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With as much planning that goes into weddings, it seems they should go off without a hitch. It also seems, however, that that's hardly ever the case. Take these users' stories, for example: When asked "Married people of , what went wrong at your wedding? Some things just aren't meant to be, like the lighting of user straitsofdire's unity candle. After the couple failed to light it with their two individual candles and an awkward silence ensued it was "somewhere between 10 seconds and eternity," straitsofdire writes , the priest moved the ceremony along and left the candle smoldering.

She wandered over my chest to my stomach and down to my groin. She exited the cast by the hole nearby, only to move back inside by my legs. She stopped at the underside of my knee. And that's where she stayed. When Kathy arrived in the morning, I'd somehow fallen asleep.

I guess the exhaustion brought on by the horror I'd experienced forced my body to shut down even though my mind was still soaked in terror. Oblivious to the events of the night before, Kathy shook me awake. I started screaming again. I felt the huntsman behind my knee. She bit my leg over and over as Kathy tried to calm me down and tried to get me to fill her in on what was happening. By the time I was able to tell her, she looked like she was about to faint.

I'd always considered myself somewhat of an arachnophobe, but Kathy's fear of them was light years beyond my own. She called emergency services, and they sent a couple guys who were able to coax the thing out and kill her.

In the end, it was anticlimactic. Vi came home with Jenna later in the day and Kathy and I told her about my night. Neither of them were able to listen to the details.

A family of arachnophobes. Time went by and my broken bones knitted together and healed, and eventually I was back on my motorcycle. Every night, though, I dream about the huntsman staring at me.

12 real-life first date horror stories - from one date who pooped their pants to another who was openly sexist. 1. He leaned in for a kiss and pooped his pants. Pooping your pants on a first date is a pretty fearless move. 2. He (probably) had Author: Sara Hendricks. Oct 26,   8 Hilarious Recruiting Stories from that Will Leave You Speechless. Scott Wardell. October 26, 7 min read. Check out some of the funniest, most cringeworthy encounters with nightmare candidates that these recruiters will never forget. "So what is the student-teacher dating policy?". Creepy Cupid is your source for creepy, funny online dating messages, SMS text and stories. Our site allows you submit and share your entertaining online dating .

I feel her young streaming across my face and up my nose and around the gaps of my teeth. Whenever there's a quiet moment, I hear them scratching at my eardrums, and I'd swear that every time I clean my ears, I'm pulling out eggs. Skinwalkers shudder by Mixlacoo:.

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I had never heard of the term "skinwalker"before I arrived in New Mexico. I was sent to NM for work, I spent around two months there before heading back to Nebraska for a new assignment. I kept to myself, never really spent time around the area. Occasionally I would hear the men working with me complain about noises at night keeping them awake.

I didn't care for scary stories and didn't care about what was outside as long as it didn't mess with my sleep. The men seemed to enjoy the creepy stories from the locals and would kill time talking about what they heard that day. At first, it all was all fun, the men would talk about paranormal sightings, not having lived through anything like that made it intriguing.

However it wasn't until one of them didn't show up for work that made the rest of the team start taking the stories a little more seriously.

One of the men was found hiding in his trailer, I didn't see him personally but the team was told that he would be sent to a nearby hospital. One of the guys that found him told us that he was huddled up in a small corner mumbling to himself over and over, "Hooves, eyes, it laughed. The bartender wasn't too happy about the guys bringing up folklore they knew nothing about and occasionally left to serve others, trying his best to ignore the three men.

One of the men started talking about skinwalkers while the rest listened closely.

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They had all had a few drinks in them and were getting pretty loud, everyone at the bar started to look at them annoyed at how obnoxious they were acting. I was looking around thinking how stupid the men were looking when I noticed an older man dressed in farmer's attire with some Native American print on who was also listening closely.

The man looked angry and approached the group very slowly before standing behind them not saying a word. One of the men from my team looked at him and asked him what he wanted, the old man didn't respond and just stared at him.

I stood up from my table, hoping that none of the drunks would be dumb enough to start a fight with an old man.

