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As each Eligible Girl has a section devoted entirely to her, the specific Marriage Requirements as well as the actual text of her Events, will be found in her section. Nothing in Harvest Moon or Rune Factory exists in vacuo. Without a good understanding of every ct of life, your character will find it difficult to succeed. Nonetheless, I feel it always is useful to create a Guide specifically devoted to Courtship and Marriage, as for many players, this ct of the game is more important even than farming or combat! Characters are divided between those eligible for marriage and those who can become no more than friends.

Rosetta Holiday, fine weather 6. Rosetta 6. At the very start, your character will be restricted in almost everything, whether it is a matter of energy, money, tools, weapons, expansions or access to other characters. Ordinary 'visiting hours' with respect to most buildings, whether a residence or business, tend to be from 9. The bathhouse and Tavern are open until midnight for the most part. The Church never closes, although the Clinic does. When your friendship levels with characters increase, you will have the option of visiting them outside of ordinary visiting hours.

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Stella will advise you: Stella: I have every one lock their doors when it's early morning or at night just in case. But if it's some one they trust, they should unlock their doors. Why don't you try knocking on the doors?

Just shake the Nunchuk when you're in front of their door. But don't do it when it's too late or you'll just bother them. If you attempt to knock on a locked door after midnight, your character will muse to himself: Freyr: 'It's kinda late I'll come back tomorrow.

Use the Nunchuk instead, as advised by Stella, to knock. You can enter any house or bedroom as early as 6. In fact, 6. Uzuki is the exception, as she begins to train with her naginata outside the Inn at 6. Early morning is a good time to care for all your Monsters as well. If you perform all your Monster Care activities as well as your gift-giving between 6. That having been said, although daily routines make it easier to perform all necessary actions without forgetting anything essential, it is important to change your routine once in awhile.

In the same way that you ought to allow a rainy day periodically in order to experience a special Event that requires rain, you need to enter and exit screens at different hours in order to trigger Events. An example from my own game of the danger of never varying from a routine was the routine I had developed to spend time with Bianca, Tabatha and Minerva each day.

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Meeting them at the bathhouse each night from I did this on a nightly basis, quickly raising her Friendship Level to When I entered the Mansion at 1.

If I had visited the girls at the Mansion regularly during the early afternoon, those events would have occurred at different points as Friendship levels increased. It really did not make any difference to the final result. I experienced ALL the Events in a single afternoon. It would have been more logical, however, had I experienced them in the fashion in which they had been intended to occur.

Characters List Guide Characters in Rune Factory Frontier are divided into two basic categories between Eligible Girls and all individuals who are not eligible for marriage. The Relations Page in your Farm Menu will display a full-length Portrait of every character you have met, with a brief description and current love and friendship levels. As is the case in most Harvest Moon games, only those individuals who are eligible for courtship have both a Love Level and a Friendship Level.

All others have only a Friendship Level. Friendship is designated by a 'smiley face' icon. Love is denoted by a Heart. Hence the term 'Heart level' in Harvest Moon for any individual who is eligible for courtship. Only Characters you actually have met will appear in the Relations Page.

There is only one further Requirement involving the Magical 'Dog' from the last encounter with Gelwein.

Love Points (LP) are a way of measuring a character's relationship with you. Only the thirteen Maidens can gain LP towards you. You can view the LP levels in the relations menu. If you do so, you will notice that a maiden has a number of LP with a meter below it which shows the progress to the next LP. The meter uses a point-based system (refered to as "sub-points") which determines how close. Dating Rune Factory Frontier discover the best, excellent, charming, flawless and shocking cheap escorts in Dubai. Our affordable escort girls have attractive body and they are full Dating Rune Factory Frontier of energy which improves the chance of having a better experience. If a sexy babe is ready to spend the wildest time with you, we are / For Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Dating?".

Actual Dialogue: Mist: I'll be looking forward to those turnips. Me: Does this mean I have to give her some turnips later? Mist: When you give things that the villagers like, they will be thrilled. Mist: Oh, right. Mist: Let me tell you some of the most up to date information today.

Do you have a notepad ready? My birthday is on the 1st of autumn. It's very auspicious to be born on the 1st. It's beautiful. For Turnip on her Birthday: Why, thank you. I love it. For Turnip on ordinary day: Thank you! I love this Turnip!

