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We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post. Read our full disclosure here. Well, first of all, congratulations! New romances are always super exciting. And dating a man in uniform has its perks like looking hot as heck in his uniform, right? And I totally get it! I mean, not in a weird way.

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Try Match. Show Strength Police officers spend their days hunting down criminals and protecting people in need.

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Listen The more you can listen to a police officer, the more likely she is to trust you, and to open up about cts of her job that may not be pleasant to talk about. Show Independence Police officers often work long hours, and may not be there for you all the time.

Jul 24,   But the greatest reward for a police officer is to see the tremendous positive value that he adds to the community. Many civilians join the police force because they want to make a change for the better in their communities. Dating a police officer means you are dating a man of high moral character who has a tendency towards altruism. Pros of Dating a Cop. 1. Security. Dating a police officer who interacts with dangerous criminals every day gives you a certain level of safety and security that not 2. Independence. 3. You'll have a natural leader in the house. 4. Cops are respected members of society. 5. A cop is more likely. Tips on Dating a Police Officer Show Strength. Police officers spend their days hunting down criminals and protecting people in Listen. The more you can listen to a police officer, the more likely she is to trust you, Avoid Asking for Favors. You may be dating a cop, but that doesn't mean.

View Singles Near You. References Officer. Now What? Accessed 05 May Dating a police officer may pit you against some people and you may see things on social media from them.

You yourself may even be torn, in the midst of this controversy.

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When you start dating a police officer, you lose the opportunity to be around anyone who is committing any kind of criminal activity. This includes things like underage drinking and using illicit drugs.

First of all, Heidi McDonald had some fantastic points - read her answer for a great first-hand account. My wife and I were firmly married (three years plus) when I became a police officer, but I'll give some considerations I imagine would have em. Dating a police officer is much like dating a man in any other profession; however there are a few differences that some women don't take notice of when pursuing a relationship with a policeman. Knowing a few things about the life of a policeman can make it easier for interested ladies to successfully date a male cop. May 21,   5 Things To Know About Dating a Police Officer You're going to have to learn to be extremely flexible and independent. If you're used to relationships with any degree of consistency (Taco Tuesdays, date nights every Friday), take a deep breath.

Both are usually central to house parties. He is constantly scanning the room and remaining vigilant of what is going on. The best way to do this is from a corner, but as long as he can see the whole room, he will be fine. Police officers have so much gear that they carry on them, it is impossible for it not to be from one end of your house to the next.

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This is the least fun fact of all but it is necessary: dating a police officer means that every time you kiss him goodbye, it could be the last time. The whole time he is gone, it is in the back of your mind and every unexpected phone call and late night, you worry a little bit. But in spite of all these things, dating a police officer means an endless supply of love and support.

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These guys sign up to protect the town but he will never forget to remind you that you are the center of his world. Dating a police officer is a huge commitment but it is without a doubt worth it. Every relationship is different and every relationship comes with challenges.

Apr 09,   Things To Know When Dating a Police Officer. Independence is Not Optional. While he would love to be around to take care of you at all times, the reality is that if you are dating a police officer, he will not be able to. You need to be able to do things on . Sep 30,   You'll be dating someone who many consider to be a hero. You can be proud. Bonus: Mom and dad will be impressed, too. 4. Police officers are able to problem solve quickly and don't freeze or panic in emergency situations. Your date will be ready for almost anything. Like dating anyone with a demanding career, dating a police officer is definitely full of lots of highs and lows. You take the good with the bad, however at the end of the day it .

This one is no different. As long as you are both prepared for the realities of his job, it is no more challenging than any other relationship out there. I'm Jordyn, just a girl juggling the adventure of being a police wife, new mama, and young professional.

5 Things To Know About Dating a Police Officer

I love all of these roles passionately but am here to remind women that there is so much more to life than the hats you wear! My mission at OperationJordyn is to provide you with resources, tools, and encouragement to help you strike a balance in life while still taking care of yourself.

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Its time to put the HER back in motherhood. Such an insightful piece. Thanks for sharing. Well this post honestly made me think!

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. You must remember that the chose his profession to protect society from crime and will often put himself in harm's way in the line of duty. You must appreciate and respect that decision no matter how frightening it may be for you, particularly when a relationship is becoming serious. Renee has been published by Lumino and Career Flight as well as various food, education and business publications.

Many women are attracted to police officers. Meet Singles in your Area!


Try Match. Step 1 Find a place to meet police officers.

Things to know when dating a police officer

Step 2 Obey the law. Step 3 Be accepting of odd and inconvenient schedules. Step 4 Date cops in your neighborhood police district. Step 5 Take interest in his work.

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Step 6 Try not to worry. View Singles Near You.

Dating a Cop in Pros, Cons, Things to Know

References Officer. Now What?

Should You Date a Cop?

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