Dated a guy who was arrested on our date by detectives. He tried to return a pair of fake 'Gucci' sunglasses. When the store clerk threatened to call police, he flashed an FBI badge to the clerk. Turns out they got him on tape flashing what actually was his brother-in-laws FBI business card. Scary Online Dating Stories , dating groups in phoenix az, hsv dating anchorage, dating really shy girl. 14 Tinder Horror Stories That Will Make You Throw Your Phone At The Wall. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Posted on February 13, , GMT Nick Wray. BuzzFeed .

The old man stood there looking at them while the men started taunting him. Eventually the three got bored and turned their back on him. The subject of skinwalkers came up again which is when the old man finally spoke. The men turned around and stood up, I moved closer in hopes that they would see me and back off from the old man. The old man stood his ground and told them to not be disrespectful and to not meddle in things that were past their understanding.


The men got irritated and right as one was about to step closer to the old man, I finally butted in. Being somewhat their superior, the three men finally left, leaving me and the old man behind shaking our heads. I apologized and told him that they were just a bunch of immature kids that didn't know how to handle their alcohol when the old man told me to be careful.

He said that the locals didn't talk about that subject and that talking about them would only bring unwanted attention. Not wanting to be rude, I only nodded and told the old man I'd keep an eye out on my team. I returned to camp and saw one of the men from the bar asleep on a chair in front of his trailer holding a beer. I didn't care to leave him out there, I went straight to bed. It must have been around three in the morning when I woke up to the sound of men outside yelling.

I got up and walked out still somewhat half asleep to find everyone standing around something. I walked up only to become overwhelmed by a rotting stench and the horrific sight of the man who was asleep dead with his throat slashed. He had taken his life with a shard of the broken beer bottle, I walked away sick to my stomach while everyone stayed behind.

I walked up a small path feeling sick and puked, when I was finished and was about to walk back I heard something behind me. When I turned around, the darkness didn't allow me to get a good look up ahead but I was able to make out someone standing not too far from me.

I thought it was perhaps one of the men who also had to excuse themselves from the crowd however the person up ahead was moving funny. I called out for the person to identify himself however heard no immediate response. The person was walking closer very slowly and his body was jerking funny. He looked like a child learning how to walk. I called out once again for the person to identify himself only this time, there was a response.

The voice of the person sent chills up my spine, the voice sounded inhuman yet tried to sound as normal as possible. The body was twitching which is what really frightened me, I started to step back still deciding what to do when it spoke again.

The words didn't make sense and I couldn't understand what he was trying to say.

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It wasn't until he walked up and the moonlight hit his face when I realized it wasn't a him but an it. The body was a mesh of what had been Carl the man who I had just seen dead moments ago and something goat like. The skin looked stretched out and the face looked like a mask, its legs looked broken and the feet I ran out of there quick looking back in hopes that it wasn't following me; everyone was so focused on the body that they didn't notice me running into my trailer.

I made a call to the local sheriff who was already on his way after the call for Carl's death was made. I sat in my trailer not knowing what to think or say or do; I waited until the sheriff arrived before going out. After Carl's death, a huge lawsuit was filed against our company for not finishing the job. However, no one would go back to work after a few more sightings of something inhuman emerged. I was one of the first men who was packed up and ready to go. I visited the local bar one last time in hopes of finding the old man I had spoken to before.

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I found him in his same spot sitting and drinking. Before I even said another word he started to speak.

2. The Surprise Shuffle

The old man looked up and said in a very serious tone, "Don't talk about them He got up and left without saying another word. That was the last time I ever said the word out loud Hi, everyone, this is my first time posting but no one else has been able to help me. I work the morning shift usually for emergency dispatch in a very small, rural county.

I'm new to the area and thus the job. Last week, my closest friend was getting off the overnight and was spooked about a call they'd taken. He didn't hear any of it until the very end. Apparently, they were only able to record our end of the call.

