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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Okay I'm 28 and this female is 18 about to turn 19 in Jan. I'll be 29 in July. We both like each other we have interesting conversations about things. Like work, school, etc. She says she's not wanting a boy friend,but is very flirty and things with me. At times there's mixed emotions there.

Mid 20s dating 18

Granted not all chicks are like this and actually want a decent guy, up until they realize they are settling for less. Sorry but not sorry this is the truth. Women don't stop day dreaming for a prince charming to come along till they are 25 maybe I consider myself attractive to the point girls come up to me.

Not many men can brag about that either But these guys in their late twenties have money and see these young girls still I'm that mindset wanting to be swept off their feet.

Life isn't fair, some get lucky but who am I trying to kid Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. AiStandfield Xper 3.

Came across this question while doing research for a book, figured I'd she'd some light. There are reasons layered on reasons for why SOME men in their 20s go after teenagers. One reason is the men are still boys themselves, working all week to have the money to party on the weekend is a huge red flag. I did the same in my early 20s. Then I realized what I was doing, and suddenly recognized it in others. I didn't want this behaviour so I made myself change. Another reason is men being jerks haven't jaded younger women as much.

This reason is also why many women in their 20s go for men in their 30s and 40s. This is also why women are attracted to married men, even if they never act on it. It isn't because they are unavailable, it is because living with a woman they care about for years balances them. Men giving too much of themselves to their mate is also what leads to midlife crises. Another reason is the everlasting "wanting to grow up" and usually too fast. Teen girls want to feel like a woman, and so "transform themselves" into one i.

This leads to what the top commenter discovered as immaturity. It is merely the emersion of the GIRLS natural personality, being immature as it must be due to lack of experiences. Children are sponges and mimics, mainly this is to incorporate into society, but this being misunderstood can easily lead to greater misunderstandings.

Basic and simple answer, it isn't entirely natural, it's taught. I don;t really like it because as you say they are often less mature, but I am inevitably attracted to it. I dated a 16 year old when I was 24 because she was so sexually enticing. I don't what else to say. I practically need to go young just to find someone who doesn't act like they are SquishyNuggz Xper 1.

Because by the time a girl gets to your age, they are naggy, spiteful bitches who feel the need to judge everyone else around them. The hard truth is, younger girls are just more attractive to guys. For most of human history men took young year old women as wives because they are physically more healthy and the most likely to have healthy children. Sorry hon! I can't say anything bad about 28 going out with 21 because I've done it.

I think the main thing to me is a girl fitting into my social bracket. For me that means A couple years and I may up that to mid 20s, but we'll see.

For me, it has more to do with fitting into my social life.

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Hell, you get senior citizens in strip clubs all the time. Hot girls are hot girls. What I like doesn't necessarily change, but what I'm looking for does.

your phrase

I hope that makes some sort of sense. SkinnerOne Xper 5. Well, Let's see They are most likely still nice and firm and tight It's all new to them and there is the wide eyes amazement factor too And oh yeah They look at the guy as a great new toy. They really WANT the guy. And they have not become jaded and self absorbed. To them sex is still new and they are enthusiastic about it.

They don't look at every guy like he's a pervert because he wants sex. They want it just as much. Oh and it's not just the 25 year olds. It's the 35 and the BaronScrewtape Xper 5. From a scientific vs a social point of view it comes down to breeding.

Young adult females are more likely to survive and bring to term healthy children. Therefore males of any age will give younger women an edge in attractiveness over older ones. The reverse of this is females will look for males who are established enough to take care of children. Often that is an older male. Of course, there is a lot of data about cheaters in the above Community opinions on the matter change from location to location, but they only influence the people involved. Rahim Xper 5.

First of all, men of ALL ages lust after 18 year-olds, if only physically. If they say they don't, it's because they're either embarrassed of their sexuality, gay or asexual lot more of them than you'd think. I mostly agree, though, with the poster who wrote that it's usually the other way around. Teenage girls lust after older men because older men are typically more experienced, more self-confident and more masculine in general than teenage guys.

In my experience, the younger the girl, the more she wants a strong and dominant i. Call it a daddy thing, but it is what it is. LittlePrincess94 Xper 5. Girls in teen years are at their prime in terms of looks, so yeah we naturally want them, but if you go too young, even though is natural, you may get in trouble. I would say 18 is safe. Also many guys suck with girls when they were that age and they didn't get to enjoy them, so in the mid 20's most of us go through a mental crisis that make us want to compensate.

Not all of us have success at it, since we don't have a clue how to make it happen, usually older girls are the ones that are more open minded and easier to connect mentally, so it's an issue that can bring a lot of frustration to guys.

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Also their bodies are less firm than 18 year old's. Guys in mid 20s aren't looking to get married. Wow, according to that statistic I married quite young, at 25 :D.

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DrJones Xper 5. After high school, I was never interested in year-olds because frankly, most of them act like teenagers. Since my early 20s, all my gfs, FWBs, etc have been at least 19 and most were close to my age at the time.