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Official Description: The girl next door. A bit aloof and random but is very nice. Likes Turnips. Mist's House 9. Mist: Recently, I hear a lot of rustling around my house. Maybe some monster I saved by the beach came back to repay my good deed? But I've never saved any kind of monster at the beach before Next she will tell you: Mist: Did I mention the rustling around my house?

It turns out a duck has moved into the lake near my garden. Me: Duck? Aren't Ducks monsters? It's dangerous! Mist: It seems pretty tame so it should be all right. It waddles around with its short feet and looks so cute. It became even more friendly when I started feeding it. Speak to Candy and Marco when they stand next to the Pond for a dialogue concerning the Duck's name. Candy: Grimore is so cute.

Freyr: Grimore?! Candy: Yup. That's the duck's name. Marco named it. Marco: Doesn't that sound cool? It'll eventually grow into a huge monster and tear apart the town! Candy with thunder and cross hurt : Grimore would never do that!

It's a good monster! Mist has other ideas, however, with respect to the Duck and its name.

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Mist: When I walk in front of my house, Torte walks behind me. He's very sweet. Freyr: Torte? Mist: It's the duck's name. Isn't it cute? Is he going to a monster meeting or something? When a second Duck appears in the Pond, Torte's mission will become clear. He had been looking for a mate. Mist will remark upon this turn of Events: Mist: Oh, no!

Now there are two ducks in my garden! I wonder when they became friends The Ducks ultimately will have a 'child' of their own At 5 Hearts: Mist: I took Torte and his friend to the bath the other day.

Relationships (RF3)

But Melody got mad and said monsters aren't allowed inside. You're looking for a missing girl? I'm very sorry to hear that.

If you don't mind this humble placed, you should rest here for the night. Freyr: Thank you so much! Sister um Stella: Stella. Sister Stella, thank you very much. My name is Freyr. Freyr, huh? That's a wonderful name. Default is Raguna. Stella: By the way, Freyr, was this missing girl your sweetheart? Freyr: with profusely sweating : N-no!

It's nothing like that at all! Stella: I see Well, let's just leave the matter be for now, eh? It's getting late. You should rest. Good night. New event next morning. Freyr: Thank you for last night, Sister Stella.

How can I repay you? Stella: We must all help each other out in times of need. I'll be praying your search goes well. Freyr: Thank you. A girl enters. Girl: Good morning! You are Your choices now: Have we met? I chose Mist. Mist: Yes, I'm Mist. And you You look just like Freyr! Freyr: That's 'cause I AM him! Mist: with music : Oh, what a coincidence to meet at a place like this.

Freyr: I came looking for you, Mist! Stella: Ahahaha! So Mist was the missing girl Freyr was looking for! Mist: Sister Stella, I didn't know you knew Freyr. Freyr: I just happened to stop here for the night while I was looking for you. More importantly, what in the world are you doing here, Mist?!

Every one's worried about you because you left so suddenly. Mist: Oh, I'm sorry. Well, then could you return to town and tell every one I'm fine? Freyr: Huh? You're not coming with me? Mist: I can't. Some one is calling for me.

Freyr: Again, with the nonsense Mist: I know! Freyr, you should stay here! Me: What?! I can't do that! Mist: If I remember correctly, there's an empty house next to the one I live in. Stella: Well yes, there is, but no one has lived there for so long, it's a mess. Not to mention the farm Mist with music : Don't worry.

Freyr is very skilled at tending to such things. I'm sure he'll clean this one right up! It's this way! Outside now, Mist tells you: Mist: Just down this path! She runs off. Freyr: Please wait! Stella: Freyr, once you finish up some work, can you come to my place?

For Rune Factory Frontier on the Wii, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Dating events?". Rune Factory 4 introduces dating system to Rune Factory series. The main characters can enter a relationship with marriageable candidates. Up to six relationships are permitted at once, but will be broken off after marriage since the other eligible candidates will revert to being friends after the player gets married. When you try to initiate this relationship with a marriageable candidate at.

Freyr: Sure. To Mist now: Freyr: What is that? Mist: That's Whale Island. It's always in the sky above Trampoli Village. Freyr: What a strange island Mist with music : I heard there's a cave inside it.

Piques your interest, doesn't it? Your choices: Yeah. Not really Freyr: Yeah. How does an island float above the clouds like that? Mist: I'm sure you'll be able to find the answer to that, Freyr.

