lot to provide for us, and always puts our family first- I attribute most of who I am today to the example he set. In the end, he can do whatever he wants. Dad would have this weird look of disapproval while still trying to be polite when greeting her and acknowledging her presence. This created tensions between the couple as Edna and Clarence would argue over his efforts of pushing her to visit. Sometimes, he would even lie to her saying that she was invited by his parents.

What if I am but under unnecessary pressure. I am strong and hide so many feelings.

She was all happy and finally went to attend something fun. She is social!

Do All Asian American Parents Think The Same?

They accused me of being too American and that I have to stay focused on studying. My childhood is slipping away and I feel maybe I am not living life to the fullest.

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It does help. I wish my dad spoke English and my mom was more understanding and I could feel more confident. I wish I was popular in my school and got more social opportunities. I was face timing one of my white friends today and we did work together and my mom kept yelling at me during the FT saying I should hang up.

That is so disrespectful to me and my friend. How can I be social with that kind of burden. I am athletic. I did field hockey for my team only for one season and I already became offense within one month of experience. I am creative. I sing good.

Man Reveals How He Got His Asian Parents to Approve Of His Ghanian Wife

I am nice. I could be a potential celebrity even. I get everything she tries to do for me she works hard. I never expect anything anymore.

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But I would rather not be on this Earth in my life as an Asian. Thank you for your facts and I am looking forward to feedback :. Tbh, Asian parents nag a lot and force their child to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer. Because back in their day, there were no such things as Google, Facebook, mail, etc. Not even Wifi. So they had to rely on books only. And the only way to be rich and famous is to become a doctor or lawyer or engineer.

And I am not proud being an Asian at all. I really wanted to be an American! Anyway, thanks for good article! Have a good day! Thanks for the positivity. They do teach us some good things.

But good point. But, they are SOOO overbearing. I barely have anything in common with them. If I forget to retake a test I have failed, or forgot about an assignment that was past the deadline, my mom takes something away from me that I like to do. I want to be a professional Manga comic creator. I just love the way artists draw manga and comics.

I mean, they would. I am so embarrassed because I have no electronics.

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I HATE the feeling when someone asks if you have a phone and u say no. I used to have so many friends who had no phones too. I would be VERY ashamed to show up on the first without a phone. I remember when I had several missing assignments in half my classes towards the end of the school year. My mom is an asian american.

I wish he could have at least told us nicer and more polite rather than just cutting us off. They sometimes tell me and my sister that they used to hate their parents as well. But like many asian parents, they are always set on the things they want to do or say.

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Dude I feel your pain. Manga is disgusting, but otherwise I agree with you.

I've dated other people in the past (Europeans - my parents and Asian society are the reasons I shy from dating Asian people in general, and I know how racist this sounds), and my ex told . "As you can imagine, dating a black/African woman isn't always welcomed with open arms in Chinese/Asian culture. And sure enough, when I started dating Edna, I had kickback from my parents. Jul 12, † Meeting your partner's parents is a nerve-racking experience at the best of times. But when you're dating someone from a different cultural background, it can feel like .

My parents are super paranoid. Thank you so much for posting these facts.

Dear Asians, when is it appropriate to do that?

Talking about Asian parents, there are lots of things of talk about pros and cons, positives and negatives, etc. I am not sure whether or not Asian parents aware or acknowledge that us Asian children honor to have these parents because they have sacrificed their entire life for us children regardless they are living in the country or immigrants. Us Asians are one of the successful people in the world.

I am proud to be Asian. You are now doctors, pharmacist, etc.

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On the other hand for the Asian children, we were struggling with mental issue. For instance, myself, I am 30 now.

I wanted to be a fashion designer after graduating from high school. My parents, both, are tailors. Naturally, I was walking on the right path. Unfortunately, NO! My parents forces me to study pre-pharmacy when no one in our families have had a degree in medical field.

Dating asian parents

I was just 18 but I thought a lot about them because I was thinking my parents have sacrifice for me to have a better life by having a good education and profession. I agreed with them and studied pre-pharmacy for 4.

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Did I succeed? Sadly, no. I got so sick with a migraine from studying these courses, so I had to stop. I understand they love me a lot. They think their choices are the best and the best for them. I am 30 now, but I am still struggling with them because all these years in the USA I have been there eyes, ears, mouth, and legs. Meaning they are non English speakers. Everything is on me. Even the easiest thing which they can manage they wanted me to drop everything and do it for them.

