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Nonverbal learning disorder is a little-known condition that impacts more people than you might imagine, causing real daily difficulties for the adults and children who have it. Learn the signs of this confusing condition, and what you can do to treat it. Nonverbal learning disorder NLD or NVL otherwise known as nonverbal learning disability, may be the most overlooked, misunderstood, and under-diagnosed learning disability. The brain-based condition is characterized by poor visual, spatial, and organizational skills; difficulty recognizing and processing nonverbal cues; and poor motor performance. Approximately 93 percent of communication is non-verbal - body language, facial expressions, tone of voice. Those with NLD have trouble interpreting this non-verbal language, relying on the seven percent of communication that is verbal to understand what others mean.

Even with these challenges and concerns I have faith things will be fine. She's a fantastic young woman! I was not diagnosed with NLD until I was almost As a young child, I had severe developmental delays. My mother took my to a child neurologist at the age of 3, and he said that I would never amount to anything and that I should be put away in some kind of institution because I would never talk, read, or write. My mother would never agree to that. Although my parents did their best to go it alone, I learned to feel that I was not important enough for any of the professionals out there to give a damn.

I managed to graduate from high school. However, because of my struggles to learn quickly and also my grave social perception problems, I chose not to attend college because I had had enough of school. I chose to go to work instead.

Key Takeaways

I met with greater difficulties because I frequently was not accepted other reasons. First of all, most employers expect one to learn in a given space of time whereas it took me longer to learn new tasks. Also, like many of us, I did not know what was clearly expected of me on the job. Then my coworkers almost always rejected me because they did not understand my differences. I also had emotional problems which included depression, anger, and uncontrolable crying spells.

I had trouble getting hired and keeping the jobs that I did get. I have been married and widowed twice. I have a son with my first marriage. I was not the best mother material because I had acquired a social life late, and I developed in insatiable need to hang out with friends when I should have been at home practicing motherhood.

My son sufferred as a result. I lack the that one part of my social development as a teenager that I needed to grow. I was a 30 year old adult with as much social maturity as a teenager. I realize that I cannot be without therapy for more than 5 years at a time. I frequently find that after having been without therapy for too long, I need to go back. I have been in and out of therapy since my sophmore year in high school when my mother was able to find me a shrink at the age of All of my life, I have hated myself, and even I could not get past the reason why I should have been smart to know better.

I am on a mission to find out all of the answers that I can regarding my condition because my mother and I were never able to get answers to this unusual problem. I also have another problem that has only added to this one. I am visually impaired with Nystagmus, a condition with unvoluntary eye movements. I do not have the answer for that one either. To be specific, I was never able to find out the part of the brain that has been defective.

I want to see it in black and white.

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My mother is now 91, and my mission is to find out and share my information with her. I live in Chicago, and I am on a fixed income.

My name is Rick Chefitz and I have a relatively unknown learning disorder called Nonverbal Learning Disorder. I also have been given a diagnosis of rger's Disorder. Admitting that there is problem is the first step in a long journey of self-discovery, of becoming the best person that I can be. It has been a. Oct 25,   Dating can be daunting for anyone, but dating with a Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) creates a unique set of challenges. People with NVLD have difficulties reading body language, understanding nuances such as sarcasm in communication, . Mar 16,   Oh, also in the "benefits" section, some people with NLD are unusually good at learning new languages. I know one who speaks, reads, and writes more than five languages fluently and learned all but the first as an adult, but he needs a map to get around a midsized town where he's lived for over thirty years, and he takes forever to figure out how to read the map every time he does it.

Ideally, I would love to volunteer myself as a live research subject wheras they can learn from my situation as I can learn about myself at the same time. My e-mail is suzytraversbyster yahoo.

What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Whank you! I'm 18 used to be terribly awkward in social situation but in high-school I figured out how to "act like I'm socially capable" and I was hot shit. In college how I act is now who I am so I self cured my social awkwardness with forcing myself in every possible uncomfortable Situation possible.

Nvld kids from experience can be strong in any cts of their life. Its a matter of sucking it up and using your very capable brain to figure out how to change ur mental state. Was socially retarded my whole life now I'm not.

Get on my level nvld's. Tip smoke a lot of pot it calms u down and makes you more rational. If I didn't smoke pot I would not have been able to make it through highschool. I think this is completely over simplifying the issue with non-verbal learning disability.