The caller's part was transcribed from memory by the operators and supervisor on duty. Because he's been unable to shake it off, my friend was able to sneak a copy of the transcript for me. Now I'm just as weirded out.

If anyone has any explanations for any of this, it would make us feel a little better. And finally, by skinna, Snapchat gone wrong.

Very wrong :. Hi, guys, this is my first post here. I know a lot of the stories here whether made up or notare very well written and suspenseful.

I am pretty much flipping the fuck out right now because of what has just happened, and I am not the best writer - so those two elements might mean you'll have to bear with me. OK, so here are the events that have transpired in the past two hours or so, and a little backstory as to why this is freaking me out so much.

Anyways, within about 15 minutes of uploading, I received an SMS message from one of my good, but not great friends that said, "Ahahaha. BTW the fuck was that in the window behind you in the last one? Message I Got. I had no idea what he was going on about, so I went and watched my own Snapchat Story a couple of times.

join. happens

I immediately saved my story videos and put them onto my computer to see them larger. In the last Snapchat video I sent, it kind of looks like someone is at the door, looking in, with their hands cupped against the door.

8 Hilarious Recruiting Stories from that Will Leave You Speechless

Whatever is in the third snapchat video however, is definitely not in the first video when the door is in full view. I was the only person home at the time, and that particular door leads to the backyard, which is only accessible via a single locked gate.

Video 1. Video 2.

Ok so, I don't think anyone fully understands the genius of what your roommate is doing here. See, for a guy, realizing that you are not going to leave and he is going to bang a girl while another one hides under the covers a few feet away is a huge turn-on. Mar 21,   Damn My Ex Relationship Horror Stories. i was dating an army special forces guy. we had been together for about 6 months when i got pregnant. he said he was happy and we were gonna be a family, yada yada yada. Feel free to submit your own horror stories using the form below! You may just end up seeing it posted on the site! 9 of the Craziest r/Relationships Stories. By Gabriella Paiella. Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images. Wondering what to do when your boyfriend gives away your Hamilton tickets? What about if you need advice on how to get your girlfriend to stop writing you so much poetry?

Video 3. First Vid vs. Third Vid Stills. This led to insomnia and anxiety about bedtime, as I dreaded feeling helpless. I ended up seeing a child psychologist, and whether that was or was not the reason - the episodes largely went away only once or twice a year until age At age 12 or 13, for seemingly no reason at all, I started to get chronic episodes almost every night that lasted minutes to tens of minutes at a time.

The worst thing about these episodes however is that I felt like something was in the room with me and meant me harm common for people who experience sleep paralysis. At roughly age 14, things really took a turn, and I started to hear and see things during maybe 1 in 10 of my episodes also pretty common for people who experience sleep paralysis. The things I heard were never too crazy and over-the-top - and were usually just thuds and creaks.

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Whenever the episode ended, the person would just be gone. I never got used to it. When I moved out at age 18, I never had another episode where I saw anything.

To cut a very long story short. To me, it kind of looks like a face to the glass, and two hands on either side. OK, I can't take anymore of these. Now I'm off to turn all my lights on even though it's daytime. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Warner Brothers.

8 TRUE Online Dating HORROR Stories - OkCupid, Tinder and Grindr Stories - Vol 2

I have nothing else to say about Lia's story: My therapist suggested I write this out. I sneezed. Skinwalkers shudder by Mixlacoo: I had never heard of the term "skinwalker"before I arrived in New Mexico.

My name is Natalie. My dad, his name is Salvador, and we're from Pennsylvania. We boarded a train at Union Station. We were going to Cincinnati. We were switching trains. Daddy was mad because he said we were in Detroit and that's nowhere near Cincinnati. But the men there kept saying to sit down, to wait. I was still tired. Everyone was tired and lying down. But I couldn't fall asleep because it was so cold. They kept going around with instruments and sticking them in people's ears and mouths, and had little paper cups for everybody to drink out of.