I just know it. Mist: But, sometimes it's unavailable for some reason. Freyr: What?! What if that happens when I'm fighting monsters? Mist: Well there's that saying, 'Only god knows.

The other day, I dreamt of climbing a giant beanstalk to get to Whale Island. It would be wonderful if such a beanstalk actually existed. Mist: Anyway, let's go. Follow me. It's this way. Screenshots of different cts, then: Mist: This is your new home, Freyr. How do you like it? Isn't it great? Freyr: Um Well. I guess so Now the view shifts to show the field covered in weeds, stumps and such.

Mist: Feel free to use this house and the farm in front however you like. You know what? We should give your farm a name. Freyr chooses Asgard. Mist: That's a great name.

I think it suits the place. Freyr: I hope you weren't planning on saying that no matter what I named it.

Mist: It's gonna be great to have you here. See you later! She turns to leave, then suddenly remembers something. Mist: I almost forgot! You're going to need this. Don't forget to fill the watering can with water before using it. You definitely have a knack for being an Earthmate, Freyr.

Rune Factory Frontier

I can tell just by looking at you. Oh, and another thing. I wanted to give this to you, Freyr. It's a Turnip Seed. You got: Turnip Seed! Mist: I'll be looking forward to those turnips.

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Freyr: Does this mean I have to give her some turnips later? Go into the house immediately to save your game. Journal is next to the bed. Freyr: Maybe I should write an entry in my journal Don't save. Actual Dialogue: Rosetta: Let me tell you a little secret, Freyr. Freyr: What is it? Rosetta: My birthday is on the 21st of Autumn.

I'll be waiting for a present. For Roasted Yam on her birthday: Rosetta: Thank you!

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You're really considerate for getting me Roasted Yam for my birthday. For Roasted Yam: Thank you! I love Roasted Yam! I love the texture and how sweet it is! I love how sweet it is. I also like strawberries and Hot Milk. I guess I really like sweets. But how did you know what I liked? Don't tell me you like me.

But thanks anyway. Rosetta: Oh, by the way, I never liked drinking milk. I know I shouldn't be picky about food, but I just can't drink it. Official Description: The girl at the grocery store.

Her words may sting at times, but she is always hard at work. Background history: Rosetta: Did I tell you that my family runs a general store? My father does most of the work, but I used to help out. What I learned there is helping me do what I do now. This refers to her life in Kardia in the original Rune Factory. Just a second. I can't sell your harvested crops unless I do this. I better come to collect it everyday.

Rosetta: Huh? It's you, Freyr! It's me, Rosetta, from the general store in the town you came from. I was wondering where you disappeared off to. What are you doing here? Freyr: I live here. Rosetta: Oh, really? I came to collect the items in the shipping box because I hard some one new had moved here. So it was you, Freyr. You should have told me So, what are you doing here?

Me: Mist said she needed to do something here. She lives right next door. Rosetta with tear : So you tagged along and now you're living together?!

Rune factory frontier dating

What is she doing here? You have to be more independent. You have to ship your har Well, I hope we'll get along. Freyr: This village already has a general store. Do you have time to be collecting the things in the shipping boxes? Rosetta: It's okay. You snooze, you lose, you know?

You have to keep expanding your market. You can't get back what I pick up so don't put in stuff that you don't intend to sell. On another occasion: Rosetta: I calculated the total amount for what you shipped the other day and it was huge.

I'll have to thank you for shipping things out all the time. Me: I'm just doing it because I want to Rosetta: It still helps me out a lot. I really have to thank you somehow.

On another occasion: Rosetta: The fish are on sale today! Freyr: Rosetta, aren't you going to put the seeds on sale? Rosetta: Sorry, I work on a really low margin with the seeds so I can't sell them any cheaper.

I get a lot so you can grow lots of vegetables. Freyr: Oh Thank you for that. Rosetta: It's all right. We're like a team. I wonder why? By the way, I heard that you went exploring on that flying island. It's not bad to be a hard worker, but make sure you don't get yourself killed.

Rosetta's Dialogue about Fashion Rosetta with music : I bought some new clothes. Do you want to see?

My choices now. Not really Sure! Rosetta: Maybe later. I'm working right now so I can't wear it. I guess that's the one thing I don't like about working. Rosetta: I calculated the total amount for what you shipped the other day and it was huge. Rosetta: Uzuki's clothes are really interesting. I think they look cute so I want to try wearing something like it one day.

