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But things are about to ramp up a notch when she takes a meal to Max - only to have Ruby Allen Louisa Lytton open the door. Max and Stacey first met in when Max arrived in Albert Square - with Stacey being the first person he encountered when he arrived and his car had broken down. Max solved the problem by moving to Spain with his family but ultimately returning because he wanted to be with Stacey after all - only to discover that Stacey and Bradley were back together and engaged. The flashpoint came when Stacey and Max kissed on the day of her wedding Bradley - with the moment captured on video by Lauren. It led to their affair being revealed to the whole family in a memorable Christmas Day episode, when Bradley decided to play a DVD of the wedding day which Lauren had given them as a gift. Unbeknown to him the disc featured footage of Max and Stacey talking about their affair, as well as the kiss - and of course all hell broke loose. Max has since confessed to Stacey that he never stopped loving her even though both have moved on with other relationships - Stacey now being married to Martin.

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Mar 23,   Self isolation can be a bore, but Max Bowden has a pretty good idea of how to make the chore a fun-filled affair. The EastEnders star, 25, has been stuck inside with his girlfriend Danielle after Author: Nika Shakhnazarova. Jul 10,   EastEnders lothario Max Branning is set to have a steamy affair with Ruby Allen this summer. EastEnders' notorious ladies man Max Branning (Jake Wood) is . Abi Branning is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Lorna Fitzgerald. She was introduced by executive producer Kate Harwood on 3 July as an extension to the Branning family, along with father Max, mother Tanya Branning and older sister Lauren Branning (Madeline Duggan/Jacqueline Jossa).Created by: Simon Ashdown.

Lacey Turner auctions favourite clothes to fundraise for domestic violence victims Lacey Turner The EastEnders star, 32, is auctioning off three of her favourite outfits in order to help fund the OK! Closet Clear Out. Top Stories. Terrifying warning signs that forced Boris Johnson to call UK lockdown revealed for the first time - as scientists publish secret papers Coronavirus Explained.

Max is arrested and released on bail, until Carl goads him into attacking him, and he is remanded in custody. He then ends his relationship with Kirsty under Carl's instructions, who has threatened to harm Lauren. Carl also forces Max to tell his family he is guilty, and Lauren is the only person who believes he is innocent.

On the day of Max's trial, Ian fails to turn up, and Max is released without charge, to Carl's fury. Max then heads to a wasteland with Phil, and it is revealed they have kidnapped Ian. Max declines and returns to his family instead, resuming his relationship with Kirsty. Several months later, Kirsty leaves Walford for good. He helps track Stacey down, but decides he cannot be involved when he realises he may still have feelings for Stacey. Stacey later turns to Max for help, but they end up in a passionate kiss, and Stacey later leaves Walford with Lily to stay with her mother Jean.

Max later starts a sexual relationship with his daughter Lauren's best friend, Lucy Beale Hetti Bywaterwhich they manage to keep a secret for several weeks. Somebody eventually finds out about Max and Lucy's affair, and e-mails him an image of the pair kissing. Max confronts Lucy, believing it is her trying to blackmail him, but it is revealed it is not.

A physical struggle ensues, which ends when Lucy falls over and hits her head on a chair.

Max and Lucy have an explosive argument outside of the car lot, which sees Max grab Lucy violently by her arm. Max becomes prime suspect after the police discover that Lucy was having an affair, and Max reveals all to David Wicks Michael French. David initially tries to encourage Max to confess to the Beales and the police, but he refuses, and David threatens to tell the police everything.

After Max's sister Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson collapses and is rushed to hospital, David realises he must protect Max for her so gets rid of all of the evidence of Max and Lucy's fight. Remembering the moving eulogy Max made at Bradley's funeral, Ian turns to him for advice over Lucy's impending funeral. Abi becomes irate when she sees Max supporting Ian and reveals that she knows that he was sleeping with Lucy and was the person that sent him the email of him and Lucy together.

Abi's boyfriend Jay Brown Jamie Borthwick witnesses the confrontation between them and tells Phil, who in turn reveals the truth to a horrified Ian. Emma ends things when Max's rival, Dot's grandson Charlie Cotton Declan Bennett discovers their relationship and threatens to report it. When Stacey is released after an appeal, Max employs her at the car lot, but she decides to leave when he admits he still has feelings for her and it was those feelings that drove him to have the affair with Lucy.