It was a warm summer night, we were 15, and we were in love. No wait, scratch that, we were 15 and wanted to grind crotches. That's the one. I was over at my friends place chilling out, He was playing Diablo 2 and I was on the other computer chatting . Jun 24,   These brave married couples took to to share the stories of their beyond-hilarious wedding fails. 12 Brave Married Couples Share Their Beyond-Hilarious Wedding Fails. People reveal their worst first dates - and the stories will make you cringe. Kristin Salaky. We've rounded up the craziest stories from various threads that will make you want to thank your lucky stars your last date was just a bad kisser. "We ended up dating for over two years after that night.".

My dad was arguing with one of them when they got to me. But the train came and the man had to hurry to finish so he didn't notice me spit half it out. Daddy picked me up, and I just remember barely keeping my eyes open 'cause it was so nice and warm and I was tired.

I remember somebody saying, "Natalie, that's a nice name. I'm Jaspar. My throat was like cotton from that bitter stuff. I was in a really nice bed, I never had sheets like that before. There were a lot of doors. I was trying to find the bathroom but the first one took me outside. It wasn't right. It was so big, much bigger than a train could be. And there were tables of food on shiny metal trays and so many people. Everyone dressed nice.

This is a story-based sub, and we enjoy reading long stories. What doesn't belong: You passed somebody on the street, and they gave you a creepy look. We know, it was scary and you don't want to ever meet them again. But your post should go to /r/CreepyEncounters instead; LNM is set up to focus on creepy encounters that are out of the. Sep 30,   11 stories from people who were catfished to scare you off online dating for good. 11 stories from people who were catfished to scare you off online dating for good. 11 people share stories about being catfished. may wilkerson. Sep 30, @ AM. Advertising. Advertising. Sep 26,   3 True Scary Horror Stories From r/LetsNotMeet. Here are some true stories of creepy encounters. Are You Dating Someone That Lacks Empathy?

Men in suits. Women in dresses, like shimmery, with veils. I went to the table and picked up some stick with fruit and cheese, and there was the voice again. She just stared at me. All the laughing. So many voices but they just stared out, blank faces. A man with a white flower in his suit pocket looked at me and I heard someone say, "I have all the time in the world, Natalie.

I ran over and he put his drink down, just turned to me on the stool. Don't worry, he said. You're safe here, Natalie. But he didn't move his mouth either, and I started crying. I thought someone would come in but no one ever did. I just kept crying until I woke up, and I realized the whole thing was a dream. Except it wasn't nice. I was in a bunk with hard sheets and it smelled really bad, like sweat and pee. I just sat up, scared to feel for anything in the dark. They were opening up the train again.

It was still really dark but I could see people started coming in. I don't know why, I was just so scared of being in there, I jumped up and pushed through the people and ran as hard as I could out of the station. I know people were yelling behind me but I didn't stop until I was near the edge of the forest. I don't know how long, hours I guess, until my legs burned and my arms were all scraped up.

I fell asleep again in the middle of the forest, freezing. Just like when I was on the train. I got off the moss under me and started following it. It just kept calling me, Natalie, until I found this big hole in the ground. I always dream I'm right where I am, and there's someone calling me into some hole in the ground, or some dark closet. They always say, "Such a pretty name," or, "I have all the time in the world, Natalie. I was in the forest two days, I think, and then I found this town.

But there was one little problem: She had never told the couple she had bought them. Just ask user berlinblades. The good news? The bride took over for a fews hours until a replacement could be found, and she was an absolute hit. Plus, "the big black headphones and mixer looks cool with a wedding dress. It wasn't until just a few hours before tigerdactyl's wedding that three of the user's brothers, who were all groomsmen, mentioned that they hadn't gotten their tuxedos. Thankfully, the user's three uncles were able to pay for one tuxedo each and save the day.

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Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images. The Un-light-able Candle Some things just aren't meant to be, like the lighting of user straitsofdire's unity candle. Heather Finn Content Strategy Editor Heather Finn is the content strategy editor at Good Housekeeping, where she heads up the brand's social media strategy and covers entertainment news on everything from ABC's 'The Good Doctor' to Netflix's latest true crime documentaries.

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