Rosetta with cross hurt and thunder : Huh? What is that? Are you for real? You sure you're all right in the head? Danny with cross hurt and thunder : That's my line! You stole my customers with dirty tricks! You think I don't know?! Fight like a man! Rosetta: Why do you always end up like this?

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Customers come to my store because it's better. It's all because I work hard running it! Danny: No way! I know you must be cheating! You're probably blackmailing the customers! I know it! Rosetta: How rude! I never even thought of that before!

Danny: Shut your trap! I'll fight you fair and square until I expose your conspiracy, you dirty cheater! Rosetta: Get out of here! This is harassment! Now Rosetta speaks to me. Rosetta: Those kinds of people always come out when business is good.

Dating Requirements. To first start dating any bachelorettes you must get her to at least 7 hearts. After you have done this you can ask her out while your talking to her with L or R on your Nintendo though you can take her with you into dungeons before you . You are included in rune factory series. Okay, is a strategy to ask to the village a date can be organised only able to the first game. In rune abilities or spells to be dating rune. You have a strategy to rune factory 4 dating guide of ganesha in rune factory frontier date in . Courtship in Rune Factory Frontier Courtship in Rune Factory Frontier is centred on the ritual of a 'Date' similar to the Dates in Tree of Tranquility with one essential difference. A Date can be.

Oh, Freyr. You were here? Are you worried about the thing with Danny? Thanks, but these things will happen as long as we run businesses. Just watch! I won't let this hold me back! Rosetta's Romantic Dream Freyr: Rosetta, you're always working so hard at your own store.

I really respect you for that. Rosetta: I- I sometimes dream about having a knight in shining armour to come take me away. Did I say something to make you mad? Rosetta: It's n-nothing The next pivotal Event for Rosetta involves her father.

As her heart levels increase further, she will speak of her father and of the fact that she was the guiding light at his shop in Kardia in terms of business sense. Freyr: Rosetta, How is your store recently?

Rosetta: It's going really well. I guess I have some talent in running a business. Maybe I should give a lecture to my dad while I'm at it.

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After: Rosetta: Decorating the store with a vase is probably overdoing it. We're a general store after all. Rosetta: Maybe I should start selling the stuff I cooked at the store? At 6 Hearts: Freyr: Rosetta, are you good at cooking?

Rosetta: What, I don't look it? I'm actually pretty good at it, you know. When I was living with Dad, I was the one that did all the cooking. Freyr: Oh, really? Then I hope you'll treat me to some later. Rosetta: W-what?! I-it's not free! I-I-It's not cheap either, you know! At 8 Hearts: Rosetta: My dad walks around completely naked after he takes a bath, and never separates the laundry. He's completely hopeless. But I do respect him for taking his job seriously every day.

I have to do just as well. When she is almost at 9 Hearts: Rosetta: I want to take a vacation and just relax once in a while. But since I run a store, that's never going to happen.

Rune Factory Frontier: Married Life with Mist (English Version)

You will witness Rosetta's exit from the shop, bowed down with heavy bags. Rosetta: Oh, Freyr. Freyr: What happened? Why are you carrying so much luggage? Rosetta: My father collapsed. He may be worthless, but he's still my father. I'm going to be gone for awhile.

I left Danny in charge of the store, so it's business as usual. She then continues down the staircase and disappears. Sign up for free! Dating events? Ok, so I checked out this site, ranchstory. It just doesn't make sense. Am I too late to do some of the dating events? Check it out. Accepted Answer. I married Cinnimon as she is the best lol and you need to have Melody and Lara around 7 in both just in case, I mean that's what I did, as they are heavily tied to her heart event.

I was thrown in a loop when I found out other people's levels contributed to other people's events myself. You'll get used to it but I think Cinnimons is most complex as I found leveling up Melody and Lara fairly hard since I always died and didn't care about Melody. User Info: sonicravenx. Other Answers. After you get married it will be the same though. To get married you must have the bachelorette at 10 hearts, have united the town and the Univir, have to have the double bed purchased from Diamond General Store and complete all of her requests.

After you have done this Wells and Marjorie will show up and and give you the engagement ring's recipe for the Workshop. People who have played Rune Factory 2 might recognize this ring as Mana 's proposal item. The recommended level for crafting this item is 20 and you must obtain 2 Silver and a Ruby.

To get the double bed, you need to defeat the twins monster at Oddward. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

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