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Tokyo Adult Guide. User TAG Member. Thank you very much, I noted everything you said. I'll go with all these you mentioned and ignore digicafe. Jumping on this thread. I always rejected the offers.

What is TrueLoveJapan website? A Japanese community where you meet people seeking for love, marriage, frienship or language exchange.

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To make it short, meeting real people with same porpose as yours, as long as you are respectful with others. Is it safe?

Meet up with Japanese friends from over 23 prefectures in Japan. For Traveling, Dating, Friendship or Language Exchange. Join For Free. Hajimemashite. Make Japanese friends with the same hobbies as yours. No more boring days in Japan! Explore the Japanese culture, the food, and do daily activities with friends in a so much fun way. Jan 25,   The difference between a tolerably decent dating site and a ripoff site is that the ripoff site wants to get your money in a big lump before you figure out there's nothing there. For the tolerably decent dating site, they want to provide enough stuff to interest you and keep you involved for a much longer period of time. Oct 15,   Japan's social-networking pioneer turns matchmaker by Akky the package Mixi is buying also includes YYC, an online dating service with million members. In Japan, though, online dating.

Because everybody must provide an ID with photo to become member, the rate of genuine profile is very good and offer a much safer experience. Click here for more details. I can not join, why? To protect all members, due to some security concern, some country with high risk of fraud are not allowed to join.

Please contact the support for more help.

Aug 09,   Japanese Dating Websites. knows anything about the other sites/apps I mentioned or any other sites or apps that are good for hookups now all over Japan or even just in Tokyo? # User#, Apr 22, nekokoneko TAG Member. Joined: On YYC, I only had a few conversations. But one girl asked for my e-mail address.

Hajimemashite Make Japanese friends with the same hobbies as yours. Log In via Facebook or. Create Your Page Connect with Facebook. Add your photo Computer. I am looking for Love Friends Language.

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I am seeking a Men. My Ethnicity. My Body Athletic Thin Chubby. My Birthday Day Month Year.

Dating apps are used all over the world to meet new people, whether for a simple one-night date or for a longer term relationship. And Japan is slowly falling in . Mar 24,   Hello there I'm sure there are some websites and apps out there. I'm a boring old married person, so I haven't explored them. But I think it's worth mentioning that many Japanese people are pretty conservative about their online identities and wou. YYC. This dating app has been in Japan for a couple of years, and it is regarded as one of the largest dating platforms in the country. As soon as you register, you are given points to help you go through the site, and see things for yourself firsthand. Find Japanese women that meet your taste using the search tool.

I am usually free. I am into minimum five hobbies.

Oct 19,   8. YYC. YYC has been around for over 12 years and is listed as Japan's largest dating service. When you join, you are given an automatic points to use in order to meet and match with others based on your own search parameters. The vast majority of this service's users are young professionals. Nov 21,   TOP 10 DATING APPS in JAPAN #tokyo #datingapps #japanesegirls #datingapps #onlinedating We look at the Top 10 dating apps most popular in Japan. Finding a new partner or loved one can be a. YYC requires new users age verification to get credits. Some of you might have a hard time with verifying your age on YYC. It is a little complicated compared to other FREE dating apps. I will explain how to verify your age on YYC. Once it's .

Reset Password. An account with offensive photos will be deleted and blocked.

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You look fantastic! Upload another Done. The difference between a tolerably decent dating site and a ripoff site is that the ripoff site wants to get your money in a big lump before you figure out there's nothing there. For the tolerably decent dating site, they want to provide enough stuff to interest you and keep you involved for a much longer period of time.

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The two traditional ones that I introduced PCMax and Jmail got their start on Captain Kirk like phones from the early 90's and their interfaces along with two site, Wakuwaku and Happy mail really retain their garaku roots.

These older sites boast of the number of members, but because they are simply adding new people, the number is much higher than the actual number engaged in looking for something. I'm wondering if I'm going to meet some obaasan who still has a profile on one of these sites.

Happy Mail is interesting because it puts a very modern skin on it, but when you get to the bulletin board, it's like you are back in the 90's, with the avatar and the info designed to fit in a small screen.

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I also mentioned that these older sites were more geographically centered, befitting a time when people didn't get around as much. My luck with PCMax has been pretty bad, in part because it is not so popular here in Kyushu. I have not made the plunge.

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Living in Japan, I find myself oscillating between periods of total profligacy 'It's less than a man, what a bargain! My ketchiness is activated by YYC because I've not figured out how the pricing works.

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With the other sites, you buy about points for yen, and the cost to send a mail is about yen. Free to view profiles for this week only! But for YYC, which also has all those things, you've got a bunch of other things that distinguish it from the older series. Frex, and this is a sign of a younger crowd you can pay with an itunes card.

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That goes along with the interface, where they have custom clip art for people without profile pictures and a clean web interface and a good appli. Basically, these are people who are getting paid on a piecework basis if they can keep the punters commenting and writing emails that they are going to pay for. It's been observed that it is actually not much money for the amount of time that someone has to put in, but it seems a lot like buying penny stocks.

Japan's social-networking pioneer turns matchmaker

This may be true, but it might still be worth a look. You could put up pictures in your profile and probably garner some interest from women, though you might have to be careful with CB.


Also, the interface is a lot easier to deal with than these other places. Anyway, happy nampa-ing.

Yyc dating japan

TAG Manager. Thanks for the write-up! Hopefully this is informative for some people and actually may save someone some money in this case.

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