Branning family

Stacey then encourages him to get back in touch with Emma, and she and Max resume their relationship. He impresses Emma's parents when they visit but when Emma wants to end their relationship because of the pressures of the case, Max makes an anonymous call to the police which starts an investigation into Emma's misconduct.

Max is angry when Emma gives Lauren's laptop to the police, and as a result, Abi's behaviour regarding Max and Lucy is revealed to both the police and Lauren. After Emma is hit by a car in the Square, Max takes her to hospital where she dies from a bleed to the brain. Max finds Emma's case notes in his kitchen cupboard and rips them up in front of Carol, and then turns to alcohol to deal with his grief.

Thinking Phil was responsible for the crash, he takes revenge by tricking his son Ben Harry Reid into signing over The Arches to him. When Max discovers Phil has been frame he refuses to sign the business back to Phil despite Ben later telling him that Nick Cotton John Altman was responsible for the crash. After he is banned from Emma's funeral, Max visits Phil in prison to tell him he has taken over ownership of The Arches.

Phil swears revenge on Max, and after being released, Phil regains the garage and also takes the car lot from Max. Max struggles with the loss of his business, and stops taking care of himself or paying his bills. Carol discovers this and invites Max to move in with her and rent out his house to pay the mortgage.

Desperate for work, Max takes a job at Ian's fish and chip shop. When Ben is arrested for Lucy's murder, Phil manipulates Abi into coming forward about Max's fake alibi to the police. Max is arrested and when Lucy's blood is found on his shoe, from where Jake Stone caused Lucy's nose to bleed on the night she died, he is charged with the murder.

Who is max dating in eastenders

Despite Jane Beale Laurie Brett giving him a false alibihe is found guilty thanks to Phil paying off the jury foreman. Upon hearing the verdict, Max escapes from court and manages to confront Jane in the hope of uncovering the truth. Jane simply says she believes Max is innocent and decides to help him escape to Ireland. Max wants to say a final goodbye to Lauren and Abi, so Jane goes to Carol's to find them.

Carol realises Max is at Jane's so goes there and decides to go to Ireland with him. When Abi finds out Max is at Jane's, she calls the police. Max soon realises that Jane is covering for her adoptive son, Bobby Beale Eliot Carringtonand that Lauren knew, so he disowns Lauren.

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Max is then arrested while shouting that Bobby killed Lucy, though it is dismissed as an act of desperation. He is sentenced to life imprisonment with a recommendation he should serve at least 21 years.

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Seven months later, the truth about Bobby emerges and he is charged with Lucy's murder. Lauren and Abi attempt to visit Max in prison, but they find out that he has refused to see either of them.

Max has a court hearing for his release, which Abi is reluctant to attend so Lauren writes Max a letter for Stacey to pass on, but Stacey misses Max at the court and hands it to his solicitor. Lauren and Abi wait for Max in The Queen Vic but he does not arrive, and when Lauren goes home, Max posts the letter back through the letterbox and quickly leaves in a taxi with Lauren failing to stop him.

A week later, Max sends Ian a threatening note, saying he will never forget what he did. Max returns to Walford on Christmas Eve and claims that he has changed, giving up smoking and drinking, but in reality, he has become a dark man. He shakes hands with Ian and Jane, saying he wants to move on from the past. Lauren is glad to see Max but Abi is not as she is still angry with the way Max treated her during his trial. However, Max begs her to give him a chance and invites Abi, Lauren and Jack to have a drink with him.

Abi accepts Max but Jack questions his motives. Stacey finds out that Phil bribed the foreman at Max's trial so that he could be found guilty, so tells Max. Max visits Phil at the hospital, but instead of suffocating Phil as Phil asks him to, Max states that he forgives him. Outside, Max burns his wrist with a cigarette, revealing that he has been self-harming. Max attends Jack's wedding to Ronnie, and Roxy slips her bedroom key into his pocket. After the ceremony, Max goes to Roxy's bedroom and waits for her.

There, he finds cocaine in Roxy's handbag. The next day, Max hears that Ronnie and Roxy have drowned and disposes of Roxy's cocaine so the police will not find it. When a bus crashes into the market, Max organises the rescue of Stacey's husband, Martin Fowler James Byefrom under the bus and is hailed a hero.