I went to see a psychologist, and they told me I AM the one need to untied the knot that has been tangled all these years. I wrote a letter to parents and moved out. Anyway I will stop here because it makes me sad for keep going.

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I wish Asian parents can be more open-minded whether they are immigrants or living in the country. Thanks for writing in. I read your entire comment, and I can relate on many ways, no exactly but enough.

I too can see how Asians are generally very successful in America but their extreme views and rigidity hold their children back from the potential they have. Yet I understand they have cons too. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, we all have problems. We can sit here whining about them or succeed in spite of them.

We have the control to decide to forgo the opinions of others, especially our parents, and pursue our dreams. We have our own will and freedom. I agree with you mostly.

There is no relationship between your parents and you. My sister even calls me a dog all they do is just stand there and tell me tips. Be proud you are Asian. How about Asian parents considering grown up children as an ATM?. I feel so exhausted because my mom keeps taunting me how I should continuously pay them back in form of money for raising me so yes, they made me pay them huge sum of money excluding their vacation expenses and expensive gifts from me.

Recently, I stopped giving them money after doing it enough. I still send her money but not as regular as I used to. I am struggling to save money for my future but she keeps being sarcastic that I am bad daughter for not sending them monthly expenses. They own a nice house bank loan fully paid by my other sibling as a payback to themdad is still working and making good money, and mom also makes some money from renting property.

I just feel like our parents are being more and more greedy even though they have enough. How can parents love be so selfish like this?. I promise, I would never do this to my kid, I will support them until they are independent adults. I would never expect any money payback just for raising them.

For me Middle class Asian culture sucks, I have no financial freedom as parents become too greedy, for them their kids are like business investment who has to return them monetary value. I agree. They have complained that their own parents expected this and it cost them a lot of problems.

Let go. Say no. Ignore what they think or how they whine. Explain to them rationally why as best you can - show empathy but explain you want to invest in yourself and they have enough money. You have no obligations to let these chains hold you once they stop paying for you. This is a good article and eye opening. Well, you can share this article with them.

We all have for years. Getting enough sleep will make a huge difference. I tried many techniques but what did it for me was an obligation - waking up early for my job. Granted, these degrees are now a dime a dozen but my parents preferred degrees over money. Thanks for your story and perspective. Interesting how your parents wanted degrees over money.

We all do. Try your best and do what you can sustainably can. Thank you for writing this article and shedding light on some of the truth about Asian parents. I want to follow my dreams and be a musician when I grow up. But obviously in the mind of an Asian parentthat field of work makes less of an income than say a lawyer or a doctor will make.

So do I follow my dreams to the disapproval of my parents and relatives? Or do I do something I hate that will supposedly earn me more of an income in life with praise from my parents? Some people successfully do both, leveraging the musician thing as a backup until it takes off.

The book Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau goes into detail on that. I have the best parents in the world, and they are Asian.

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Mission accomplished. Growing up my parents sacrificed so much moving to the US and worked their way up the ladder. My parents worked hard to provide shelter, food, education, and fund our hobbies I love video games and although my parents hated it, they still bought it for me because it made me happy. They always put our needs before their own. They never once forced me and my brother to become a doctor or lawyer, but they did make it known that some degrees provide security while others are risky and downright useless.

Sure I became a doctor because helping people is great, the financial stability, but also I can help give back to my parents in the best way possible helping them medically. Additionally, I did it for the prestige.

Dec 06, † Asian parents run away from these entertainment-based jobs and love to cite the stats of how few of these people make it big and how unreliable that career pathway is. Growing up with traditional Asian family probably has haunted you on how strict your parents are. You probably have had enough of those lectures and heavy criticism on how to not date . Usually, one side or both sets of parents are dead set against them dating their significant other. †Sometimes it's because one person is dating someone Caucasian. †Other times it's because.

I want to make it known they are the model parents, and in return I worked hard so that I can honor them in the best way possible. Can you think of any strengths to having Asian parents? They are good at making sure people live their lives and pushing their own agendas onto their kids, sure. But, the emotional abuse, manipulation, and toxicity of most asian parents offsets any good they do.

There is just so much wrong with their thinking. Would you rather be Mexican American? African American? I had purposely kept it silent as it was embarrassing- but they eventually found out that it was their son who lucked out.

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