Sometimes we do end up finding someone much younger by accident, and some girls play into this game by exclusively dating men who are older than them, which limits our options a bit. That said, some guys actively look for younger girls basically because they are on average less mature, easier to impress, and easier to manipulate. Not all of us do that, though. Right now I'd much prefer someone who's capable of acting like an adult! Dizzle Xper 4. Maybe the guys do because when they were in high school still, they couldn't get a girlfriend because all the girls in the school were with dudes in their mid 20s, now that the guys grew up, its their turn?

Yuriy Xper 5. I think it would be amazing to date an older women. She's much more mature and she knows what she wants in life. To answer your questions yeah guys love to look for younger girls because there easy to manipulate. Maybe it makes them feel young when there with someone like that. I guess it depends on the level of maturity.

But the age range thing is seemingly becoming like it's no big deal, but it's something to me. I was wrong. Yes, there are guys who will go after girls who are younger for sex, but what about those who really don't care because maybe, just maybe, they truly like the girl? Agsded Xper 5. That age gap isn't that big. If you look around it appears natural for for guys to go for younger girls and girls go for older guys. It works both ways. In many cases, I'd say it even works better this way for these people.

The guys are still 18 in their minds I know plenty of 18 year old girls who are way mature. Everyones different. Some guys mature later, which make an 18 year old girl who is mature equal to a 25 year old boy who is mature.

Of course every relationship is different, and so is every person. At 18, girls have a lot of potential for bearing many children; so this is only natural if you believe in evolution. IF they don't take care of themselves, many women go downhill after 18, especially in obese USA.

I think you may just be jealous of the beauty of younger women. Wise words, you sting like a bee and bark like a polar bear, grasshopper.

She's 20, I doubt she is jealous. Show All Show Less. I'm not in that age range anymore, but maybe you are asking your question the wrong way.

7 Things I Wish I Knew In My 20's

Possibly, it's not that they want a 18 year old for some specific reason, but rather that they don't want a 25 year old for some specific reason. You might try that question instead, if the current one doesn't help you. Men are just more attracted to girls in their late teens - early twenties, and women tend to be more attracted to slightly older men. My guess is that you're mad they don't choose you so you're trying to make them out to be disgusting creeps trying to manipulate naive women, good effort lol.

AndyWes Guru. It's life. And girls reach their full maturity faster I think. Hence why us men in our 20's love 18 year old girls. They're great on so many levels. False, I cannot stand even a two year age difference and there is nothing worse than getting dumped by a little girl.

No thank you. It is all preference. Youth is beauty and older girls are a little harder to access due to emotional walls put up by bad relationships, so it is easier to date younger; however, same goes for girls too.

Keepingitfresh Xper 4.

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I guess I can't really answer this I'm only 20 but I do go after younger girls. Only because they are more into the chase and being all hella flirty. I also feel like I'm more of a man for them then a girl my age. Sounds stupid but its true.

Dating In Your Mids Is A Rollercoaster, So Hang Onto These 9 Genius Tips

Britghtstar Xper 5. I think it depends on the 18 year old how mature she is because not all 18 year olds are immature. PinkCorset Xper 4.

apologise, but

Personally I don't think its your place to judge, my husband and I started dating when I was 16 he was 23 he is now 27 and I am We have been together for 4 years and married for 2 what's it to you? I think its ok at least he can score a younger chick. Why is it that when a man asks a stupid inflammatory question, he gets rightly told off, but when a woman does the same, the "men" around here kowtow to her and self-deprecate their entire gender to appease her? You are in your late 20s, and you are upset that men your age are dating younger women.

You know deep down that there is nothing wrong with it, and that it's completely natural and even healthy, and that infuriates you more than anything else in the world. You desperately starve for the attention you once commanded, and you're green with envy that younger women are able to get it so easily.

My advice: get over it.

final, sorry, but

Age is harsher to women than to men. It's a fact of life. Blankname1 Xper 6. A guy who is 25 dating a 18 is not disgusting at all,trust me. My answer to this is the following Age is just a number As long as it's legal Love is love it doesn't matter what ur age As long as it's legal Peace!

Mar 07,   Best dating sites for mid 20s: What we Look for while Creating this List for The dating sites for young adults must have a congregation of services to assist you to find plenty of potential partners. A dating site should act as a searching tool, helping you find people you will like, people like you and share the same interests, and. Guys in mid 20s, ever dated an 18/19 year old? Close. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Guys in mid 20s, ever dated an 18/19 year old? I'm a 25m, considering dating a 19 year old. Anyone have experience with this kind of age gap? Good or bad experience? 23 comments. share. save hide report. Upvoted. This thread is archived. May 13,   Dating in your mids is a rollercoaster, complete with the upswings of serendipitous meet-cutes and passionate one-night stands, as well as the drops of awkward first dates and getting Caroline Colvin.