Max tells Josh not to employ her but Josh does so anyway. He also contacts Charlie, who returns to Walford and tells Jack they need to talk about Matthew. Charlie insists he will seek custody of Matthew and starts a fight with Jack in public; Jack punches Charlie. Max later visits Charlie when discovering the incident likely will not influence the legal case over Matthew, revealing their secret scheming, and says they have to take further actions; soon after, the police find Jack and arrest him for assault as Max watches.

Jack is accused of badly hurting Charlie, who allowed Max to purposely attack and injure him to frame Jack for serious assault. The charges against Jack are dropped, and Charlie attempts to settle for residence of Matthew and plans to move to Ireland with him. Jack voluntarily gives Charlie residence of Matthew, but Max warns Charlie that he is not doing enough. Max gives him cash as a reward for his assistance and takes his mobile phone, telling him not to contact Jack again, threatening him with violence if he refuses.

Charlie agrees and Max smashes Charlie's phone. Max seemingly shows an interest in Carmel Kazemi Bonnie Langfor who works at Walford Council's planning department. On their first date, he uses the opportunity to secretly look at her files from the council. Ian pulls out of the deal, fearing Max's motives. However, Max convinces Ian that he does not have any ulterior motives and he just wants to move on.

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Max hears that Lauren and her boyfriend Steven Beale Aaron Sidwell are engaged, despite Steven lying to Lauren that he has a brain tumour. Lauren leaves a message on Max's voicemail, requesting him to refuse Steven when he asks him for permission to marry her. However, Max deliberately gives his permission, pretending he did not get Lauren's message. Max and Carmel have sex after their second date but he leaves before she wakes up and goes home, where his house appears to show him to be wealthy despite telling people that he lives in a bedsit.

Fi knows about Max and Carmel's relationship as it is part of a plan to get information from the council. Max reveals to Steven that he knows about his brain tumour lie and stops Steven confessing to Lauren by telling her that Steven has three months to live. Max blackmails Steven, threatening that he will reveal his lie if he does not do what he tells him. When a group of tenants refuse to leave their flat, Max orders Steven to burn it down but make sure the tenants are out.

When Steven does this, he tells Max that he does not know if the tenants got out. Jane finds out about Steven's lie and Steven tells Max that he will tell her that Max lied for him.

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Max grabs Steven by the throat and tells him if he does, he will kill him. Jane overhears Max and Fi talking about the redevelopment plan, which Max is using as revenge against those who wronged him in the past. Jane confronts Max in Ian's restaurant and at the same time, a gas explosion occurs on the Square so Max leaves Jane alone at the restaurant.

Max confronts Steven at The Vic and orders him to kill Jane so she does not tell anyone. Steven sets fire to the restaurant with Jane inside and leaves her there, telling her this would not have happened if she had not let Max go to prison.

Max and Steven go back to the restaurant and Max orders Steven to kill her. Steven refuses to allow her to die so Max angrily shoves him and forces him to leave. Max confronts Jane and tells her that while he was in prison, all he could think about was revenge on everyone who turned their back on him.

EastEnders- Stacey & Max worry they were overheard

He opens a hatch to allow the fire to spread to Jane and leaves, lying that he could not find Jane. Steven later dies from his injuries but Jane is rescued. Max goes to the hospital to see Jane, pretending to be her husband.

He calls Jane's mobile and finds it in a drawer, then takes the SIM card out and bins it. Unable to speak, Jane tries to communicate with Sharon through writing but falls unconscious. Max tries to kill Jane by holding down on her breathing tube but stops when Ian walks in.

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When Jane awakens from her coma, Max orders her to leave Walford. James tells Max that he wants access to some sealed bids belonging to the council.

Jul 25,   There's a big shock awaiting Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) in EastEnders tonight after waking up at Max Branning (Jake Wood)'s place. With Max displaying his vulnerable side over all he Number Of Seasons: 1.

Carmel offers to help him but he changes his mind. However, Fi meets him at Carmel's house, where they have sex. Unbeknownst to Max, Fi then hacks into Carmel's computer and accesses the sealed bids; Carmel is suspended from her job, though is later cleared. Mick and Linda raise the money. Lauren discovers a scale model of Albert Square showing its development, and confronts Max, who assures her that the developers have pulled out.

Max buys an engagement ring for Fi, which Carmel finds and assumes that Max is going to propose to her, so she gathers her friends and family in The Queen Vic. However, Max kisses Fi in front of everyone and Camrel leaves in tears. James and Luke then enter The Queen Vic and reveal that the Carters didn't raise the money for Grafton Hill which is owned by Weyland, meaning that they now own the Vic, with Fi denying that she offered any discount.