Nonverbal people have a different agenda - often intellectual or imaginative. For you see, the non-verbal person has an explicit verbal memory.

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We remember so much of everything, that for some of us, many of the interactions required for a happy and healthy social life require lying. This is lying that we will remember at a later date. This is lying that we would have to keep track of in our heads, that may eat away at us. I think the different types of Non-Verbal learning disability that they are discovering, are actually, and simply Jungian Type differences and the way NonVerbal affects the individual. There are actually NonVerbals who realize that many people are completely lacking in verbal memory, and they use this knowledge to their advantage, lying at any and every convenience, rarely getting called out or caught.

These people often develop NPD or in extreme cases antisocial personality disorder.

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Personally, I remember many, many social lies, white lies, and acting - done on the behalf of many individuals - in business interactions, in the service industry and by acquaintances. Why lie?

Why make things up? Why would they tell me this? What is the purpose. It is seemingly impossible for me to understand - just because it makes things best in the moment. For these reasons, I find it near impossible to converse on any sort of level with Verbals, and I actually fear it.

How can you exist within a lie itself? And while we might tell ourselves that lying, and acting is necessary for existence - I firmly believe that it is not. I find it a complete violation. So before writing off non-verbals as socially retarded. Perhaps you should look into the social system itself, instead of just accepting it as the way it always was, and always should be. Learning disability is a serious problem that causes distress and anxiety in troubled teenagers mind. Children suffering from non verbal learning disorder are unable to tackle the challenges of life and think themselves helpless.

Such distressed adolescents need specialized treatments and extended care to overcome emotional and psychological harassing issues. For this counseling and therapy programs can be helpful. To Kathryn, please accept my thanks for getting this "conversation" started.

What Is Nonverbal Learning Disability?

You've hit some sensitive areas with your descriptions. You are accurate, though.

Nonverbal learning disorder (NVLD) or nonverbal learning disability, is a neurological condition marked by a collection of academic-and sometimes social-difficulties experienced by children of. Mar 08,   Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) is a developmental disorder that is rapidly becoming recognized as a problem that develops in childhood and worsens with age. There are many different cts to NVLD but the basic problem with this disorder is that people who have it find it difficult to interpret the nonverbal cues that we typically use in. This is the first in a series of articles about non-verbal learning disorder developed in collaboration with Winston Preparatory School, a New York area school that has taken a leading role in working with students with the disorder. When we think of learning disorders, we tend to think of dyslexia and other disorders involving language-that Author: Sal Pietro.

I, too, have it in addition to ADD without hyperactivity. Some recent research has linked the two to the autism spectrum, and I couldn't agree more. I'm writing about my own experiences on hubpages and I'd love your feedback if you get a chance.

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To Pia, Yes, yes, yes. We have such little self esteem because we fail and fail and fail again when it comes to connecting with others.

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It's taken me 56 years to reach the point where I am comfortable in groups and speaking to groups. It was a long haul and it included some recent therapy to get past the deep negativity I built up over the years. But it was all worth it.

These are classic signs of nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD). NVLD is a brain-based condition that affects skills like abstract thinking and spatial relationships. While NVLD can affect your child's learning in many ways, it creates an even bigger challenge when it comes to your child's social life. Read more about the signs of NVLD Author: Erica Patino. People who have nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) live in an upside-down world. Things that come so easily to most people such as changing cartridges in a printer can be unbearably hard to us. We.

I hope you, too, are doing well. It is for a lot of people. Im white just pointing out school sucks for a lot of people. And so do the petty cliques and teasing and bullying from the playground to high school.

We as a society should change it but lets face it bullies are part of the American experience and not something only people with NLD face. Your supposed to just be a man and take it and what not and have a good story to tell later.

I don't mean that like its ok I mean you can't shelter children if you want them to turn into adults. People with NLD will learn how to socialize because they want to they want friends to talk to comfort meaning in their lives and they want to be loved and they want sex just like any person and many people with NLD want to and will have it and many will get married. A lot of books and people that talk about this say use adults to stop bullies.