Thats soo true age is just a number. I've seen quite a few 18 year old girls who could easily pass for mid 20s in both the way they look and the way they act. And I've seen mid 20s guys who look like they're still in their teens. The age group isn't as far apart as you think. That's normal. What's disgusting is 18 year old girls who look to men in their forties or even fifties sometimes.

Though those girls can have their perverted middle-aged men, they're golddiggers. You sound like a holier than holy Dail Mail Reader. Not true with all guys My boyfriend was 29 and I was an 18 old vigin. I think guys always want an 18 year old. They are at there cutest point and there considered adults.

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I don't think guys often get wrapped up in the maturity issue. Littletad Guru. Because younger girls are easy to mold and manipulate. We both like each other we have interesting conversations about things. Like work, school, etc. She says she's not wanting a boy friend,but is very flirty and things with me.

Feb 07,   Guys in mids dating 18/19 year old females (ugly, attract, people) User Name: Remember Me: Password I'm 23 and I couldn't see myself dating an 18 or 19 year old girl. Last semester, I was 22 and there were a lot of 18 year old first time college students in one of my classes. Even though we are only 4 years apart, I felt way older than them. Jan 30,   i dont know the maturity of an 18 year old and someone in their upper 20's seems very different unless that 18 year old is very mature. Why would also Guys in mids dating 18/19 year old females (girlfriend, man, cheating) - Relationships -Dating, marriage, boyfriends, girlfriends, men, women, friends, attraction. why does every year old girl go for guys in their mid 20s? its just the way it is. Maybe the guys do because when they were in high school still, they couldn't get a girlfriend because all the girls in the school were with dudes in their mid 20s, now that the guys grew up, its their turn?

At times there's mixed emotions there. But then we text and talk on the phone hangout and she says she "Likes me and genuinely like me" I get her little things here and there a card flowers go to the movies etc. Nothing to major. What do I do cause we both like each other. First thing to acknowledge is it's within legal limitations number one. Sexually, your doing nothing wrong in the eyes of a judge and the American legal system.

Second off, the term "weird" is predicated on opinion and the labels that our society creates. Suppose the drinking age were 18, which I think it was at some point back during the Vietnam war, I think some people on here would certainly sway their opinions. Is it weird for a guy to go to a strip club and have a 19 or 20 year old give him a lap dance?

Or how come 18 year women are allowed to star in porn? Our culture dictates what is socially acceptable. If it weren't for these legal milestones like 18 and 21 then I think it would be harder to put a finger on what ages are really acceptable. Perhaps a study needs to be done to determine when a women reaches the pinnacle of sexual and mental maturity and then I suppose you could make a better argument for what is weird.

I mean, Alec Baldwin who is in his mid 50's is married and has a kid with a women in her mid-twenties and society does not seem to chastise their relationship. As the saying goes, men get better with age and women do not.

In fact, I think as women get older they acquire a lot more scars and baggage and are much more of a pain in the ass to date than younger women. I have done this and honestly it isn't worth the goddamn hassle. Many times I was wondering what the heck do I do with this girl other bang her because she can't drink or get into most places I frequent. BUT don't listen to these people who call it creepy, they just place these labels for their own personal mental blocks in their head.

Women say it usually because younger women are competition for them and they just can't compete looks wise when it comes down to it. They will never admit this is the reason but I am not going to mince words here just to satisfy peoples egos. And men will say it only because they themselves don't have what it takes to keep up or obtain a younger woman who has high dating market value. My most meaningful and loving relationship was with a girl that was much younger.

I was 18 and she was 15 when we first met and we were 19 and 16 when we got serious. So not all of the younger girls are pain in the asses but she was rarity!

risk seem the

Screw everyone else and do what you FEEL is right and don't live under other peoples restrictions. You are now informed enough Originally Posted by hooplaman. Inebriated Duck. I've just gone back to college and am on the second week of courses, and I thought I'd start a new thread on that topic, but I think it fits into this thread just fine.

I'm currently attending a state school and it has more people in it then every other school I've been in combined, and there is a slight but noticeable majority of women as I'm sure is the case in other colleges. I can't even walk through campus without tripping over dozens of very attractive young women.

Now, I'm only 23, but after five years off campus it feels strange to be among students again. Add that to the fact I've always had what one may describe as an "old soul", for lack of a better phrase, and I feel like I'm in an odd position.

On the one hand these 19 year old gals are smoking hot, and on the other hand dating them would feel like dating a little sister, or a daughter. I hear them chatting on the bus or on the phone and I think "Well, I would obviously like to have wild sex with you You see, the year old women who are just as hot but also emotionally mature and intellectually interesting there's one girl in my Arabic class who I quite likeare all off dating guys in their late 20s and 30s!

These guys are typically in white collar IT fields, start-ups, you know, typical Bay Area tech types. So now I'm wondering to myself whether those women look at me the same way I look at an year old?

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