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Seventeen is a 13 member group and they all have different taste in women SO I, Dino fan, thought I would do their ideal girl. Now I got my information on a website that said their ideal type and everything but I'm kinda going to explain it Does that make sense? His ideal girl is someone who can cook and eat a lot. Now that means the girl he would want probably needs some experience on how to cook delicious food for him Hopefully no spicy food X3. This girl also has to eat a lot but not like a whole table of food but probably just eat a good amount.

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It's difficult to decipher Jun because it's near impossible to tell what is him being cautious and what is him merely focusing on speaking correctly. The Chinese language tends to be much more assertive on each word, somewhat like English, while Korean tends to be a good deal faster and occasionally slurred, similar to Spanish.

He speaks Korean very thoughtfully and slowly.

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This on top of his overall attitude shifts make it near impossible for me to think of him. My guess is he's probably straight but there's a small chance he may have experimented.

This is a very small chance though.


Another difficult one but less so I feel than Jun. He's confident in himself and while I feel he doesn't mind giving the aegyo, it's not exactly his preference. He's actually much sassier than I think many realize when seeing Seventeen and when this side comes out it can raise a few eyebrows.

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Not from him doing anything outstandingly gay but from exposing a part of him that he clearly tries to keep refrained. His little temper tantrums, I'm sorry for the coarse description, are so gay. Wide eyed and purse lipped. It's only small openings I see this so I can't give a more assertive decision. I do think he's at least bisexual with preference for men but this is only a guess. I actually think Seungkwan is straight. He's just a big mama's boy. He likes cute things and has a little sass but nothing outside of that tells anything.

He has too many consistencies where a closeted gay person would have inconsistencies such as speech delivery, confidence, emotiveness, etc.

Now that they are all above the age of 18 I feel more comfortable discussing this since they are all of legal age, at least in America. It has also allowed me more time to see how they act. Since they tend to have fewer comebacks because of the need to compose and choreograph their own material, it tends to give less evidence to work with. Women's preferred minimum partner age: Below are the data from Buunk et al.'s study on women's minimum age preferences; the rule's age calculations are represented by the solid line. From there on it was all down-alphabet. The generation following Gen X naturally became Gen Y, born (give or take a few years on either end). The term "Millennial" is widely credited to Neil Howe, along with William Strauss. The pair coined the term in when the impending turn of the millennium began to feature heavily in the.

I've heard some people give thoughts to him being gay but I just don't see it. He lacks any of the telltale signs outside of a slightly feminine appearance, which means nothing in Eastern culture.

I do think he's very romantic and playful.

Nov 14,   ATE: Hearst, which publishes Seventeen, points out that the MRI survey targets adults (18+) and doesn't include magazine readers under The most recent TeenMark study (measuring teens from ), Hearst says, shows that Author: Dylan Stableford. Seventeen: Dating Age Range. Request: could you do the dating age range for seventeen? thank you! A/N Hello! I made your request:) Enjoy! Also #DontWannaCry1stWin!! I'm so proud of them T^T -Admin Gold. Seungcheol: Jeonghan: Joshua: Jun: Hoshi: Seventeen is a 13 member group and they all have different taste in women SO I, Dino fan, thought I would do their ideal girl. Now I got my information on a website that said their ideal type and everything but I'm kinda going to explain it (Does that make sense?).

There MAY have been a time of experimentation but if there ever was it's behind him. He cooks. He cleans. He's shy.

He's straight. Just good house husband material. While he may be a little quieter than the others he's given no signs and no "exposures" to his personality.

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It is all so obviously Mingyu so there's little thought in my mind that when he gives the girls a wink, he means it. The Little Giant. He's trying so hard to be manly.

He's succeeding. I thought he may have been questionable during Adore U but as time goes on he seems to have found out himself what he wants. It's because of this that I wait for groups to be older.

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Teenage years are often times of experimentation and figuring out oneself. He may have thought about it or, heck, even tries out a little experimentation when he was younger.

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He was very young to be raised in a primarily male environment which typically leads to some level of homoerotic atmosphere or behavior.

However I think he's confident now.

And that's finally Seventeen. Ideas may change as time goes on but for now that's kind of my thoughts of them.

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If you have any additions or ideas you'd like to add please comment down below. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Kpop Sexuality Analysis. Likes Regardless of your age, you will always belong to the generation you were born into.

Seventeen: Dating Age Range

Realistically, the name Generation Z is a place-holder for the youngest people on the planet. It is likely to morph as they leave childhood and mature into their adolescent and adult identities.

It started with Generation X, people born between The preceding generation was the Baby Boomers, born Depending on whom you ask, it was either sociologists, a novelist, or Billy Idol who cemented this phrase in our vocabulary. From there on it was all down-alphabet. The generation following Gen X naturally became Gen Y, born give or take a few years on either end. The pair coined the term in when the impending turn of the millennium began to feature heavily in the cultural consciousness.

Javelin Research noticed that not all Millennials are currently in the same stage of life. While all millennials were born around the turn of the century, some of them are still in early adulthood, wrestling with new careers and settling down, while the older millennials have a home and are building a family. You can imagine how having a child might change your interested and priorities, so for marketing purposes, it's useful to split this generation into Gen Y. The younger group are financial fledglings, just flexing their buying power.

People Grow Older, Birthdays Stay the Same

The latter group has a credit history, may have their first mortgage and are raising toddlers. His ideal girl is someone who is pure and clean looking, also he likes sexy. So what he means by "PURE" is someone who is like an angel, someone who is good lol does that make sense? I Opinion think he would want someone who could speak Chinese because it would be easier to communicate. His ideal girl is someone who is fragrant and likes him.

He also wants a girlfriend who he can give her chocolate and in return receive a big kiss and hug.

Seventeen dating age range

So he wants someone who smells nice and someone who likes him because he's himself. I Opinion think he wants a girl who can laugh at anything he tells her unless he's serious and someone who has a bright smile. His ideal girl is someone who suits him well. Wonwoo looks quiet but in reality he's probably very talkative, he also looks a little cold but he's actually warm hearted. So I think Opinion he would want someone who he could talk to and someone who would listen to him and someone who is nice to others, someone who is trustworthy.

On the website it didn't say his ideal girl so I'm going to do one based on his personality, if you don't agree with me I understand this is basically an opinion. For Woozi he said he very calm, serious and careful, so he probably wants a girl who is very calm and isn't to crazy and someone who can be serious with him but can try to calm hin down. His ideal girl is someone with long dark hair, has aegyo and has slender legs.

So basically he wants someone with black or dark brown hair, someone who is cute and clingy but he also wants someone with good looking legs. His ideal girl is someone who is tall, kind hearted and easy going. So he wants the girl to be tall like him but maybe a few inches shorter than him, someone who is kind to others, and someone who is relaxed, carefree, even-tempered.

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His ideal girl is someone cute and kind. So he wants a girl who is very cute Maybe aegyo and someone who is kind to him and others. He's also very quiet so someone who is loud and quiet.

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