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Modern technology has blurred the lines of traditional dating. Let's face it: Phone calls elicit more raised eyebrows than pounding hearts, and women are no longer ones to sit by their phones hoping for their date to make the first move after a first encounter, but that doesn't make the follow-up post-first date any less daunting. To shed light on the new conventions of texting after a first date, we called on the help of two modern-day dating experts, Nikki Lewis and Greta Tufvesson. Meet the Expert. One of the most asked questions among singles: Who should text first?

How can you tell if your first date was successful?

Have you recently been on a first date? Would you like to have a second? Here is our in-depth guide on what to do after the first date. What should you do next? Thanks to the researchers at the universities of Stanford and Santa Barbara, we now have the scientific answer to that question.

4 Tinder 1st Date Mistakes You Should NEVER make

The researchers studied more than heterosexual dates to work out what makes people click. The study also found that women, fell for men who imitate their laughter, laughing just after the woman starts laughing. Similarly, men were more likely to laugh when they felt that they clicked with their date.

Experts Weigh in on Texting After the First Date

So if you laugh a lot on your first date, this can be an indication that it went well. The first date is thus successful if the couple give each other attention, show that they are listening and perhaps most surprisingly if the conversation focuses on the woman.

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To call or not to call? That is the question - every dater has at some point been unsure whether to call after the first date. Often the fear of rejection can make you nervous to make the first step to arranging a second date. Even the most rational people can turn indecisive and unsure when it comes to this dating dilemma.

Is it ok to get in touch first or should you wait and play it cool? It seems that messaging rather than calling after the first date can help relieve this problem. Sending a text after the first date can often feel less intimidating, especially if the other person turns out to be less interested than you had hoped.

If you've been in the dating game for a while, you may know of the "three-day rule.

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Thankfully, you can put this "rule" to rest and reach out to your date whenever you see fit - including that very same night. Justin Lavelle of PeopleLooker. An immediate post-date check-in shows you are interested and "sends the message that you are a nice person.

When speaking to The ListLavelle recommends asking, "Did you get home safely? It might lead to a little text flirting that can be fun and a perfect cap to the evening! You want to play it safe and express your excitement without going overboard and coming across as too thirsty.

We hear that. If you're excited, then seem excited!

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You can seem excited and not like a crazypants. Try something simple and flirty, like, "I think we can both agree that needs to happen again, right?

Procida also recommended adding a favorite emoji at the end. He continued, saying, "If you can express the entire date in emojis, do it.

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End with a happy girl or boy emoji followed with some hands in the air. Sure, it's super cheesy, but it's also pretty freaking adorable and nearly guaranteed to get a smile. Instead of simply relying on a generic text - like "I had a great time last night! Not bad for a word text, right? Of course, you don't actually have to use the bank heist metaphor if that one doesn't suit your fancy.

Just pick something similarly clever - and cheesy.

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While you can certainly hint at making plans for a second date, there's nothing that says you can't reach out and make more concrete arrangements. If you had a conversation about the latest horror flick, for example, maybe follow up with a text that says, "Let's find a time to see that new movie.

Bringing up a past discussion allows you to use it as a launch pad for a second date. It's also a subtle way to demonstrate to the other person that you were truly listening when he or she showed interest in something. After a successful first date, you may still want to take things a little slow.

Can we get together next week?

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This kind of text shows the recipient that you are in demand and have a life outside of your romantic relationships - potential or otherwise. A second date a week later allows just enough time and space. It also gives both of you something to look forward to - since you've clearly set the table for another meet-up.

Apr 28,   Modern technology has blurred the lines of traditional dating. Let's face it: Phone calls elicit more raised eyebrows than pounding hearts, and women are no longer ones to sit . First dates can be equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, but, for some, navigating post-date communication is even more complicated. "Dating is as much a sales game as anything," . How to Have a Successful First Date (After Meeting Online) Researchers look at what makes people click, and what leaves us disappointed. Posted Apr 18,

My schedule is pretty tight the next couple of weeks. Can you do an afternoon this week?

Online dating after the first date

Even if the date was great and you do want to see the person again, you don't necessarily have to lead it there by spelling it all out. After all, if the time you spent together was wonderful and leaves you with butterflies, why not share that thought with your date? That means sparks flew and you'll never know if he or she felt the same unless you put it out there.

This text also leaves the door open for further post-date conversation. If saying, "I'm going to have trouble sleeping after such a great date," seems too far out of your comfort zone, fear not. Rachel Needlea licensed psychologist and certified sex therapist, recommends saying something along the lines of, "I am still laughing about that story you told me.

Plus, you don't have to worry that you're coming on too strong. As you know, some first dates are just awful.

That said, you shouldn't ever feel obligated to follow up at all. Instead, Blackman recommends simply ending things with a polite "It was nice to meet you" while still on the date.

She continued, saying, "If you have decided you don't want to date them again, just say 'good night' and leave it at that!

Have you recently been on a first date? Would you like to have a second? Here is our in-depth guide on what to do after the first date. We'll give advice on how to determine how the date .

On the other hand, some dates may just leave you feeling meh. Maybe you got along, but there was just no romantic connection. In this situation, you may feel bad ghosting your date. If you're legitimately interested in staying in touch, but don't want to go on another date, you can say as much.

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Blackman recommends texting, "Not sure I felt the dating spark but would be open to hanging out as friends. Not sure if this would even interest you, but wanted to put it out there. You might come home from a first date feeling like you blew it. But instead of ruminating, why not send a text? You helped me end a long day on a good note!

I'd really like to see you again if you're up for it? Alternatively, you could send a text flat-out acknowledging the awkwardness.

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