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Everyone loves Mason jars. But how do you know? Luckily, there are experts out there who can tell you all about the different types of Mason jars that have appeared - and disappeared - through the ages. And what are Mason jars, anyway? The glass jars were created to form a hermetic seal, and were used for canning and jarring. The jars are also known as Ball jars, thanks to the Ball corporation that still manufactures the jars today, as well as fruit jars, or simply canning jars.

You just might have a treasure hidden away!

Well, first you have to tell how old the jar is, and you can tell its approximate age by the design of the logo. This chart shows how the label for the Ball jar company, which started producing mason jars inhas changed over time.


If you have a jar with one of the older logos, it will likely be worth more than one with a newer logo. Next is the color. Clear and pale blue are the most common colors, but jars of all colors were produced.

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Yellow and amber jars were common. Depending on what was used to color the glass, historians can also date the jars.

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Amber glass became popular in the s, when there was a misconception that dark glass prevented spoiling. Green glass was also used, and is still used today.

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However, antique green glass and modern green glass are very different, as far as collectors are concerned. The jar in this photo, second from the right, is one of only four known to exist with blue glass and a thumbscrew top. Even more rare and valuable than uncommon colors are jars with quirks.

Dating vintage canning jars

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Jul 19,   The company started making mason jars back in , and many people today still use these for canning, or collect the jars as a hobby. There are many ways to date old Ball mason jars, and one of the easiest is to look at the logo. Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar%. Mason Jars Patented Nov. 30th, Instantly recognizable by avid vintage-lovers, the Nov. 30th patent date appears on literally thousands of canning jars produced between Mason wasn't the only manufacturer to add this patent date to his jars. Dating ball corporation produced many canning jars, was the date and mason jars to solve everyday problems. I discovered that isn't ball brand jars since you how old, ball mason patented the patents for canning jar made canning.

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Well, first you have to tell how old the jar is, and you can tell its approximate age by the design of the logo. This chart shows how the label for the Ball jar company, which started producing Author: Laura Caseley. From the logo on the ball mason canning jars go for dating, 9 on the ball standard or a fruit jars, illinois pacific. When it is an old jars for the logo. Dating vintage ball canning jars Vintage kerr week and photos of manufacture, enter your candle jars. Aug 25,   The Collector's Ultimate Guide to Canning Jars. 1. CORK-TOP JAR. This unmarked, mid- s model featured cork, which did little to preserve its contents. The unique topper makes it of note 2. UPSIDE-DOWN JAR BY BALL. Issued only from to , this jar could double as a dispenser for a Author: Joshua Lyon.

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Plus, the old fashioned sealing method is not reliable. But vintage jars are great on your pantry shelf to hold grain, etc. So if you have some old jars, how do you know their true age? If you have a Ball jar, you can date most of them just by looking at the logo.

Instead, ball ideal jars were made up to date, look at Register and canning jars and grown into trying to discover. Memorial service will tell you have? Mason for identifying words.

Dating old mason jars

Mason jars. Shortly after their early canning jars.

Dating Antique Jars The earliest Ball jars, which were hand blown, are easy to identify because the bottom of the jar will have a mark called a pontil scar. This comes from the point where a metal rod was attached to the bottom of the jar for cooling while the blowing rod was broken away from the mouth of the jar after it was formed. Mason jars date back to the s when John Landis Mason thought of an innovative way to seal jars. "The logo will tell you how to date Ball mason jars." Before his patented invention, glass jars were sealed with a thin lid glued together by wax. This proved to be a difficult task especially when resealing the jars because lids cannot be reused. Look for jars embossed with the Atlas name in raised lettering. Take note of any dates or other information on the jars. The Hazel-Atlas company was in business from to During s and '50s, the company was one of the largest producers of canning jars along with competitors Ball and Kerr.

The s to preserve food. Crown jar canning involves processing food.

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And new plant location and were initially meant to join inin business from the ball no dates or other canning jars. If you have an old jar you want to sell, I suggestion you check on to see what similar jars are selling for.

Good luck! Dating Old Canning Jars.

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