They also reveal Max's involvement in not only this but the whole of the development scam. Everyone is shocked by Max's actions who is smugly delighted that everything has fallen into place for him. Looking for the icing on the cake, Max proposes to Fi but is stunned when she refuses, much to the amusement of everyone in the pub.

Max is further horrified when James and Luke betray him by burning his contract, revealing that he was being tricked all along. Speechless, Max sits defeated and alone in the Vic until Jack decides to take him home, fearing for Max's safety since his betrayal is now known to most of the square.

Carmel's son, Kush Kazemi Davood Ghadamiarrives however and punches Max for his treatment of Carmel, sending him flying over a table in a heap.

Aug 19,   Max Branning, say no more. *Requested* Jack Branning vs The Square (January - September /May - May ) - Duration: Walford Bureau , views. Branning family members such as Bianca's daughter Tiffany Butcher-Baker (Maisie Smith) and Bradley's widow Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) remain in the series but are currently considered part of other families. Max's wife, Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) is also considered a Created by: Tony McHale. Fantasizing about fucking Who Is Max Dating In Eastenders your friend's hot wife doesn't have to be just a fantasy anymore. Here's how I got in bed with my friend's wife (use at your own risk)/

Homeless and unemployed, Max is taken in by Jack who discovers his self-harming. The next day, Max is given his desk belongings by Luke from Weyland and Co and after seeing Wilmott-Brown and Fi in a car, he hysterically shouts at them for their betrayal.

He then aggressively shouts at Jack until he is slapped by him. Josh gives Lauren the office copy of Max's contract, stating that he is entitled to the money and Weyland always set out to destroy him.

He then lets Lauren decide what to do with the contract. Lauren demands the truth from Max, who says he did what he did to get money for his family. Lauren doesn't believe him and reveals the contract and threatens to burn it if he does not tell the truth; however, Max grabs it and destroys it himself, revealing that he doesn't care about the money and that all he wanted was revenge for everyone who lied or did nothing when he was sent to prison, including his own family.

Max rages at Abi, Lauren and Jack who all leave, and he then smashes Jack's family photos. He goes to burn himself, but has no cigarettes left so headbutts a mirror instead. Jack, regretting his decision to abandon Max during his trial, supports him despite Max's rant.

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He arranges for Oscar to visit Max on his birthday which delights Max. Max convinces Abi to help him bake a cake, but Cora arrives and says she has heard what he did and told Tanya, who has decided to make sure Max never sees Oscar again. He fails to try and manipulate Keanu into thinking that he will be used as collateral damage. Jack continues to support Max and after persuading Mick and Linda to let Max drink the Vic, the two have a day in the pub.

Max thanks Jack for his recent help. However, Charlie returns to Walford with Matthew and tells Jack that Max caused his injuries and paid him to take Matthew away. Max pleads with Jack to forgive him but Jack disowns Max. He throws him out onto the street and after both Abi and Lauren give him the brush off, Max briefly leaves Walford.

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Max returns and, angrier than ever, decides to get revenge on Ian and Phil. He surprises Ian in his house, stating that he is going to kill him.

Ian says that Phil is the real culprit as he bribed the jury, but Max says that Phil is next on his list.

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Ian tries to escape Max by hitting him over the head with a frying pan, but Max pulls him back inside the house and starts to strangle him, just as Lauren walks in. Lauren stops Max from killing Ian, who tells Phil. Stacey hears from Lauren that Max has tried killing Ian and calms him down, letting him stay with her and Martin.

The next morning, Martin is unconvinced that Max will not come between Stacey and their family, so asks Stacey to get Max to leave, which she does.

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But things are about to ramp up a notch when she takes a meal to Max - only to have Ruby Allen Louisa Lytton open the door. Max and Stacey first met in when Max arrived in Albert Square - with Stacey being the first person he encountered when he arrived and his car had broken down. Max solved the problem by moving to Spain with his family but ultimately returning because he wanted to be with Stacey after all - only to discover that Stacey and Bradley were back together and engaged.

The flashpoint came when Stacey and Max kissed on the day of her wedding Bradley - with the moment captured on video by Lauren. It led to their affair being revealed to the whole family in a memorable Christmas Day episode, when Bradley decided to play a DVD of the wedding day which Lauren had given them as a gift.

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