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Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands announced this week that it will use a process similar to online dating to find a mate for Samboja, its year-old female orangutan. The Dutch Zoo is calling the experiment "Tinder for orangutans" and hopes the four-year test can give researchers a better idea of how orangutans make their mating choices. Samboja won't be asked to write an elaborate profile pronouncing her love for brunch or binge-watching TV shows. Instead, park employees will use a tablet to show her images from a mating registry of male apes from around the globe. Researchers will then study how she interacts with those images in order to make decisions about which orangutans she should meet in real life , according to - Zoo officials hope the tablet will allow Samboja to find the right mate on her first try.

A female orangutan named Sinta appeared to light up when she was shown a video of a male gorilla named Gempa from a zoo in Belgium.

Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands announced this week that it will use a process similar to online dating to find a mate for Samboja, its year-old female orangutan. Jan 31,   Scientists at a Dutch zoo want to test Tinder on a female orangutan to study how the animals make their mating choices. The year-old orangutan, Author: Alessandra Potenza. Feb 01,   A comparable "video dating" study with orangutans was completed last year at the Wilhelma Zoo in Stuttgart, Germany, in which two females .

The new "Tinder for Orangutans" will give Samboja a visual of her potential mates, but one sense may not be enough to spark a fire. But with the orangutans, it will be what you see is what you get.

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Using an online dating app to help a zoo-bred orangutan find a mate is actually one of the better uses for the internet we've ever heard of. One does not simply bring up the Orangutan at an Edgar Allen Poe conference, unless they are ready to brandish their sharpest mental swords, and to debate, breathlessly, until there is steam coming out of their ears, and fire in the pit of their hearts. Yes, the Orangutan has a bit of a reputation in the community of Edgar Allen Poe Mattstaff.

Samboja, an year-old orangutan at the zoo, has been flipping through great apes on a touchscreen. Through this dating app of sorts, the lucky primate gets to choose her potential suitors from all over the world.

And maybe we're just cynical, but it's one of the better uses for the Internet that we've heard recently. The scientists are currently perfecting the touchscreen to make it usable by orangutans, which has proved challenging: Samboja already destroyed one tablet.

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Why go through the trouble of inventing a new technology when she could just meet a mate in real life and at a closer proximity? Apparently, dating is as hard for orangutans as it is for us, and widening the geographical scope of her search will help Samboja find the perfect match. Our only concern is that these poor creatures don't know what they're getting themselves into.

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