Honestly you don't understand how bad it is when your mom tells a bully to stop and how that doesn't work at all they say your kid is gullible shelter him from being alone keep him away from drugs and sex at all costs. Well all the thinking about NLD has really come from professionals and a few parents who pretty much want to keep us in a box but people with NLD like anybody got to make their own way in life and succeed and fail like anyone else.

Maybe they deserve some help whoever raises them will ses that and hopefully help like most parents would want to. But a person with NLD is a person like anyone else. A person suprisingly talented. Take Elvis really good at singing and dancing. Maybe he was bad at math class ironic since music has a lot of math in it maybe he couldn't spell very good or maybe he was bad at sports. Who the hell cares hes a musician and hee was good enough at that one thing.

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NLD people can harness their ability with words to do just about anything. For despite the social cue lacking or whatever the people that communicate the most are not the partyers they are the nerds who stay home and write all day ie authors directors playwrights journalists. As for myself I find I can often connect well with people I have never met especially children.

People with NLD don't really need to hear they can't do things from people claiming to help them against a world of people who think they can't do things. Well, I'm not going to echo the above sentiments, although I agree with some of them.

I think you made a valid and honest effort, and your piece does contain some solid info. I think you might be interested to know that there are thoughts percolating and research being done - hope hope!! There is a school of thought, to which I'm inclined to subscribe although I am biased as I too have NVLD, hydrocephalus, and OCD to it, that there are 3 very prominent subtypes: social, visual-processing, and - crap!

I thought your piece was decent, even if I don't agree with all of it. I fanned you. I too have a fifteen year old daughter with NLD. She was lucky and received an early diagnosis. The problems we have continually encountered is the lack of knowledge and resources for people with NLD.

I believe this is a disorder more than a learning disability and it presents differently for many of the people who have it. This only complicates things when you are trying to understand it and get support. Although I found this post to be depressing it does unfortnuately outline many of the problems and issues faced by individuals with NLD. What I would like is for this disorder to become more recognizable to the general population.

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My daughter has suffered tremendously due to the fact her disability is invisible. The part that is so frustrating is she is an amazing person who is bright, talented and very loving and has much to offer society. Her strengths most certainly outweigh her deficiets - unfortunately our experience has been one of frustration. We are hopeful that she will recover and earn her OSSC diploma through independent and self-directed learning.

I wanted to follow in their footsteps and become a major success story! I was still different from everyone else. I was picked on mercilessly by the other kids, even being called Rain Man. Again I made a few friends, but was shunned by the majority.

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And again I did not date at all. Academically I was a well-below-average student. I majored in political science, but I zoned out in most of my classes. I transferred to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst hoping for another fresh start, but the results were not dramatically different.

I was picked on a lot less but I still did not have many friends though the friends I did make were good ones.

Dating nonverbal learning disorder

I still struggled academically just getting by, needing five years overall to get my degree. I actually tried much harder then most of the others-I just was unable to show it.

But my problems really began after college, when I tried to earn a living. I moved back to the Boston area-though this time I actually lived in the city. I have had more jobs than just about everyone else, it seems. The longest I have lasted at one job is just over a year and a half; my average length of employment in a job is a whopping six months. I got fired from many temp jobs-jobs I thought were beneath me because I have college degree. I flunked out of jobs such as political campaign work, sales, customer service, and various clerical jobs I could not keep up with the paperwork.

My biggest job success has been in accounts payable, but even there I was isolated from the other people and occasionally screwed things up, like the check runs. I was having these problems even when the there was a real labor shortage; when the economy tanked, I was in real trouble. Socially, I had a very slow start. I did not make my first new friend in Boston until after being there for over a year. I kept moving from apartment to apartment every two years-and the places I lived in often got worse.

I was not making the money I needed to really have a life here. Over the years, my bedroom has always been messy. When I was in college, my mother, who is phenomenal with cleaning and organizing, would help me make my room spotless at the beginning of every semester.

However, by the end of every term, my room was, put simply, a mess. After I use something, I promptly put it back where it belongs.

People with NVLD, like me, often struggle with these skills. I know, though, that the more you practice something, the more confident and skilled you become. When reading, I struggle to process information.

When I read, I have to use active reading strategies, such as highlighting, margin note-takingand knowing how to identify the most important passages. I find that making index cards is a helpful strategy too. Active reading helps me process and retain what I read.

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