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A Libra woman is born between 23 September- 22 October. A Libra woman has her feminine side and can charm anyone. There are many Libra personality traits and Libra characteristics. A Libran woman is a socially active lady and love to hang out with people she loves. She is always ready to help people, and she has her own way of pleasing everybody with her personality and charm. Here are 10 Libra traits you must know. A Libra woman is very talkative and will also listen carefully.

With great social skills and a likeable attitude, basically everyone loves having one of these natives around. So, if you want to date a Libra nativeremember that they like hanging out more than anything else. One other thing is that a Libran is not used to deceiving others or lying to cover up something.

This means that anything you say to them will be taken for granted and accepted as being true. Special attention is then needed to avoid any misunderstanding.

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Out of all other signs in the Zodiac, Librans are among the most devoted and loving individuals out there. Feeling just as good going to a party as having an intimate picnic, they are able to take on everything for the one they love. They will make you fully experience everything there is to know about romance, alongside a true master in the field.

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Well, a Libran native is the exact opposite of that. Great listeners and open-minded individuals, they will not only look as if enraptured by a discussion, but also intervene from time to time with their own ideas on the subject.

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Not a conflicting or stubborn individual in the least, what they are looking for is not a victory, but a healthy and fun discussion. Although these natives are very affectionate and loving with close people, it would be a big mistake to think that they will tolerate any misbehavior or any ill treatment. And that might even include the prospect of leaving, if things are going too far.

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Albeit a very social and open individual, a Libra will still feel the need to make up some time for himself and recharge his batteries. All that enthusiasm and intensity have to have an end after all, right?

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Giving up all that extra alone time may not be very distressing and irritating, but it is slightly uncomfortable. Her decision to spend it with you instead of recuperating should act as a hint of what a relationship really means for these guys.

10 things you must know about Libra woman

Two people alongside each other fighting against the whole world, this is how they see it all. What is more important that living a comfortable and satisfying life? Regretting nothing and doing whatever feels good is how a Libra prefers to live their life. This should come as no surprise, since even their names are suggestive of it, but Libras seek harmony first and foremost, a general equilibrium in their life.

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If something feels out of order or out of place, a change is necessary to reach an acceptable level and regain balance. In discussions, they are not close-minded, and even if they have their own ideas and thoughts, recognizing and acknowledging other arguments is not hard at all.

In turn, this makes it hard for any conflicts to appear that might lead to bad things happening.

The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Dating Libra Moon.

You will never find someone calmer and more easy-going. The woman in Libra needs to be reminded that she is beautiful and intelligent. If you are with her, keep saying these things, more than once.

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Admiring and praising this woman will bring only good. She will enjoy you chasing her.

Apr 30,   Dating A Libra Woman: Things You Should Know What it's like to date a Libra woman if you want to win her heart for good. k Views 0 Shares. Share Tweet. The Libra can be a woman of society who knows how to handle people and situations. Gracious, she only likes the finest things in life. Apr 27,   A Libra Woman will never make decisions which will harm the other person. She will always see what's right and what wrong and then she will make up her mind. Love. A Libra woman will always love her partner passionately. If she is dating a Libra man, then they will have a balanced relationship.

Get ready to have things explained to the very detail. She likes to know facts and to analyze situations.

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She so much enjoys being held and kissed, but in a creative way. If you want to win over her heart faster, make sure you bring small gifts like flowers and chocolate. She will be delighted to receive them, and she will surely invite you to spend an evening together.

It is only her way of being friendly. The Libra native likes being in a relationship. If she has found a good partner, she will be good and caring. If the solution involves calming down the waters after a fight, she will be the first to do it.

The Libra woman is the type of woman who wants to get married, so she will make a good relationship work, no matter what.

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Whilst she has a large circle of friends, you will be surprised by how fast you will meet with them. She will make sure to present each and every one to you from the fourth date on, if not earlier. Impress her friends with how many feelings you already invested in the relationship.

It is the same with the family.

Things to know about dating a libra woman

Show them you are serious about the relationship with their girl and you will win her appreciation. Keep in mind it takes a while for the Libra woman to make decisions, and she is like that when it comes to relationship as well.

Nothing matters after the Libra woman has said yes to a date. All that she wants is to know you better. If you really want to impress her, you could choose a classy restaurant or tickets to a ballet show.

Take her somewhere where she can dress up in something elegant. But remember to create an intimate atmosphere as Libra ladies have a strong romantic side.

Apr 05,   Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Dating a LIBRA - Duration: Astrology Guy , views. Libra Woman, Libra Man Steph Prism - Duration: Author: astrokit. Aug 12,   This Video gives you the ins and outs of Dating someone with Libra Sun Sign. Including the Top 10 Things You Need To Know about dating a Libra, what a relationship would be like with different Author: Astrology Guy. Outgoing and adventurous by Nature, your Libra partner will be delight to your crazy and fun side. Here is a list of 15 things that you must know before you date a Libra! Be prepared to be spoilt with generosity! Perhaps one of the best things about a .

As she is friendly and good at offering advice, she will have many friends. So, get ready to attend many gatherings and parties. Be mannered and proud to have her next to you. If you bring her home, take out the most beautiful glasses.

Her difficulties in making decisions may be annoying for some people, but with someone understanding, things could be perfect.

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