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Despite the current shutdown of much of the economy, the world continues to turn, the seasons change and amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules and its Practice Directions grind forward with the remorseless force of the law. Last week saw the coming into force of some much heralded amendments to Practice Direction 16, Practice Direction 22 and Practice Direction 32 which have direct relevance to credit hire claims and how they are litigated. Particulars of Claim in these cases are often drawn in the fashion of a Japanese brush painting: sparse and enigmatic in their beauty but usually lacking in utility. There is a new paragraph 6. This latter provision is not a new obligation but it is currently honoured more in the breach than the observance. A key tenet of pleading practice, long pre-dating the introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules, is that the pleader should plead fact and not evidence.

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A robust case management system will be directed at the clients it is meant to service, not the hypothetical alert and engaged client. Further reform has taken place to the obligation to give a statement of truth under Practice Direction It has always surprised me that the rules allow and continue to allow a solicitor to make a statement of truth on behalf of a client, and that a solicitor will take on the responsibility of signing the statement of truth.

Statement of Claim in a Civil Action in Ontario: Basics for Beginners

In my view the client should always sign it, and take ownership of their document. I understand that proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against anyone who makes, or causes to be made, a false statement in a document verified by a statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.

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Finally Practice Direction 32 has been amended, not least to make clear how a witness statement from a non English speaking client should be taken. It should be taken in the witness own language, and then translated. I am reasonably sure that these provisions will be used to launch a new round of interlocutory warfare: part 18 requests will start to fly and the district bench will have to become the arbiter of what the new provisions require a claimant to provide.

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Particulars of Claim Under CPR Rule , the Particulars of Claim must include a brief statement of the facts on which the claim is based. The claimant must state whether they are seeking interest and if so, specify the total amount as well as the date from which it is due, the percentage rate at which it is charged and the date to which it is calculated. What are the particulars of a claim or POC? In simply words, particulars of claim is the description of your case that has to be set out in such a way that is crystal clear to the defendant, judge and all parties, the reason for the claim. This document should give brief and enough information to know what case is. The consequences for failing to verify particulars of claim can be severe. An unsigned particulars of claim, defence or another statements of case remains effective, however: the opposing party may make an application to strike out the particulars of claim or defence (and other unsigned statements of case). Once it is struck out, the entire claim or defence is struck out and the proceedings come to an end.

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Sep 11,   The rules relating to deemed service of the particulars of claim were revised to deal with some of the anomolies that arose from the deemed date of service rules. CPR now provides that service takes place by taking the step required to serve (that is post etc) before midnight on teh calender day 4 months after the date of issue of the claim form.

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Particulars of claim: restitution (mistake or failure of consideration)by Practical Law Dispute Resolution in association with Herbert Smith Freehills LLPRelated ContentThis is an example particulars of claim that can be used as a starting point when drafting a restitutionary claim for money had and received on the basis of a mistake or total failure of consideration. Drafting a Particulars of Claim NOTE: There must be a duty, breach, causation, loss element to every part of the claim. This is crucially important and where most of the marks will be. Do it in order: o Duty, Breach, Causation Loss o Precedent (i.e. statement of truth, pre-action conduct, loss, interest claim. Apr 13,   Particulars of Claim in these cases are often drawn in the fashion of a Japanese brush painting: sparse and enigmatic in their beauty but usually lacking in utility. There is a new paragraph but paragraph also repays consideration.

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